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 [H]Tigerlily Whipple
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Jul 8 2018, 04:34 PM   Link Quote
Name: Tigerlily Whipple
Age: Fourteen
Year: Third Year
Bloodline: Unknown
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Yes!! This is my freebie!
Appearance: -
“She was warm, like when you feel the heat of the sun on your skin after being cold for too long. The good kind of warm"
(General Personality)

A small-town girl from an even smaller world, Tigerlily’s upbringing had much to do with whom she turned out to be. Born from a mother filled with love to give and a father whose abandonment left a deep, unhealed wound in both their memories, the girl with an unusual name never lost the traits which made her shine in the first place. She knew nothing of the meaning of family but the mother whose compassion and strength of character allowed her a comfortable beginning of life, which to Tiger meant she knew exactly what it entailed - nobody gets left behind or forgotten, as she’d heard in one of her favorite movies, and the two women were more than enough to each other. Although most of the memories from that time are impossible to recover, watching Cassidy work and take care of both uncomplainingly left an invisible mark on Tiger’s personality - of values such as hard-work and resilience.

Once Howard married into the family, their lives turned considerably easier, the loved they offered turning her into somebody who knew better than to struggle with thoughts about people she might never have the chance to know anything. However easy things turned out, Tiger never backed away from an opportunity to help at the ranch: she loved riding and playing with the horses almost as much as she enjoyed taking care of them; even though the work itself wasn’t pretty, often leaving her exhausted and dirty, the little girl relished the feeling of usefulness, especially after a particularly long day. Knowing the animals were being well taken care of was a thought which comforted her for as long as she could remember. It was obvious to anybody who knew the family how much Tiger cherished the animals - she saw them not as beings pure of heart or fragile creatures, but rather as friends. She knew more than well friend was a word given to those she could count on, just as they could count on her.

Fortunately for Cassidy and Howard, Lily indeed had some human friends of her own. Growing up in a muggle environment, unaware of the WW and how it would affect her in later years, meant she knew the people she’d met were friends for life. She saw them not as ‘other kids’ or ‘colleagues’; instead, Tiger let them know how comfortable she was at their presence, and how much she enjoyed spending any time with all of them. Her teachers were certainly happy Tiger wouldn’t get herself in trouble, as most of the kids liked to do so, one of the few rules she let them know; truth be told, there was still some fear in the core of her heart that, perhaps, if she got herself in troubles and even detention a few times, then she wouldn’t be as worthy as she was of her parents, especially Howard. Not that she spent long thinking about these feelings, though - she simply moved on and acted the way she’d always done.

Tiger never excelled at school, divided between too many tasks and chores at a time. Honors and praises weren’t a thing she strived for; her brain had a talent of retaining useful and interesting information, but forgetting all the dates and details her teachers kept asking for. On the other hand she never did less than expected, performing quite well as a student. This allowed her to have much of the time she needed, even as she got older. She was, though, quick to impress anybody who took their time to watch her effort with one particular horse, Apollo - bought as a gift when she turned nine years old. She put as much passion in horse-riding as she put in other areas, from cooking - a small hobby - to simply enjoying the pleasure of being out in nature with her family or friends. The little girl had another talent, of bringing light to the lives of those who stood in her way, or so her mother had said, as she overheard behind a door. Her curiosity was, indeed, a thing she needed to work on, despite this thought being always accompanied by a small chuckle and blushing which clearly said: not today.

A detail of her personality most people learned about Tigerlily is she always put others first. Knowing her own value and caring for herself was something, but seeing her efforts to bring a smile to somebody’s face and even help them go through some sort of difficult situation be successful left the girl in a constant state of fascination. She was amazed at the fact that, indeed, with a few measured words here and there, a genuine smile and hug, added to honesty in her desire to help another one, usually led to wonderful results - of people she knew had their days become a little better just because she offered some time and effort. It did weight on her sometimes, however, no matter she tried her best to keep it hidden from friends, especially the ones she’d helped; Tiger knew the uncomfortable feeling on her stomach was nothing compared to the sentiments experimented by others. As long as she helped, she could deal with her own reactions.

Her understanding of other's feelings which only were strengthened with time brought, indeed, some amazing moments in her life, but it also led to terrifying others at time - at least to those with more maturity who heard of the situations she got herself in. A naive little girl with perhaps a too dreamy approach, Tiger had a way of seeing the word as if bad things didn’t exist. At least, she wanted to believe bad people didn’t; the ones pictured in books, movies, even through the conversations she overheard, seemed a lot like characters from some type of reality show. It hurt her to see friends ridiculed by others over small things, even more when she couldn’t find the ability to speak up; not because of fear or lack of courage, rather because she believed the people who did it weren’t deserving of yells and discussion. Instead, she focused on whoever was getting the unwanted attention, or suffering with whatever it was, and found a way to take them away from there, offering the words of kindness and reassurance he’d gotten so acquainted with over the years.

