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 No running in the hallways!, OPEN! The Hogwarts Staff escape!
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Jun 4 2018, 01:34 PM   Link Quote
In comparison to just about any other time of the day at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, breakfast had a tendency to be a rather uneventful thing. At about eight in the morning, most students seemed to be too drowsy and tired to even try to do anything other than quietly eat their meal, and truth be told, Elissa couldn’t have enjoyed it anymore than what she already did. Silence and order were, in many ways, two of her favourite things, and there was something undeniably pleasant about being able to drink her cup of coffee and eat her chocolate filled croissant without having to yell at a student to get off a table or: ‘For Merlin’s sake, Cresswell! Stop throwing food at people. 20 points from Gryffindor!’... something along those lines. But of course, while Professor D’Este could count with the certainty that trouble-making Fourth Year Andrew Cresswell would not attempt to start a food fight during breakfast time, what she have never expected was that the Pink Lady herself would encourage students to battle, and that she would even go as far as offering a reward.

“Madam Headmistress! If I may object…”

’Of course you can’t, Elissa’ was what the Pink Lady seemed to say the moment she flashed a smile her way, leaving the young professor to merely squint at her in response, soon before russet eyes abandoned their focus on the woman dressed in bright fuchsia in order to set on something else. Most particularly: an object flying directly towards herself. Oh for Merlin’s sake! “Arresto Momentum!” The professor pronounced, those Hit Witch reflexes resulting ever-quick to draw a wand when needed be, and even allowing her to catch the vial of pink paint right before it met her not-at-all-cheap black velvet dress. “I saw that, Cresswell!” She called out, hints of annoyance all too clear and obvious in her voice as she stared at the boy. But, likely not being all too fond of losing house points and getting detention, dear Andrew Cresswell was already fleeing the scene and making his way right out of the Great Hall. Smart. Honestly, she probably should have done the same by that point.

With an audible sigh that spoke of sheer exasperation, Elissa stood from her seat at the staff table, the large cat that until then had been on her lap letting out a meow in complaint as he jumped to the ground. Truly, she would have apologized to Oz had she not been so upset. Instead of doing so, she loudly placed the vial of paint next to her half-finished cup of coffee, then setting her gaze on the chaos that was the Great Hall before her. Goodness. Everywhere she looked, students pointed their wands at each other, yelling loud spells that sometimes did not even meet their targets. Floors, walls, and clothes alike, began to be painted of bright colours. Some students attempted to utilize their plates as shields, and those of her own house had already flipped over their table. Goodness gracious. What could she even do in that situation? It was not as if she could go against the headmistress’ decision, and realistically speaking... it was unlikely that anyone would even listen if she attempted to stop that battle… not after a peaceful Saturday breakfast had been turned into the image of anarchy and turmoil.

If the whole castle was the playing field, where could professors even stay and be safe from the wands of students who were all too unhappy with their grades or exam results? Their own offices and the staffroom were rather far from there, and it was not as if they could apparate at Hogwarts. The kitchens maybe? The Portrait Room. Taking a deep breath, Elissa looked at her fellow members of school staff, smoothing down the soft fabric of her dark dress, putting away her wand, and fixing her – until then slightly tilted – pointed hat. “I believe it would be in our best interest to leave the Great Hall as soon as possible. May I suggest the Portrait Room?” With those words that seemed surprisingly calm despite her increasing annoyance, Elissa subtly pointed in the direction of the room in question, hoping no students would decide to go through its fourth-floor entrance.

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OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS OF HOGWARTS STAFF! (What will you do to escape the Great Hall during the chaos that is Paintwand?)

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