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Apr 18 2017, 07:51 PM   Link Quote
Name: Cluck
Which character do you have at Intermediate or Advanced? Charlie Cooper - Intermediate
Age: 89
Beast/Creature?: House Elf
Area of residency?: Hogwarts

Appearance: He is possessed of great big ears, spindly fingers, eyes the size of tennis balls, and wears a faded rooster print tea cosy.
Personality: If house elves are known for anything, it's their loyalty, and Cluck is no exception. When he was employed in the Rutland household, he served them as dutifully as he could, keeping their treasures safe and their secrets secret. Even as their power in the wizarding world declined and he bore the brunt of their bitter existence, he never questioned or spoke ill of them.

Cluck knows better than to speak ill of his masters, and to this day he refuses to say a single cruel word about them, instead plugging his ears and singing at the top of his lungs to drown out requests that he do so. He can't fulfill what he can't hear, you see, and that is one of the few ways he attempts to skirt direct orders that cause him distress. Not that he would ever openly defy an order; he is more than happy to serve, baking cakes and brewing tea for whatever student or professor finds themselves in the kitchen -- and he does so love the days when someone pops 'round to ask for a little something extra. He is one of those house elves who, given a little freedom, simply wouldn't know what to do with himself. The house elf rebellion was almost traumatic for the little fellow, and to this day he is recovering from the experience of total freedom and seeing young masters and mistresses putting their hands to work in his kitchens. He prefers busy hands to idle ones, and often seeks out even the grimiest of jobs to keep from lazing about like some of the other house elves.

That isn't to say he doesn't enjoy leisurely activities. One of his favourite past-times is dragging student trunks up to their dormitories, something he finds far more relaxing than working the kitchens. People-spying is another favourite hobby, and he often finds himself making up stories of who they are and what their lives are like in his head, occasionally spinning tales for his coworkers in spite of their disapproving stares. He is a very social creature, you see, and while he is a very good house elf who wouldn't dare seek out a conversation with one of the witches or wizards who grace the castle halls, he often finds himself quite lonely.

He is very friendly with his work mates, although many of them disapprove of what they feel to be a very flashy tea cosy, but many of them have been employed by Hogwarts for years and years. As a relatively new arrival to the castle halls, he more often than not finds himself on the outside looking in, especially because for the first eighty-two years of his life, he served only one elderly wizard. Unlike his work colleagues he continues to wear the tea cosy of his house, and even carries with him a little treasure, much to the scorn of anyone who knows. It isn't his, though -- he'd never dream of owning anything, much less a fabulous golden locket. It belongs to the next in line of the Rutland bloodline, but Cluck keeps it safe in the hope that one day a miracle will happen, and he will stumble upon some long-lost Rutland heir. When comparing himself to the more popular house elves, he feels great insecurity over his abilities to keep up with their work ethic, and caves to peer pressure more often than not. He is a hard worker though, and frequently puts on a brave face when dealing with the other house elves.

He fancies himself brave in general, although not quite brave enough to stand up to the kitchen bullies or the delinquents that congregate in the towers. Finding himself feeling quite the outsider, he has sought out friends elsewhere, particularly in the castle portraits, staff, and ghosts. Occasionally he'll pop 'round to dust frames that don't need dusting, or drop off freshly baked biscuits that no one asked for, or hoard bits of food so they become appropriately rank and moldy. Nothing brings him joy like seeing the delight on the faces of people he has pleased, and he has been known to grow faint upon hearing a sincere thank you.

Character Background: The Rutlands were one of those old wizarding families that were strict with their blood -- so strict that if anyone dared wed a halfblood or a muggleborn, they were cut from the family tree, effectively disowned and struck from the great book of names. Marriages were arranged carefully and selectively, so much so that as other wizarding families began to branch out and allow less pure betrothals, they became even more elitist. Before long, if anyone was related to a halfblood or muggleborn even by marriage, they were a poor match for the esteemed Rutland line. With their options dwindling and their personalities becoming more sour by the decade, fewer and fewer people wanted to make a match with the ancient bloodline. After generations of inbreeding and one weak heir after another dying sad, infant deaths, there were no more Rutlands left.

There was no more money, either. The family Vault had been steadily drained, emptied into other accounts as they struggled to keep hold of the family estate. They lost wealth faster than they could gain it, and after several very bad investments in the 1930s, all they really had left was the estate. Pieces of it were slowly cut off and auctioned away, until there was just one sad house, one sad old man, and one sad house elf who couldn't understand how to make his wizard happy.

Cluck was the latest of his line, the last, just like his master. His family had always served the Rutlands, his own family bushel finding a place in their large tome of names. His father and his father before him had lived and breathed for the Rutlands, each of Cluck's family members disappearing to serve other branches of the family line as they adopted other names and became a little less Rutland. Cluck was chosen though. He was hand-selected as a wee thing by the elder Mr Rutland to maintain the house as well as the rest of the estate. He couldn't have been happier, and for eighty years, he did his very best to create the illusion that the poorest family in high society had great wealth. His best was not always good enough though, and he became quite used to hearing notes of disdain instead of praise. Next time, he told himself. Next time Cluck will make master Rutland happy.

Eventually there were no more next times. Mr Rutland died a quiet death after a long illness that no potion or poultice could stave off. Cluck was inconsolable, weeping openly as he wandered the home by himself, dusting the family portraits and fine china. The family's personal lawyer came by soon after, informing Cluck the estate was to be auctioned off by the ministry, the proceeds going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Cluck had heard of the castle -- he'd sent Mr Rutland off there as a lad, all his books packed and his caged owl hanging from his trunk. He'd never been, though, instead contenting himself with whatever wild stories his late master had imparted him with. Those years had long since passed though, and Cluck had to wonder how much had changed.

It was then that the lawyer informed him that he too was being sent to Hogwarts, willed there by his master, because there was simply nowhere else for him to go. Passing hands in such a way meant there was no freedom in store for Cluck, something he was relieved and happy about. He was instead excited for his new future; for a hundred or more hungry mouths to feed and maybe even thousands of socks to fold. He would be a very busy house elf, and in such a full castle he predicted he would make plenty of new friends. He left the Rutland home with only his tea cosy and the locket, and was quick to make himself at home among his fellow house elves.

The change was quick and the differences were vast, and although Cluck found himself falling behind everyone else in his work, he was filled with joy by the prospect of never being idle again. And for several years, that was how things went. Then the strike happened. Cluck was one of those house elves swept up by the charismatic leader who demanded they each receive a fair wage and time off. If he was being honest, he really was tired of the way the students trashed the castle. He had spent his fair share of time cleaning up sentient vines during the plant invasion, and he had held his breath until passing out trying to clear five castle floors of stink bombs. House elves were unhappy and he didn't blame them, but he was relieved when the strike finally came to an end. Spying on students nearly setting themselves on fire and turning everything in the laundry rooms pink had been downright traumatic for the little elf.

Nowadays things are almost back to normal, and Cluck has fallen back into the routine of taking care of students as he plans for his ninetieth birthday party, which he is certain will finally make him the friends he so desperately craves.

Anything else we should know?: He's got house elf magic 'cause he's a house elf

OOC Name: Charlie
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