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 Rain, Hail or Shine, Tag: Ani/Nessa
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May 9 2018, 05:45 AM   Link Quote
Most nights, Juno Moreau treated her dorm as a waypoint- a mere stopover on her journey to partake in something bigger, better and undoubtedly more illegal. Her small section of the room generally reflected this; oftentimes the bed was unkempt, and a miss-match of clothes, shoes and odd socks were left hanging from the frame, or sprawled out across the redwood floor. Her designated area was not so much ‘lived in’ as it was an afterthought. The lack of personal effects on her side-table, or pictures and posters hanging from the wall spoke volumes of the time (or lack thereof) that she spent in her room.

This night was different however; rain pelted against the pane windows, causing the shutters and glass to shake. Though the warmth of her bed and duvet were comforting, homely even, she couldn’t help but long for what she couldn’t have: the great outdoors. It was too gloomy, cold and wet outside for even Juno, hardly ideal conditions for a party or late night rendezvous. Even slipping out for a late night cigarette was out of the question, as the professors had decided to seal the exterior doors on account of rain flooding the entranceway… and Juno couldn’t quite recall the spell to reverse it. Whether the young lioness liked it or not, she was confined to her bed for the rest of the night, and she would have to find some other way of passing the time.

Sighing audibly, Juno began sifting through the assortment of clutter and crap she kept stowed away in her trunk, looking for something for something, anything to pass the time. Most of what she stored beneath her bed was useless junk or spare uniforms, but buried a few layers of unnecessarily expensive dresses and a bottle of her mother’s perfume was an answer to her prayers: a cosmetic bag containing a variety of brightly coloured nail-polishes. No matter how mind numbingly boring painting her nails might’ve seemed- it was infinitely more exciting than the alternative. Nothing.

“Nessa!” the girl hollered, peeking her head out from the red drapes that separated her bed from the rest of the room. Strands of reddish brown hair fell before her eyes- frizzy and dishevelled from the moisture. Tucking it away behind her ear, Juno called out again, hoping that her friend hadn’t stepped out for the night, “Ness!”.

Even the most remedial of tasks could be improved by good company- and that night, Juno’s preferred company was Nessa Ivers. She was one of the few girls in the dorm that didn’t drive her up the wall. One of the few people she could call a true and honest friend. Having shared a room with her for so many years, Juno felt next to no shame in her lax attire- knowing that most of their other roommates were likely dressed in a similar fashion. A pair of black tracksuit bottoms hung loosely around her hips, and a faded Gryffindor sweatshirt topped pulled the outfit together nicely; they were the kind of clothes one might find at the bottom of a washing basket.

Tucking her head back behind the curtain, Juno relaxed slightly. Over the rise and fall of her own breath she listened for the footsteps of her housemate.

@Nessa Ivers

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May 9 2018, 03:28 PM   Link Quote
It was a Gryffindor stereotype to have life in disarray. Personally, the blonde liked to think that she wasn’t the worst at maintaining certain aspects of her life. Sure, her homework rarely got done, but that was more lack of caring than lack of organization at work. But her book bag was rather orderly, and when she decided to take notes, they were legible and pretty, with multiple colors.

Her bit of the room was the same: Multicolored. Everywhere, bits of things were strewn about wildly. Surely everyone had one space in their life like this, where things somehow never managed to get clean and stay that way. Be it a trunk, a backpack, a purse, a closet, everyone had to have a place to dump all of the crap from a day’s work and completely forget about it. For Nessa, and for many of her Gryffindor dorm mates, it was their room. It was a rather mixed situation, with both benefits and drawbacks. The blonde found it fortunate, because none of the roommates were judgmental about the mess.

The not so fortunate aspect, however, was that since they were all messy, their room was one gigantic mess. Often the girls found their things mingling in corners of the room that were not their own. Nessa could not count the amount of times she had found necessary items like ties and robes somehow having made a trek to the other side of the room. More likely than not, they had all switched uniforms several times now. With her short stature, Nessa could always tell when she snagged another girl’s skirt because it would end up way too far past her knees. Luckily, they all had magic on their sides.

If only one of them had thought to look up a cleaning spell.

Nessa was sat behind a mountain of items on the far side of her bed facing Juno’s. To be fully honest, until the girl called her, she had no idea the reddish brunette was in the room with her. The clutter in their room was that unmanageable. In her own defense, the rain was pounding the glass windows right above her, and had a deafening effect, making Juno’s occasional grunts of exertion or the sound of items being moved about less audible than they should have been. And the girl’s curtains were drawn.

Said rain was the reason Nessa was indoors in the first place. Every so often, the mess of their room got to her, and when inspiration and time aligned, she would clean up her fourth of the room. Dressed in a pair of lilac pajama pants with cats on them and a baggy t-shirt that hung off her shoulders, revealing her lack of a bra and therefore of much care of her appearance, the girl was sat with criss-crossed legs, attempting to sort through it all. Right now, she was utilizing piles to be able to send stuff either under her bed, into her trunk, or into her side table’s drawers. How on earth she had ever collected so much stuff, the blonde would never know.

The calling of her own name was just barely distinguishable just barely over the howling wind and rough pitter-patter of the rain. Her head lifted, and she glanced around the room quizzically, head tilted. Then, she shifted up some but kept seated to be able to see better. It was then she caught the movement of the curtain, surely created by the caller of her name. Smiling, eager for a break from her sorting, she pushed herself to her feet and walked over, pulling back the curtains once she arrived with a giant beam.

“Yes, Juno?” she replied, tilting her head once she caught the smallish bag in her friend’s hands. “I could barely hear you calling over this weather we’re having. How awful.” Glancing over her shoulder at the window, she pouted as if the clouds and atmosphere could see her distaste in the weather choice. Looking back to her fellow lioness, her smile reappeared. “Lovely to see you here, though. You called?"


@Juno Moreau
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