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 Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Madeline (Tine)
Nenet Ahmadi
I desire things which will destroy me in the end
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Mar 6 2018, 11:36 AM   Link Quote
Language warning: Sensual language

Silky strands of dark hair caressed over the curve of Nenet’s bare shoulder. The dank and moisture of the dungeon didn’t bother her, the smell of mold overpowered by the floral mixtures she’d set out in the bowls. Each fragrance twined together to weave the perfect scent for the spell the witch had in mind. It was not her special concoction but rather the basic items necessary for an attraction spell. Chamomile twined around Rosemary, the Lavender dampening the power of the other two with a subtle but potent smell. Beside the bowls filled with liquid were bowls containing dry ingredients, each petal and leaf vibrant and healthy, full of life and at the height of its existence. Just the way she liked her ingredients.

The liquid had been warm enough to draw the fragrance from the leaves and petals, to coax the veins of each to split and bleed their essence as it cooled gradually. The most important part of soaking was not to cook the petals and Nenet had perfected that art throughout the years at her mother’s side. This craft she had inherited from Roshana, the real power behind her father’s success. He did not seem to care about anything else but what he could take from her. The thought threatened to consume her happiness and dampen her inspiration, so she pushed it aside to where no one could reach it and hid behind the veil of her dark eyes.

The ring and bracelet which had adorned her fingers and wrist had been laid aside so that they would not be charmed in the way she intended to charm things for Madeline. The image of the golden haired goddess flared vibrantly against her mind and Nenet felt the pull of curiosity and desire somewhere deep in her stomach. A hand flattened against her abdomen, the warmth spreading outwards along her limbs until her fingers tingled with the desire to chisel and carve away at the molds. Several chunks of blue wax lay out unblemished by the designs swirling in her mind. This would be a personalized piece, one where her client would have the chance to be fully involved in the process. Gemstones glittered under the candlelight, the wax coating the chandelier as it hung quietly overhead. She could feel the crown of heat cast over her head, making her hair glint the way light would glint against obsidian; always losing a little bit of itself to the darkness of the gem’s depths.

Long fingers shifted the set, her fingers running over the Rose Quartz, dancing gingerly along the Turquoise and landing on the Lace Agate. Among the lesser gems were diamonds cut into different shapes, some lay as round spheres and others were sharp as four edged rectangles. There were the usual diamond shapes and a couple of heart shaped ones. A chunk of Amethyst sat uncut while around it were smaller versions of it, all beautifully polished to shine to the best of their ability. Nenet wasn’t worried about losing a gem or two, these were from her personal collection to craft as she desired. Some of them might have been flawed, used for experimentation jewelry rather than pieces her father would sell. Yet the witch had a way of hiding even those flaws in the way she would craft her necklaces or rings. The only thing she hadn’t brought were the chocolate diamonds, thinking that Madeline would prefer some of the more traditional gemstones.

Footsteps echoed behind her and she turned around, leaning back with her hands braced against the table as she waited. The tips of her nails clicked on the underside of her work area, and near her wrists sat a pouch of red and green, ready to be filled with flower petals. A slow, sensual smile spread across her features, her coffee brown eyes growing a shade brighter, looking almost like pale water in blood. Surely it had nothing to do with the magic swirling about them but rather the elation and excitement Nenet felt at seeing this dark clad beauty striding towards her and the infinite possibility of creating the perfect piece to decorate that soft, pale skin. Upon seeing here, Nenet had thought that Madeline had been perhaps the goddess of love, Aphrodite herself come to spend time amongst the mortals in disguise.

Hogwarts was full of goddesses, but none held more allure than those drenched in secrecy. Her fingers ached to unravel the mystery of Madeline the way a lover’s fingers might wish to undo lace ties or slide silk over supple curves and warm skin. “Welcome, I’m glad you made it. I tried to make it as romantic a setting as a dungeon can be.” Nenet’s right hand rose and her pointer finger pressed against the plush pillow of her lips, her voice dropping a little lower, still husky as she concluded. “This will have to be our little secret. For now.”


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Madeline Poe
I am a cemetery by the moon unblessed.
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Mar 8 2018, 02:22 PM   Link Quote
When thinking about going on a date, it usually did not include girls on Madeline’s list, although she did not like limiting herself. And this was not a date that would end with a kiss, given that it was more of a debt Nenet Ahmadi was going to pay; remnants from Maddy’s stall at the winter market which had been a full success for everyone involved. Still she had dressed up pretty, because the Poe girl was always doing so when leaving her dorm. Never would she be seen in something as gruesome as sweatpants, never would she walk out of her dorm without her makeup being done: long lashes only enhanced with layer upon layer of mascara, thick eyeliner framing her iridescent eyes and matte black lipstick adorning her lips. The whole appearance was topped by her flawless and powdered teint and her luscious, blonde hair that was falling over her bare shoulders - only held away from her face by the skulls and roses hairband she had chosen today. Her heels clicked with every step she took once she was satisfied with her own appearance, a cape that swished after her protecting her from the cold that kept crawling through the walls of Hogwarts - especially at this time of the day when what little warmth the sun was offering slowly faded to something that resembled a memory rather than a current emotion.

Nenet was going to pay her for her reading, but Madeline did not know what she could expect from the other girl. Until the day at her stall, they had not even spoken - and now there she was, followed by Bathory as per usual. The fluffy black cat with eyes the colour of sulphur would not leave her alone even if she was going to ask her to do just that. It was almost like she had become one with the Poe girl’s shadow, constantly accompanying her to whatever adventure was going to take place next - even if it meant meeting beautiful snakes in the dungeons. Before she could see Nenet, she could smell that something was different; the usual mold and moist fragrance of the dungeons replaced with something more flowery that reminded her of an exceptionally heavy perfume - the ones that came in delicate and elaborate bottles with swans, roses and other intricate symbols carved into the glass flacons.

She walked around the corner, latex-gloved fingers holding onto her skirts as a smile appeared on her soot-coloured lips. The snake’s greeting was a pleasant one, one that carried promises along. Maybe her tarot reading had been wrong after all, as someone who appeared as confident and blessed as this beauty could barely face true hardships in the near future. Iridescent eyes wandered towards the laid out gemstones and crystals, feeling like she was interrupting one of those rituals usually performed during a certain moon while wearing very few clothes. At least Nenet was fully dressed, the whole setup luring Maddy closer in a slow pace. She scrunched her nose for a moment, lashes fluttering as she approached the table, pausing in front of it while resisting the temptation of reaching for those glistening stones.

“I can barely imagine a more romantic place than the dungeons. Apart from a cemetery in the light of a red moon,” Maddy almost purred before clutching her gloved hands together and batting her lashes at Nenet before placing her fingers on the table. At the girl’s words, she only brightened up even more, eagerly nodding. “I love little secrets. Now, what are we doing?” For a moment, Madeline was distracted as Bathory started twirling around her ankles for a while before calmly settling beside her owner, sulphur eyes set on Nenet with a suspicious expression on her face that had gotten permanent over the years. Maddy took a mental note to set her next real date in the dungeons - with some candles and flowers, it was almost cosy after all.

@Nenet Ahmadi

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