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 Bumbling Bumbleebees, Mars
Theodore Isley
 Posted: Mar 16 2017, 09:30 PM
6th YEAR
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- The wolves are at my door - waiting for my empire to fall -

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    It was in the hours after the sun had departed for the night that the eerie chill of the castle would settle into his bones. Like ice in his veins, creating fractures and fissures as the night went on. It had occurred to the Isley boy that perhaps this feeling had nothing at all to do with this filthy school, but more so the dark itself. The Spaniard was not afraid of the dark, no such things were never so simple. It was more what happened when the shadows came to life and crept the halls to hunt. When the shadows came out to play no one was safe, and it left TJ with an uneasy feeling in his gut. Long fingers caressed the coils of the basilisk that curled around the handle of his wand, the soft luminescent light bringing a glow to the bleak walls. The stage was set, the actors ready as dark forms came to life around him. Dark figures danced an epic ballet against the grey washed backdrop of the stone walls. He nearly leapt from his own skin, backing up against the wall before the tall snake forced his eyes to close for a moment. To reset with a deep breath. The cold stone against his back anchored the snake to reality, forcing malachite eyes to look back to the stage once again. It was just a suit of armour, though at first glance the raised outstretched hand had seemed all too close to home. The bruised skin across his cheek prickled in anticipation, as if the suit might come to life and strike the boy before he could defend himself. Would he even defend himself? It wasn’t like he had even really tried when Severin had dealt him the most recent blow. Gulping back the regret of his words, TJ jokingly thought that the knight almost seemed to be stuck in an eternal jazz hands pose. Happier thoughts of better days.

    Drumstrang had been in an entirely different league, and how could anyone ever think otherwise? The school in the north only allowed those of superior lineage to attend, as such things should have been. Nothing good could happen when those of godly birth were left to walk these filthy halls, meddling in affairs of mere mortals. They were simply pawns in a much bigger picture, disposable when their use had worn out. That was just the way of things, TJ didn’t really think it was his place to alter the way of the universe. It was almost cute how this school gave hope to the vermin that ate it up. Given time the same filth would chew away the pillars of civilization and bring humanity crumbling down into the mud where such beings lived. It was best to just extinguish those flames before such things could ever come close to touching him. The snake was not known for being merciful, no he didn’t even like being touched by those beneath him and, well most people were beneath him. It was gross, and upon first coming to this damn school the Isley boy had burnt his clothes on more than one occasion, only stopping short of scrubbing his skin bloody. As if they had somehow contaminated him.

    Drinking had never been something TJ enjoyed, especially with mixed company. For the more one drank the less control one seemed to have, and TJ loved control the way a mother loved a child. It was a static fixture in his life, ever present and always needed. Musing, the Spaniard tried to remember the last time he had drank, had it been the night he had slept in the graveyard? And she had a laugh that could brighten even the darkest corners of the world, TJ could still hear her laugh, still smell the wildflowers that Hildie wore in her hair during summer. The calm from moments before vanished, evaporating into panic as his mind grasped onto the thought and ran. Had it been those wildflowers that he so distinctly remembered? Or was it instead the scent of whiskey mixed with wildflowers, the bitter taste of grief so fresh… so overpowering.

    Pain had a funny way of anchoring him to reality, teeth digging into a fist as he suppressed a scream. There was little comfort that came with the aforementioned knowledge that Mars would be bringing whiskey tonight for their impromptu reunion. It was TJ’s drink of choice, specifically he liked his whiskey served neat. It just would not do to dilute something that was already perfect, something the boy thought also touched other areas of his life. The graveyard had not been the last time he had drank, TJ realized as he picked up a brisk jog. For his birthday they had come together in the room of requirement to share whiskey and cigars. They being himself, Severin and Erik, as TJ did not drink with strange people. Erik was strange, but in a harmless sort of way, and unfortunately the eagle was one of his own. The world could be funny like that, always full of exceptions when it suited the snake just so.

