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 In a Winter Wonderland, Skating!
Ariel Silvermoor
 Posted: Jan 11 2017, 07:46 AM
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Ariel SilvermoorRavenclaw Intermediate
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Connor had been extremely excited about the holidays coming.

It had been hard to blame him.

It was after all his first holiday season at Hogwarts after all. The holidays had always been an almost magical time anyway, but at Hogwarts they were doubly so. One day little brother had been exclaiming about how SOMEONE had charmed the suits of armor to sing carols and the next... why not long after THAT decorations began to go up all over the castle. The envelopes arriving under the door one day had been a surprise,but as Ariel recalled later, what had NOT been a surprise was that when Ariel went looking for her brother after joining her roommates in generally exclaiming over their invites to Switzerland, it seemed that he had been looking for HER.

Would they be able to go, he had wanted to know.

Well, her they were.... though their Mother had informed them on no uncertain terms that they were to be at home again for Christmas. This, Ariel thought with a smirk, would easily give them a few days to have some fun in the snow and the mountains, first. And that is precisely what they had been doing.

While the older students had amused themselves with things like skiing, snow boarding flirting and gossiping by the fire over hot cocoa; the two Silvermoors and their friends had found fun with sledding, exploring, the odd prank and.... even one day where Ariel had attempted to bewitch the snow man that she and a couple of friends had made. TODAY, however, her little brother had insisted upon attempting to learn to ice skate. That, she thought as her booted feet crunched through the snow making for the frozen lake, was a thing she had never attempted before.

As she reached the ice she paused for a moment to look behind her for Connor. The girl's cheeks were flushed pink with the cold, and her breath formed a warm mist as she called to her brother that it appeared they had the lake to themselves this afternoon. Odd, she mused as she readied her skates, because it was as perfect a winter day for being outside as they could have asked for.

The house elves had assured them that, as cold as it had been, there was little danger of thin patches in the ice. Still, there was a thrill int he small Raven's chest as she stepped out onto the ice, the blades of the skates beginning to slide... a sensation that was a bit disconcerting.

Perhaps, like fling, it just took a bit of getting used to?
Connor Silvermoor
 Posted: Jan 11 2017, 10:48 PM
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Christmas at Hogwarts was so cool!

Connor had never experienced magical Christmas before - for a second, he didn't even know if wizards actually celebrated Christmas or anything like that, but then he found out that they totally did! Actually, that might've been one day when he was walking back up to Gryffindor Tower and one of the sits of armour started singing Christmas carols, all echo-y, and he'd almost fallen over because he was so surprised then. Connor had never thought that his heart could beat so quickly, or that he could be so surprised by a suit of armour but it had definitely sung Jingle Bells at him, even if it sounded like what his father called a dirge.

But after that, they'd gotten invitations to something something school trip in another country, which also sounded super cool, and then he'd had to hunt down Ariel to see if she knew about it too. Would they be able to go, he had wanted to know. Their mum had said yes but they had to be home for Christmas, which was fine! Connor was looking forward to going home. They'd spent the past few days in the snowy mountains, throwing snowballs and making snowmen, and at one point, Ariel had even made a snowman dance. It was really cool, even though it was literally, really cool. Seriously - Connor was always cold. And Ariel also lectured him for going in the caves with Nellie Miller, even though they saw bears and it was the most terrifying thing he'd ever done. He almost wanted to do it again, but he also didn't want to die.

Today's adventure was ice skating! He'd never even gone ice skating before - he thought he was going to fall over as he gingerly stepped forwards in the ice skate blades. Ariel was already ahead of him, and Connor didn't want to try and move faster just in case he accidentally ended up faceplanting the ground. That wouldn't be very cool. "Aaaaarieeeeeeeeel," he whined, "wait for me." She was already on the ice, and Connor didn't understand how. He paused right at the edge and looked at the snow and then looked at the ice, and then slowly stepped on it. Connor didn't know what he was expecting but it kind of felt like rollerskating...just...on ice. Was that the secret to it? Except there were no wheels, obviously.

He put both feet in the ice, and moved one forwards. So far, so good. He tried to move his other foot now (baby steps, right?!) and then the ground decided to work against him and he slipped, landing backwards on the ice. "Ow!" he yelled. It came out louder than he intended it to, and then he had to try and struggle back to standing. Maybe this would take longer than he thought. He could feel how cold the ice was through his gloves, and he pouted at them for a moment.

@Ariel Silvermoor

true knowledge is knowing that you have an older sister who does, in fact, know everything
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