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 [R]Eliot Peters
Eliot Peters
 Posted: Aug 11 2017, 04:17 PM

"I will find your rooftop, and I will be on top of it. "

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Eliot Peters
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Name: Eliot Peters
Age: 16
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Pureblood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: This would be my first

Appearance: Eliot seems to always be a day away from growing into himself. A bit tall and a bit lanky, he is fair skinned with unkempt hair. On occasion he showcases glimpses of facial hair, but otherwise is still very much in possession of a teen body. Fashionably, Eliot cannot afford the best - and instead wears what he can muster. He has made a ritual of miss-matching his clothes (as well as mending them), and prefers layers, sweaters, and pants to anything else. He is not above wearing sandals with jeans.

Personality: Eliot is quiet, constantly plotting, and, when faced with a friend tripping and falling, he would first laugh before eventually helping them up (though he ultimately does always lend a hand). Always much bolder in his thoughts than with his words, Eliot is not one for sitting in the front of classes or competing to be the Quidditch Team captain of his year. The spotlight has never been something Eliot pined for. Truth be told, Eliot suffers from a bit of stage fright, would rather wrestle a Minotaur than give a speech, and would sooner cast himself on fire than even risk making a fool of himself in front of his peers.

Normally quite the confident lad, Eliot can speak with passion, convince even the strongest opponent he is right, and wiggle himself out of most troubles - so long as his audience is small. A professor, a group of friends, or, at most, an enemy or two. Grow these numbers into a crowd and to his true annoyance he becomes a bumbling buffoon who twists on his own tongue and stumbles over every other word. He is simply no good when it comes to commanding a room.

Perhaps because of his own failings, Eliot is rather judgmental and puts a lot of weight on first impressions (but never first appearances). He enjoys mystery and having a laugh, prefers books to brooms, and has recently picked up the vice of reading up on politics and power. He considers himself to be very observant, constantly watching others movements and believes he has a firm grasp on the twisting-staircase maze that is the Hogwarts social structure. Perhaps he is too observant, however, as Eliot often finds himself people-watching at parties rather than partaking. He is also highly self-aware of himself, constantly judging his own appearance, embarrassed by own his own poverty, and focused too much on presenting himself to everyone else in an acceptable way.

It is only with his closest friends, often when cigarettes are involved, that he will find himself relaxing. Opening up his posture, letting stains and ripped seems become obvious, and, with a heavy sigh, his guard will come down. It is in these moments of true relaxation, when the spotlight is elsewhere and the social pressures he puts on himself are gone that the boy's true intellect, grit, and what-some-would-call charm shines through most. For those few friends who Eliot is most at ease with, there will never be a more loyal ally. Eliot's conniving can turn vicious to seek revenge against those who humiliate his friends, and his poetic mastery has produced, in his own opinion, some of the best inspirational greeting-cards ever to grace the halls of Hogwarts.

At 16, even Eliot would be the first to admit he has no true idea what he wants for his future career. At moments he has thought journalist, picturing his name dancing across a by-line of the Daily Prophet each morning. There was an entire year when wished to be an Auror, like many young school children. Hoping his good deeds against would help build a reputation for his last name. When Eliot learned that good and evil wasn't the same as black and white, however, he quickly out grew that phase. Most recently he has imagined his life as a teacher. His love of learning would be of great use, of course, but so would his mastery at manipulating social status. The idea of turning a classroom upside down almost seemed worth the crippling stage fright he would have to overcome.

Ultimately, whatever his post-Hogwarts life has to offer, Eliot hopes it includes dignity. Disgusted by his family's reputation and their constant dependence on debt and the kindness of others is one family trait he hopes to snuff out.

Character Background: Eliot Peters was born the second child to Ana and Michael Peters, a young couple that had just two years earlier welcomed a daughter - Patricia. Of Glasgow origin, the family took much pride in Scotland roots. In fact, as both children would learn as they grew up, their family took great pride in almost everything. Name a sport and mother would swear up and down that some hundred years or-so ago there was a Peters man or a Peters witch who held the championship. Ask for help on a homework assignment and that particular subject, too, had a Peters at its helm at one point or another. There were never pictures or record books to back up these claims. Peter-Pride needed no proof.

Above all else, however, the Peter family took pride in purity - specifically as a pureblood family. Never in good company - which, luckily, included their children - would Ana or Michael Peter openly admit to harboring ill will towards those "of lesser blood,". Nor would they openly admit to having family members who once served as Death Eaters. But, in time, like most unlucky children of Pureblood families, those names did appear in records when searched for - and the proof was all too easy to obtain.

Eliot and Patricia understood their family from a young age. They were the outcast, one of the last remnants of the Peter name left in Great Britain (most others had left across the ocean or scattered across greater Europe), and most certainly the most poor. Michael's grandfather, Maxwell, had all but gambled away the family's modest fortune. And while Ana had enough sense to still try and work - an assistant to some well-off-witch, or as she would say "a hag who refuses to die,"- Michael refused to work on the grounds that his family was due money from some never-named source, and the minute he took a paycheck his claim to it would be gone. At seven years old Eliot realized there was no real claim - there was only excuses.

From a young age, Eliot was raised to find magic perfect. It was mysterious, yes. Powerful, too, when wielded correctly. His parents - and truly his extended family - believed magic was the cure of every ailment and the solution to every problem. Outdated, perhaps, in the view of blood, they were certainly however proponents of a good education.

Even with poverty and lies, Michael and Ana were good parents. They made sure that food was available (though sometimes they would go without themselves). They made sure their children learned and read and showed respect. And at ten, to their great pride, made sure each child had their own wand - "no secondhand spell materials for a Peter's child!".

Patricia went to Hogwarts first, and Eliot followed soon after. The two stayed tight for most of their time at the school, relying on each other more than either could admit. Even in her sixth and seventh years when she was studying hard, Patricia made time to council her brother on his own homework. Likewise, he made sure to pester her only when she had time.

At school Eliot found a small but sturdy group of friends, and to Patricia's confusion had also wiggled himself into almost social circle of his House. He often knew the gossip of the upper classroom before her, and to his surprise it always endeared her to him. "Just like me!" his mother would praise as his grades came in, with Eliot succeeding in almost every subject - though where charms and potions came easily, transfiguration and DADA came only with hours of extra studying and practice.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: As he waited in line for his name to be called, the view of his sisters eyes lost in the crowd, all Eliot could do was ponder the question on every first years' mind that night - "What house will I be placed in?". The moment he stepped up, sat down, and had the mighty - but dusty! - sorting hat placed on his head those thoughts vanished. Replaced, instead, with "Dear God hurry this up - everyone is staring!". Any preference he had blanked away, replaced by nerves.

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OOC Name: Mud
Your Pronouns: He, Him, H iks
How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? A long time ago I was active on another HP site. I didn't want to re-join them, but when back and checked their 'link-back' advertisements for another active site. I found a link to this site, checked it out, and found myself captivated!
Aleksander Daskalov
 Posted: Aug 11 2017, 06:29 PM

"The bloodbath of Bulgaria, the bastard of Ballycastle."

Viridian Guild
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Aleksander Daskalov
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the sorting hat is placed on your head, and after a few moments, it loudly calls out ...


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