Kind and friendly to everyone, Tiger never had a problem with shyness. She was, in some ways, a very loud girl. Despite not wanting to be the center of attention, she didn’t mind being at - just wouldn’t search for it herself. More often than not, the wizard found ways to spread the attention, listening to everyone's point view and making sure they were heard as well. This is not to say she wouldn’t turn into a very passionate person at her own opinions sometimes, even getting ahead of herself and coming off as rather stubborn.

It’s easy to know when Tigerlily is nervous because she always bites her lower lip; when she’s alone and something makes her nervous, Tiger may start to laugh loudly and uncontrollably, but it’s easy for her to stop herself from doing this when there are other people in the room. Also, it’s not uncommon for her to start making gestures with her hands when she's excited or explaining something. Sometimes she doesn't even realize she's using her body while talking, but it happens frequently. Not only that, but when Tigerlily needs help she always tries to solve problems by herself first, not wanting to become a burden or include others in her own difficulties. This not only ends up making it more difficult for her to solve a problem, - as she needs to think and act by herself - but it also can lead to those who don’t know her well to think she's distancing herself from them for whatever reasons.

Tigerlily is rather unsure of magic - even after finding out about it with all the people from the WW paying them a visit, she found the idea of using magic rather scary. Still, it came to her naturally, and she understood there was a need to learn to prevent more accidents. Not only that, but she was intrigued; how it worked, how people used it, what people used it for. A small part of her had wanted to accept the invitation to that school with its strange name, Hogwarts, but she knew it wasn’t the time; not with the recently lost left arm, but if she was to be true with herself, she couldn’t find the strength of mind to leave her family and friends behind. When Howard came forward with the idea of hiring tutors, the little girl felt a strange relief and took the chance. As a twelve year old, however, she started having ideas of finally going to that school - and then the time to start her third year came, it seemed right to accept the opportunity. Although fearful of standing in an environment full of wizards who have dealt with magic for their entire lives - or so she imagined -, Tigerlily decided not to back away this time.

Another thing people keep asking her about, and she isn’t against answering at all, is how her life has changed since losing her upper limb. It was, after all, a great shock for the girl - both the accident itself and the aftermath of waking up in a hospital, especially upon realizing how scared and worried her parents had become. The biggest surprise was she tried to move her arm, as if it was still there.. she could swear there were nerves still linked to the part of the body she lost. It was an interesting feeling, no matter how scary, and she slowly learned how to live with it. Seeing herself in a mirror at first left her dizzy, sorrowful, and realizing there was only one of that body part when she looked down could get quite strange. Over the first few weeks, especially with the help of so many kindred adults, Tiger realized it hadn’t been a huge change; she could still find ways to do the things she used to before, there were tools and tricks, even videos at youtube! These were challenging times, of course, and would be for the rest of her life, but she understood she was no less than others - nor was she more.

“I am still so naïve; I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please, don’t ask me who I am. A passionate, fragmentary girl, maybe?”

Horses: An obvious passion of hers, Tiger has been fascinated by this animal for as long as she can remember. To grow up somewhere filled with many animals is the perfect recipe to develop respect and loyalty, which is exactly what happened to Tigerlily - in the end, however, it turned out she loved the majestical creatures even more. It wasn’t simply affection and endearment she shared with these animals, but a deep understanding and need to be always in peace with them, a perfect state of equilibrium.

Even as a young girl she’d always admired the from the distance, at the few chances of passing through the farms in the small community she and her mother lived. With the marriage, however, she got the chance not only to live in a big house and a big farm, but to see them up close, which caused the girl to be very excited in that first period of getting used to the new life. After he first ride - meaning, with a few too many adults making sure she wouldn’t be hurt - it was clear how much she’d had a good time, and this feeling of belonging only grew as she got mature over her interest. Even when horse riding turned into a stop, Tiger still found time to be with her companions, and to make sure none of them were left behind or forgotten as well.

Smudge: A wonderful companion and a cat with whom she formed an instant friendship, Smudge is the one supposed to look over her and let her knew there's still a piece of home when she arrives at Hogwarts. He was a present from both Howard and Cassidy, a way to make the goodbye hurt just a little less, and Tiger loved him no matter what in the first second.

