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 Stop that thing [It's got my...], Gretchen!
Liam Andrews
 Posted: Mar 4 2017, 02:04 PM
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Liam AndrewsRavenclaw Beginner
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    Liam stared at the creature. One one hand, he was quite frustrated with the small black thing that looked like it had a duck beak. On the other hand the Ravenclaw had always loved learning and animals, especially magical creatures. Therefore there was a part of Liam that was screaming at himself to calm down, to watch the creature and learn about it. What did he care if he lost the watch that it had taken? It wasn't like it was something special and it could always be replaced with a new one. If it weren't for the principal that the small animal had just taken it right from on the eagle's nose, he might not be so frustrated. Then again, chasing it around his dorm room for the last half hour hadn't exactly helped his frustration levels.

    Now, the magical creature - if he remembered right it was a niffler - was standing at the top of the stairs that led to the Ravenclaw common room. Liam now knew what had happened to the missing things that some students had been complaining about missing lately - this thing seemed to like shiny things. It was just out of reach, just watching him, taunting him. The usually excited Ravenclaw was irritated with the small creature even though he wanted to know why it liked his watch, he also wanted to stop having to chase the thing all around.

    Inching closer to it, the niffler sat watching him with beady eyes - before it took off once more. Down the stairs it went. Liam sighed and headed off once more, following it down the staircase. As he came down into the common room, he had just spotted the niffler behind a couch before it jumped up. There was a girl there and before the eagle could say a word, he watched as the niffle jumped into the other Ravenclaw's lap - probably to steal something away - and all Liam could do was watch what happened next.
@Gretchen Kirke-Faust

Gretchen Kirke-Faust
 Posted: Mar 18 2017, 10:05 AM
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It hadn’t been a particularly exciting day. Before noon, Gretchen had been working on a Potions essay that ended up being five foot long instead of the required two foot. By the time most students had left the tower to spend time outside, enjoying the first rays of a spring sun, the Ravenclaw had finished three sets of homework – and was somewhat unsure on what to do next. Perhaps she could go down to the lake and see how Nasha was doing? But then, the witch didn’t want to impose her company on the mermaid, who might have had enough of wizards and witches – Gretchen certainly wouldn’t blame her.

After months of dimness, the painted stars on the common room’s ceiling seemed to shimmer in the soft sunlight, and Gretchen admired them from the navy couch she had dropped herself in. The sun’s rays were still weak, only reaching so far into the room, desperately trying to illuminate every nook and cranny but not quite getting there – still, it was a hopeful sight, like a delicate flower starting to bloom. It made the bookshelves look particularly dusty, and the curtains unnecessary dark and heavy, but Gretchen decided it was a nice sight, and that it wouldn’t be too bad to just spend this day in the common room. High up in the Ravenclaw tower, in this room without corners, nothing could reach her. It was calm and peaceful, there was nothing for her to worry about because nothing could happen there – she could use a day like that.

The small witch was almost swallowed by the couch, its back taller than her, and her feet not reaching the ground. A few meters away from her, her tuxedo kneazlecat was trying to catch the dust particles that floated through the room, now illuminated by a beam of sunlight. It was an endearing sight, as it was so uncharacteristic of the critter to do something so… cat-like, the allure of the moving particles apparently greater than his kneazle intelligence. Gretchen’s Astronomy textbook lay in her lap, forgotten, as she watched her pet with a much softer expression than she usually wore. Yes, today hadn’t been a particularly exciting day – perhaps it could be a rare good one instead.

That thought had only barely formed in her mind when someone stormed down the stairs. As a kneejerk reaction, Gretchen shut the book closed and straightened herself, peering around the back of the couch to see who it was. Apparently, she should’ve been looking the other way, as the older student who had just entered the common room wasn’t what she should be worried about. At first, she thought the black blur that jumped into her lap was Billy, but loud hissing from somewhere else made it clear that it was not. It only took a split second for Gretchen to look back down at her lap, and actually see the creature that was sitting on top of her Astronomy book, but the niffler had already nicked her brooch and was on its way again.

Billy, angry not only at the other creature but also at himself for not sensing it earlier, sped after it, his hair standing up and his tail looking like a broom bristle, and chased the niffler across the room. Gretchen jumped up from the couch, dropping the book on one of its empty seats, and quickly glanced at her housemate, combing through her mental file cabinet for the necessary information. Liam Andrews, seventh year, muggleborn. Well, at least this probably wasn’t a deliberate attack on her.

“Are you keeping a niffler− here? Are you mad?” Ah, jumping to conclusions – she was good at that. But there was no time to wait for an explanation, as the long-snouted thief could be getting away soon. The witch turned around to face the common room’s door and, with a flick of her wand, an invisible force dragged a chair away from its table and barred the door with it.

@Liam Andrews

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(Billy by Bolt! <3)
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