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 The Three Musketeers, Aisley & Mitch & Kiana!
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Jun 3 2018, 07:55 AM   Link Quote
If one were to ask Kiana how her exams had gone, she’d probably grunt, shrug, and change the subject. Instead of vanishing a table for Transfiguration she had turned it to ashes, which Kiana had argued was basically the same thing. Some of the written exams had gone more smoothly, except for Potions, which had the most absurd and weirdly specific questions she had ever seen. What would one get if one added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood? – I don’t know, a rash? Where can one find a Bezoar? – The Apothecary, where we buy all our ingredients? The fact that she really had to supress the need to add those question marks to her own answers didn’t exactly instil confidence. Sitting at breakfast now, which was almost more of a breakfeast at Hogwarts, she preferred not to think about it, and just filled up on scrambled eggs and bacon.

Once everyone had finished, and the plates disappeared from the table, Kiana was one of the many faces that turned towards the headmistress when the later started her speech. At first, the announcement that they would play ‘a game’ filled her with a boredom that was almost akin to dread. It would probably be something lame, which was usually the case when adults tried to cater to teenagers. Maybe it’d be some kind of dumb trivia thing, and the groups would be the houses – because adults were also unoriginal. The Pink Lady had something else in mind though, and as the headmistress continued, she quickly grabbed Kiana’s attention. Paintwand? Was that like Paintball? Kiana and her twin brother had played paintball with their friends once on their birthday party, which had been hella fun. If it was something like that… The Gryffindor was already sitting up straighter, eager to start. She frankly couldn’t care less about the prizes, she just wanted to shower her peers with paint. Not to mention group up with whoever she wanted – like her favourite people in Hufflepuff.

The first shot was fired from her table, and everyone jumped up from the benches. Kiana quickly helped with capsizing the table she had been sitting at, turning it into a barricade. Like the Pink Lady had announced earlier, she found a small collection of pink paint vials there – three of them, all with slender necks and a big, round bottom. The glass looked thin and breakable, but she didn’t have a bag with her so she hooked them under her belt all the same. If she sat there for much longer she’d surely become a target, for the table only covered them on one side. It was now or never. With a vial in one hand, her other supporting the ones under her belt, she sprinted from behind the table, throwing the vial in front of her to clear her path – it exploded in a cloud of pink, the students that had been ready to attack now lowering their wands in defeat and looking down at their pink-splattered clothes. Kiana sprinted between them, her sneakers almost slipping on the paint, and she threw one more vial to the side as she ran, not waiting to see how many students the paint had hit.

With one vial left in one hand, and the other fishing her wand from her back pocket – which she was grateful to have with her for once – she arrived at the Hufflepuff table, and ran straight towards Mitchell Zweifelhofferman, announcing her impending arrival with “MITCH! Let’s go!” She kicked off on the bench and leapt over the table, landing on his side of it. Without waiting for his response, she grabbed her pal by the arm and dragged him behind her while running towards the doors of the Great Hall. “Too much fire here!” She yelled back over her shoulder as explanation. In the chaos, and flurries of paint flying through the air, she didn’t so much recognise Aisley as she just noticed the girl’s favourite weapon – a bow. “Hey Ash! We’re getting out of here! You wanna come with us?”

@Mitchell Zweifelhofferman & @Aisley Munn

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