Cooking: Food is love, as Tiger always says. Not only does she love to eat, but she also loves to cook. Lily thinks it’s magical to watch ingredients slowly become delicious dishes; that all the effort and time to prepare something incredible is rewarded while she proves her hard work. She frequently cooks at home, helping her mother in the kitchen or replacing her; she also cooks for fun, rewarding whoever is close by with whatever she tries to make. Despite that, the young girl doesn't want to be a chief or cook professionally when she grows up, but it's a hobby Tigerlily will follow until she can’t any longer - and she intends on improving her skills for just as much time. After losing her arm, Tiger had to learn a lot of things again, in different ways, an to keep adapting her knowledge is a constant challenge, but she will never stop doing what she loves and knows best.

Love stories: The biggest fan of love stories of all time, there’s nothing which can make her giggle and run in excitement quite as much as the thought of listening to go a good narrative. She is passionate about them since her mother started to tell some of her’s - and of others - experiences, moments in which she is allowed to forget of every other thought and worry just to concentrate on the warmth of reality mixed with happy endings and love. Tiger dreams about the day she will meet the person she loves, wondering if he - or she, although this particular thought hasn’t crossed her mind yet - is alive somewhere waiting for her, thinking about how she will be. Maybe if there is a God, like so many people believe, she thinks, then they are preparing a fantastic story for her, filled with adventures, happiness and just a little amount of sadness - a little! Tiger hopes that, when she finally have her own love story to tell, that it will be just as enchanting as the ones she hears from her mother.

Spring: For Tigerlily, spring brings not only flowers and beauty, but also an amazing feeling of peace and hope. It's knowing that even with tragedy and hurt, the world never stops changing for better; when the time comes, nature grows again, showing her that life never stops even if she has been through difficulties. It reminds her to always try, because if nature doesn’t have the luxury to give up, why would she?

Herself: As vain as it may sound, Tigerlily loves to look at herself in the mirror; she also loves mirrors, but that's another discussion. Like many children, she went through a phase of her life when she looked at her reflection and hated what she saw: for being too thin, having too many freckles, bad hair after showering, and the list went on. It all changed when Tiger lost her left arm. Perhaps because it was a grand event in her life, but as time passed and as she began to learn how to overcome the minor difficulties, Tiger finally learned to value who she was. The emptiness that losing one of her upper limbs created helped her overcome negative opinions so she could still be seen in a positive way. It changed how she looked at herself and after a few days it surprised her how she seemed more "pretty" with the gain of self-esteem. To this days, she really believes liking what she sees helps her have a happier outlook on life.

““I'm going to tell you something: thoughts are never honest. Emotions are.”

(TW: Mention of weapons)

“Impossible”: Her least favorite word is definitely “impossible”. No matter the context or meaning, a grimace can always be seen on Tiger's face when she hears it. It only takes reading some pages of a "Guinness World Records" or a history book to learn about the many times someone has used it and someone else proved it wasn't true. For Tiger, "impossible" holds failed potential - something should not be discouraged for no reason, or simply because no one ever tried enough to overcome a challenge. Of course, it's different when it comes to "universal laws", but, well... some people have tried to overcome even those.

Weapons: Weapons are scary. They can be used against you in seconds, kill you in minutes, hurt/torture you for a long time, and all of these three options against people you love, like, and care about.

Snakes: Some people have irrational fears; however Tigerlily cannot say that the fear of snakes comes from an irrational side of her mind. Quite the opposite: this fear emerged from the time she was bitten by one when she was ten years old (leading to the loss of her left arm).

Fights: Tigerlily can't stand fights, especially when it involves violence. She truly believes discussions can be solved through talks, without the need to use raised tones of voice or blows. Also, if two people fighting ask for her opinion, she will refuse to take a side, as she hates that kind of competition.

Makeup: Lily isn’t at all keen on wearing makeup. At first she gave people the usual reasons, from its lack of practicality to the fact she would lose important minutes of sleep and preparation if she had to focus on trying it every day of her life. Truth be told, however, Tiger simply doesn’t see a reason to change her face; even at times when she felt uncomfortable looking at a mirror, the effort needed and the way it made she see herself as a different someone - possibly as a result of her lack of practice - were enough to stop her. Even then, she still wears on formal or important occasions; it’s still rare, though, to see her with a painted face.

Character Background:
(TW: Amputation due to an accident)

"And I promised you that I’d never let you down/ Oh but I couldn’t love you any less than now"
(How it all began)

It started with Cassidy, a seventeen-year-old girl about to complete college, smart in the academic regard but quite naive when it came to love. She had been born in a normal, middle-class muggle family. None of her traits, neither her family, changed the fact that she was attractive, so no one was surprised by the bunch of boyfriends the redhead attracted; all of them she could swear she loved and was the man of her life. The story repeated with a man - whose name she never let her daughter know, with a "small" difference: this one didn't end with the end of the relationship. The couple stayed together for some time, long enough for her to get pregnant and him to disappear as soon as he found out. Luckily, she had time to finish college and was able to get help from her family with whatever she needed.

