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 i know about {{whispers}}, angel // cuore mia
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Jul 1 2018, 07:57 PM   Link Quote
Being a single parent was like herding cats sometimes, and not because of the children. Truly, hers had good heads on their shoulders and were easy, for the most part. Disabilities brought their own challenges, but it wasn’t as if they were off being bad kids. More often than not, the feeling of cat herding came from her end, trying to manage their schedules and make sure that they stayed well-balanced and okay. Hellion did pretty well on his own, as did the twins, but Harper was still pretty dependent on her sometimes, something that she didn’t judge him for. She was his mother, after all, and she was there to help him walk until he could run on his own.

That had changed when Angel and Sema were transferred to Hogwarts, to watch over Itotia and keep him as safe from his demon mother as they could manage for two children who had grown before their time. Raquel could respect that, as a sibling, a cousin, a mother, but most importantly, a Becerra. Family was the most important thing of all, and theirs was strong.

Technically, they were legally in Xio’s care. Technically, they were also in Josias’ care, staying with him while they attended school due to the proximity of the village to the castle. There were a lot of technicalities happening here, but the most important of them was that the former Ravenclaw had stepped up and silently taken on the role that their mother -her traitorous cousin- never wanted to until it benefitted her.

That took the Dowling woman from having four children to work with, to having six to take care of, seven if she counted Itotia as well. If you asked her, she did. Itotia was her favorite cousin’s son, after all. The least she could do was take care of him in his father’s absence.

That meant, as one would expect, that she ended up doing a lot when it came to school shopping. There were positives, largely in that she was a professor herself, so she was able to get supply lists from her colleagues ahead of time and get what was needed before the rush of students coming back for the summer.

She was pouring over those shopping lists as she entered her classroom, climbing the stairs to her office. Fully expecting it to be as empty as she had left it, the sight of her little cousin made her startle, the same way that she did whenever someone accidentally slammed a door a little too hard. “Ángel, I didn’t know the door was unlocked,” the professor breathed, defaulting to Spanish as she always did and trying to keep the split second of panic from her face. “You don’t usually come to visit me. Is everything okay?

@Angel Becerra

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