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Erik Dwight
 Posted: Feb 27 2017, 03:09 AM

"I'll be your breath if you can be mine."

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Erik Dwight
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The Quidditch Quarterly needs YOU!

For the third time already, The Quidditch Quarterly is looking for new staffers to give the student body of Hogwarts the latest news and gossip straight from the Quidditch Pitch. Now that we get a new season of our all favourite's sport, we also need a revival for the lovely newspaper that is meant to keep everyone on WURR posted about the most dramatic accidents, the best moves on the pitch and of course all the fascinating people that take part in the games! For everyone who does not know what I'm talking about, this forum displays all past issues of the QQ.

What is it exactly? Well that's up to you! While it has a basic format, it will be run and written by you, the members, with some assistance from the staff. Initially there were meant to be four issues for each season, and we always aim to push these through, starting with the first issue after the first game.

The QQ takes a lot of time OOC to write and put together. When you sign up for this, you need to be prepared to commit to thoughtful writing, editing, and communicating with your fellow QQ staff. There will be deadlines for this. If you become the Chief Editor, this is especially true for you! It will be your job to do a final edit, and ultimately string everything together. While staff members will be helping to put everything together, we are not running it. I will assist both with the QQ both IC and OOC, though and can help with questions.

How exactly can you help out though, and what are the open positions?

Editor --  "As editor, the pressure is on you! Mostly. You're the big shot! The money maker! Okay maybe not the money maker, but Hogwarts has entrusted you with the responsibility to produce a thrilling, emotionally riveting work of art! As editor, you're the witch or wizard in charge. Not only do you set the tone of the QQ with your opening Word from the Editor Column, but you stick your noise in the business of everyone else to report only the best news this Quidditch season produces! Also, you're responsible for every other writer working on the QQ. Good luck with that!"

IC/OOC roles included:
  1. Making sure the QQ gets out on time
  2. Writing the Word from the Editor column
  3. Any misc. column you may want to write
  4. Editing the other sections
  5. Putting the paper together & releasing it to the public
Interviewers -- "Congratulations! You've made it as a reporter, and this is just the break you've been looking for! Only the most determined get the chance to go out in the playing field! In your job, you're going to have to get rough and rowdy in the stands to find out if the action is in the air, or perhaps in the snogging between Ravenclaws right behind you! Is that professor taking a nap? Wow that must be a boring game! It is up to you to ask the most fundamental, personal, and even shocking questions to the players, captains, and even the fans! Find out the scoop, the dirt! It's blood or glory!"

IC/OOC roles include:
  1. Sending out those hard-hitting questions we all are curious about
  2. Editing the responses
  3. Any misc. commentary
Advertiser -- "There could be no paper without the Advertisements! You wanna dabble in journalism and sales? This might be the place or you! Travel in the depths of Hogsmead (with a parent/guardians signed permission slip of course!) and lurk in the shadows of the shops with your fabulous, shining smile and strike a deal for the greater good of our Quidditch season! Did a new line of broomsticks just come out? Have you tried that rubbish butterbeer in the pub that just opened? Has anyone lost a cat recently, or a bird? The feathers were found in it's mouth. I think that might be an issue! If this is right up your alley, this is a job for you!"

IC/OOC roles include:
  1. Getting funding for the paper from Hogsmeade businesses
  2. Manage funding for the paper
  3. Creating adverts for those business for each paper
Columnist -- "As a columnist, you're getting down to the heart of the sports and it's players. Forget about the game logistics for just a moment. Well, forget about it after you report what happened. Once that's said and done, hook the reader into reading who the players are, their rituals, their spirit and what makes their team special outside of the pitch! Also, some gossip doesn't really hurt, does it? Can they put that in? They really need to put that in. Come be a columnist!"

IC/OOC roles include:
  1. Writing on Quidditch happenings
  2. Pitching stories about players, teams, funny traditions
  3. Analyzing the season and/or the odds of teams and players (maybe placing some bets?)
We want to remind you that not everyone who applies will get a place on our paper, which is why your applications will be private!  So far we are thinking there will be 4-5 positions open. Just PM me on this account, Erik Dwight, the filled out application below, and I will share with the other QQ members and we will evaluate and get back to you as soon as possible!

We want to reiterate how much effort goes into the papers. Of course if something unexpected happens we will work with you to make sure everything remains running smoothly. We are SOO excited to hear from you guys, and if you have any questions feel free to ask by replying to this thread, but remember to PM us your application.

OOC Name:
IC Name:
Position applying for:
Substitute position:
(IC) Why do you want to be part of this?:
(OOC) How much time can you contribute to QQ, and will there be any upcoming absences you know about? :
(OOC) Do you have any experience with coding? :

Submissions will be closed March 8th so you can come together before the first game. If you want to contribute graphics for the title or advertisements, you are welcome to apply as well!

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