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Send letters, visit owls, whatever you wish. It's a bit musty smelling and watch out for bird droppings though.
LAST POST BY JR Zerner IN Can we find each other once... May 24 2017, 02:14 PM.
This is another one of the many mysteries of Hogwarts. Over the years, it's been less and less used, and now it's only used by devious students looking for an escape.

What kind of hide away will you find?
LAST POST BY Brydon Wilkins IN Fever Ray May 5 2017, 04:23 AM.
Said Gryffindor, "We'll teach all those with brave deeds to their name."
LAST POST BY Liam Andrews IN A helping hand May 23 2017, 02:58 AM.
Forum Led by: Gryffindor Prefect
Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose intelligence is surest."
LAST POST BY Thanatos Helstrom IN a clash of poetry and myth May 25 2017, 11:22 PM.
Forum Led by: Ravenclaw Prefect
Gaze at the stars all night loooong, just be mindful that you don't get caught by any lurking professors or prefects.
LAST POST BY Kassiah Pharro IN {{and we'll have one he... Today at 10:39 am.

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