The reason Cassidy named her daughter Tigerlily was an attempt to say "thank you" for her mother (Tigerlily) - as she was the first one on her family to see the teenager's side when she showed up pregnant and without a boyfriend -, at the same time trying to find a name that could represent what she wanted for her baby. Mixing Tiger, a wild animal representing confidence, elegance and power, and Lily, a flower meaning beauty, sweetness and innocence. The flower Tigerlily itself sounded fine for Cassidy and although it was uncommon to name a daughter in a such a different way, she didn't mind choosing Tigerlily.

Even the heartbreak and the pain of being abandoned were far from enough to keep her from continuing with her life. It was no mystery that Cassidy was emotional and slightly dramatic, but once the questions turned to her and a daughter it was easy to find strength and look to the future. The months preceding the birth were complicated, although the help of her parents had facilitated the search for a job and a house, until Tiger was born. Loving and caring as Cassidy was, the bond between mother and daughter was formed instantly. It was interesting how alike they looked, - although the freckles were a constant memory of the father - and the following years showed Cassidy that the same could be said about Tigerlily’s personality (though not the dramatic part).

Tiger grew up with her mother's family’s love and didn't take long to find the love of a father; Cassidy soon fell in love again, this time with a man much more stable and emotionally attached to the redhead than any of Cassidy’s past lovers. His name was Howard, and he was a well known equestrian enthusiast and occasional competitor. Rich because of an inheritance, though he was a man of simple ways, Howard owned a ranch and lived in it while not traveling for work. Within a year, mother and daughter had moved in and Cassidy and Howard were married. By that time Tiger was about one-and-a-half years old.

"I'm wide awake, so what's the point of dreaming when your life is great? Celebrate the feeling"

After moving to Howard’s ranch, Tiger’s life changed for the better. Cassidy didn’t depend on her parents and family to raise her child anymore, and there were a lot of ways to spend time with her daughter. Tigerlily soon grew up to be a stunning girl, standing out from what was expected; she learned to ride soon enough, earned good grades in school, had few close friends, - but tried to befriend everyone, most of the time succeeding - and pursued various hobbies.

Her horse is called Willow, named after the day she learned to ride under a tree, and he is not only her favorite animal but also her greatest friend. She has been competing with him since her father gave her permission. She not only takes good care of him but also works in the stables, helping employees even with heavy work whenever she feels like working. Her free time is also dedicated to reading and "studying", - basically trying to learn new things in the kitchen - as well as spending time with friends, although she visits them more than they visit her.

At the age of ten Tigerlily was invited to join a competition in America, which she accepted as it was possible to carry Willow and other horse to the continent. Howard accompanied her and they waited two weeks for the big day, which would be just like any other if it wasn't for an accident while Tiger was preparing Willow moments before the event. A snake - one of the few venomous snakes in the area - that arose was enough to scare her horse, which made Tiger fall to the ground in shock. Lily was bitten on the left arm and taken to hospital in a hurry, passing out along the way and losing a lot of blood. The poison of the snake has brought the need to amputate the arm, so a week later she woke up only to find that she had lost her left arm.

Yet life went on, and getting back to England represented a fresh start; she hated what happened in the first weeks, but gradually learned to take care of herself, making the loss a challenge and stopping whining about what happened. The determination inherited from her mother was partly enough to recover what she knew as life and soon realized that she could do the same things as before, at least most of them, just taking a little more time and, for example, making adjustments, as lots of new tools in the kitchen.

What no one in her family and none of her friends noticed so far was some extraordinary events in Tigerlily's life; events involving magic, all explained by the skepticism of Muggles. At the age of five a meal exploded when a school classmate teased her by what her mother prepared. New events were noticeable with time, as a day when playing hide and seek that Tigerlily was able to open a door usually locked (she doesn't remember how she did it) and that led to a great hiding place. The surprise of being a witch, as she and her parents discovered at the age of eleven when a representative from the Ministry of Magic came to their home, was welcomed as they learned about the other world.

At first, however, Tiger refused an invitation to the strange school called Hogwarts. Howard offered to pay for tutors, even if they were a bit wary of magic, and soon it settled as a great way to learn, even if she had to hide all items and books from friends, and never open her mouth - something rather difficult, but Tiger was aware it was all necessary. As almost a thirteen-year-old, she finally felt ready to try her luck at the school, and accepted the invitation, gratefully for the two years of school so she wouldn't be too behind the other students.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: "S-so... you can think? Hm, my name is Tiger- Tigerlily. Of course you know! Right, that person said so. Well, I hope it's comfortable where you are, above my head... sure is tiring to deal with all the student- can Hats get tired? I wouldn't know. Sorry, sorry. Please go on!"

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Your Pronouns: She/Her
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