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 [VG]Emil Madeline, <3
Emil Madeline
 Posted: Feb 23 2017, 10:00 AM
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Viridian Guild
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Emil MadelineSlytherin
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Name: Emil Madeline
Age: 25
Faction: Viridian Guild
Reason Behind Faction Choice: He believes in the greater good, and thinks a cure for all disease sounds worth the sacrifices to get there.
Job: Welcome Witch at St. Mungos (part-time) & Healer in the Spell Damage division at St. Mungos (also part-time)
Reasoning for Job Position: Emil started out at St. Mungos as the welcome witch while he studied to become a full time healer. He applied for a job in the Spell Damage division after everything was said and done, though he became involved with the VG at one point and kept both positions part-time so he could dedicate more of his focus on the guild and its mission.

Personality: (400 WORD MINIMUM)
    At some point or another, the wizard was bound to grow out of his dreamy Sundays, and put away all his wasted time staring at the stars and chasing ideas of finding his perfect match to share in the ups and downs of life. That point came shortly after graduation, when he began working at the front desk of St. Mungos and began seeing how fragile life could be, even with magic to do the impossible. He set aside most of his hobbies from school, nowadays preferring to spend his time at home reading the paper or some odd novel he's picked up, and occasionally going out for drinks with colleagues.

    Emil is far more focused on his work and goals now, though knowing what those are now has helped to keep him at a steady pace towards achieving them. He is punctual, never seeming to come close to missing work and often being reliable for those who depend on him. He remains hardworking as much as he was at school, occasionally spreading himself a little thin and requiring much of the weekends to recharge before the start of the next week. He carries an air of seriousness that he, at times, has to actively work to tone down as it makes it seem like he isn't as fun loving as he once was. That part of him---his sense of humor---hasn't changed, despite how his outward appearance might suggest otherwise. It's just difficult to show a more lighthearted side to him when he's been involved in the war, and is constantly stressed out over it's eventual outcome.

    He's abandoned, for the moment, any searches for his soul mate, far too busy now to spend the time on romance. His ambitious nature has been poured entirely into the Viridian Guild, having felt its mission more important than his own career. For Emil, though, his job as a healer is where he wants to be right now. He supposed the head positions around the hospital sound lovely, and the pay increase might be at least a little enticing, but he feels as if he has the time to move up. Eventually.

    His skill at multitasking is on display near constantly, though it isn't so obvious, least not in how much Emil requires the skill. It can be seen best when he is at the front desk of the hospital, able to greet newcomers and direct those who stumble helplessly into the hospital to where they need to go, all while managing an easy smile despite the chaos around him. He is still able to remain calm during strenuous situations, though now, as an adult with practice and skill under his belt, it is less of a facade as it was when he was a teenager.

History: (400 WORD MINIMUM)
    Emil graduated Hogwarts with marks he could be proud of. He still waffled on what exactly to do, wth so many options available to him, but he didn't want to wait around till something came to him. That left the risk to become lazy, and complacent, and he didn't want to let himself go to waste. On a whim---that could have actually merely been the toss of a coin, if he would've admitted so---Emil went down the path of healing, attaining an entry level job as the welcome wizard at St. Mungos. He worked alongside the older woman set to retire once he was trained, picking up on any tips she offered him---though most had to do with life in general. Somehow, she saw him as an outlet to hear the wisdom she couldn't seem to share with others too impatient to listen to her.

    His spent his time at work---and outside of it---studying to become a full time healer, originally vying for a position in the artifact division. Then it was the magical bugs and diseases, then the creature induced injuries. Really, his interested changed as frequently as the weather, only partially influenced by whatever was opened at the time. He did settle, finally, choosing to go for a position in the spell damage division, finding it exciting and interesting and satisfying of his desire to help people. It seemed, for a while there, that everything he had wanted in life was falling together. He still tip-toed the line between the hopeless romantic he was in school, and being a mature adult who could see himself having a family very soon and finally, finally settling down. But life remained ever unpredictable, and threw one thing after another at the wizard, before he found himself flung into the hellish spiral of what eventually became a war, hidden somehow, from the muggles he still lived among.

    He fell line with the Viridian Guild, unable to see how sacrifices couldn't be understood as necessary for the greater good. He could feel remorse for the research conducted, could understand how others wouldn't want to take part in it or dirty their hands with anything to do with it. But he didn't mind the work, and he wanted to help make the world healthier, safer, and open it up to those who suffered and believed they would have to spend their whole lives in pain. He scrapped his plans to throw himself completely into the healing position he applied for, choosing, instead, to split his time between a job he could afford to put little into as a welcome wizard, and a job that he genuinely wanted to do as a healer in the Spell Damage Ward. Most of his time outside of work is dedicated to the Guild, helping with research mainly as he doesn't care to involve himself with much else, though he's accepted a few odd missions if asked. His dedication to the guild is unwavering, and while he doesn't know how that will all turn out in the end, he does know that he won't regret his actions. For now, anyway, he is doing what he believes is the best thing for the world.

Special Abilities / Other: N/A

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Bill Walker
 Posted: Feb 24 2017, 08:22 PM
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Your Profile has been approved, welcome to the Viridian Guild. Your leaders are Gretchen Kirke-Faust and Severin Larsson, any questions you may have regarding the Clash can be directed towards them or any staff member.

You'll also need to PM a staffer to get into your respective forum. Welcome to the Clash.

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