    Pausing outside the door the tall Spaniard took a moment to straighten his clothes, vanquishing anything that might have come across as disheveled. No, such things just would not do, a small price to pay for being the glorious person that he was. Just incase his cousin, by some miracle had beaten him to their selected destination, TJ took a few deep breaths to slow his breathing back down to an acceptable respiration rate. After what felt like a small eternity the snake pushed the door open, the damp warmth wrapping around him and beckoning him to venture further. Sneakers squeaked against tile, pausing as a malachite gaze found the room vacant. Not that TJ had expected anything else, maybe his cousin was lost or dancing with the knight stuck in the eternal jazz hands pose. It must have been a joke, school staff would have never allowed such a thing. Or at least they shouldn’t have allowed it. Even so the image of the strangely out of place suit of armour brought a smile to the snakes lips.
@[Martín Marzán]

Martín Marzán
 Posted: Mar 17 2017, 10:36 AM
6th YEAR
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I hear the sirens coming for you baby

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Martín MarzánGryffindor
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The sun knows not of fearing the darkness of the night, for it’s brightness shall forever protect it from all the terrors that lurk within the shadows.

Daylight. Summer in Philadelphia. A strong hand holding the small one of a child. Laughter and smiles. That same hand squeezing that of the child before being taken away. The apartment they had known as home for only few weeks. Tall men in dark suits. His father being brought to his knees before one of those men. Words being pronounced calmly in a foreign language. The pleas of his father. Tears. Someone holding the child as he desperately tried to break free. Wands. A spell. His father crying in pain. Screams. More tears. Desperately trying to reach for the only family he had ever known. Blood dripping down onto a white carpet. Not being able to turn away. Fear. Death... The glacial stare of his grandfather.

Shattered memories. When the most terrifying things were those that dwelled within him, opening eyes to utter darkness was an almost comforting feeling. Nothing can harm the sun, nothing but itself, and the sun that shone inside him was one that threatened to consume every inch of his self.

Sleep is for the weak. He would have laughed and pronounced those words with ease, and others would have laughed with him, never learning the true reasons why Martín Marzán could barely ever sleep. Divine traits come with divine pain, the tragedies of gods are more terrible than what any mortal could ever imagine. Oh you godly boy, have you not learned that a child with too many blessings is cursed? That those heavenly ancestors of yours give with one hand and take away with the other? That for as long as you’re as radiant as the sun that shines above you, you will be haunted by the most terrible of nightmares? Oh Martín, don’t be a fool, losing your father was the price you paid for the life you’re living.

How many tragedies did a hero have to go through in order to finally achieve his destiny? Martín could count his tragedies and turn them into the most twisted of lists, a list that had grown over the years, and a list with’s last item was Hogwarts. Tragedy was being sent to that school in place of the palace that he had once called home, being forced to walk among mortals as if he were one of them, being stuck in that cold castle when he longed for the sunlight of Spain… being consumed by nightmares and having nowhere safe where to run. Hogwarts was no home, and it would never be. Everything lacked the shine that Beauxbatons possessed, the beauty of halls that were only meant to be roamed by the godly and the otherworldly. Oh god cast down from Olympus, look how far you’ve fallen, Zeus had met all his threats and finally vanished Ares from the heavens.

Not home. Not safe. Yet still happy. Because there may have been nightmares and tragedy, but there was still the sun inside him, shining so bright and so real, filled with warmth and sweet reminders. He was a god, and a god is still a god regardless of his surroundings. Of this, he needed no reminder, and for such reasons he strolled through empty halls with the pride and purpose of one who’s better than the world around him. No amount of darkness can steal away the sun’s brightness. Specially when such sun possessed magic, and a wand that was so firmly held while light illuminated his pathway, bottle being held on the other. Martín was no lowly creature, for that he smiled, as he was no mouse lost in the maze that was such castle. He knew exactly where he was going, and he walked there with the tranquil resolve of one that does not have a single concern in this world.

What had been his reason for planning such a meeting? Catching up with his cousin? The exciting idea of swimming? Having a valid excuse to stay awake instead of admitting that there was fear in falling into deep slumber? Sometimes not even gods understand why they do the things they do, or sometimes they just choose to ignore their true reasons. Whatever the case, he was there, despite the cold and the humidity that filled the air - as if it had recently been raining, but when did it not rain in that horrible place? The things we do for family. As he entered, his turquoise gaze scanned the place - a pool like any other, until fixing on his cousin. Granted, they had never been the best of friends, they had never had the relationship he shared with Tori, but TJ was still one of the only people he liked in their whole family. Though obviously, he couldn’t so easily speak of such affection without first granting ground for some harmless teasing. He smirked.

“Wow, you look like shit. Though I guess it’s fitting for this place.”

@Theodore Isley

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Storm is fabulous and makes me pretties ❤
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