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 How to Succeed In Crepeing Without Really Trying
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Feb 17 2016, 01:39 PM   Link Quote

[b]Name of plot arc:[/b] optional ig but hey i love names
[b]Relevant characters:[/b]
[b]WHAT'S GOOD?[/b] summarize the thing
[b]Relevant threads:[/b]

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Feb 17 2016, 04:42 PM   Link Quote
Name of plot arc: Sunset Seen
Relevant characters: Ariel Blackburn & Bill Walker, with appearances by Mitchell Zweifelhofferman , Mark Maxim, Liam McAllister, &JR Zerner
WHAT'S GOOD? This is the EPIC LOVE STORY of the mermaid and the cowboy. It's got a dash of romance, a sprinkling of danger, and a WHOLE METRIC FOOPTON OF DRAMA. This took way too long to type.
Relevant threads:
    Damsel in [distress] -
    Bill thinks he has just run into a damsel in distress on his first day at Hogwarts. Little does he know, she's just kind of crazy!
    Kryptonite -
    Fairies turn a Prefect event into MAYHEM with potions the students can't help but drink. Ariel is gifted with SuperHumanStrength and Bill is gifted with -- well, you'll see.
    Auror Dorms -
    After avoiding each other for the remainder of spring, the two awkard teenagers discover that they have been mistakenly sent to the same summer internship program. Can this get any awkwarder? No. The answer is no.
    Auror Mission 1 -
    Because the world is literally plotting against them, Ariel and Bill find themselves paired up together for the first Auror Mission -- wizarding paintball. Things get messy. And personal.
    Painted Rider -
    Ariel and Bill contemplate the conclusion of their terrible mission, avoiding each other and being as awkward as physically possible.
    11:10 to Hogwarts -
    A new school year, a new start. Ariel is excited to get to school until she realises that, due to some criminals on the lam, her assigned compartment is shared with none other than BILL WALKER. Things continue as awkward as usual, until Ariel spots one of those pesky criminals on top of the Hogwarts Express! WHAT EVER WILL SHE DO?
    The Price of Heroism -
    Even heroes get detention sometimes, and the same holds for Ariel and Bill. Just when she thinks things are settling down and some of her answers are, well, answered, Bill proves to be more confusing than ever.
    Songs and Snogs: A Love Story for the Ages -
    At the party, Ariel loses sight of Bill (maybe sort of on purpose) and decides to HAVE FUN. She winds up bumping into another American Hufflepuff, and has a little too much fun.
    Is she really going out with him!? -
    Bill decides to confront his fellow 'puff about his past, and the pretty young blonde they both have an eye on. TESTOSTERONE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE rages in the Puff Dorms.
    Old Flames; New Beginnings -
    For the last few months, Ariel has spent way too much time going to parties and trying to boost her ego. She runs into old flame Mark Maxim and decides she might let him steal a kiss when WHAM. Bill Walker appears. Only it's not quite Bill. What's wrong with him? Ariel begins her quest to find out.
    How the West was Woken -
    After looking for Bill for far too long, Ariel finally finds him. Now it's time for her to break the spell and bring him back to the painful reality of things.
    I won't dance [don't ask me] -
    After saving Bill and recovering in the infirmary, Ariel is getting back into the swing of things. Literally! The Cowboy shows up like a stalking stalker to watch her creepily from the sidelines, but really doesn't want to join in on the dance practice itself.
    Come and Get Your Love -
    This isn't messy enough already, so Mitchell Zweifelhofferman decides to ask Ariel out on a date. Only, she doesn't realise it's a date. It's about to get real awkward up in hurr you guys.
    Walker and Pooch -
    It's VALENTINE'S DAY YOU GUYS and that means things have to get awkward and confusing and sort of romantic. Also there's a puppy.
    The way to a man's heart -
    After their sort-of-date on Valentine's Day, Ariel makes good on her promise to make him something delicious. He pops down to the kitchen afterwards to compliment the cook and get to work cleaning.
    Summer days [drifting away] -
    Drifting in the waters of Bora Bora, Ariel spots Bill and invites him to come play in the water with her, trying to ignore her blooming feelings.
    Tropic Thunder -
    Heartbroken after Ariel's apparent rejection, Bill takes Duke for a walk through the jungles of Bora Bora as storm clouds gather overhead. Ariel similarly finds herself in the jungle, slightly tipsy and completely lost. Thunder cracks, and Bill rushes into danger to save his crup.
    A house is not a home - (R for Trigger Warnings)
    Ariel brings Bill home to stay for the summer, introducing him to her broken family so he can understand everything she tried to tell him in Bora Bora. Hijinks and heartbreak ensue.
    I'm not meant to live alone - (R for Trigger Warnings)
    June 21st -- Ariel's birthday -- kicks off with a horrible nightmare of blood and death. Shaken from what her twisted mind has shown her, she sneaks into bed with Bill and finally confesses that something is terribly wrong with her head or her magic. Bill manages to kiss all her fears away, but the day has just begun.
    Climb the stairs and turn the key -
    Summer is ending, and Bill and Ariel have only gotten closer. They've spent every night since her birthday cuddling and becoming more comfortable with each other, but there are a few speed-bumps left before their return to Hogwarts.
    Just Keep Your Eyes On Me - (R for nudity)
    It's the new term, and Ariel takes Bill to join her in leaping from the enchanted waterfall in the forest, a tradition which the girl was indulging in the very day they met.
    trick or date -
    Bill and Ariel decide to go on a proper date, but things take a wrong turn when the brazen Lioness dares her Badger into the Ghost Village.
    Quench my thirst (with gasoline) & Binary Star -
    Caretaker Norwood begins a bonfire that Bill and Ariel decide to attend on the way to a costume party. Rather than go to the party, however, the two decide to sneak up to the astronomy tower for a night alone.
    Remember, Remember... -
    It's the anniversary of the death of Bill's grandfather, and he and Ariel pay the cemetery a visit.
    Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice Dance -
    At the Prefect Dance, everything seems to be going well for Bill and Ariel until she asks if he really wants to dance with her, and he answers with a flat 'no,' Someone has spiked the punch with veritaserum, and to Bill's horror, Ariel decides it's time to revive the question game!
    snow drifting -
    The winter wonderland that is the chalet kicks off with Bill and Ariel turning poor Liam McAllister into an unintentional third wheel. Thankfully he's a good sport about it while snowy fun abounds on the mountainside.
    not a creature was stirring -
    --except for an abominable snowman! It's Christmas Eve, and a day of playing in the snow turns into a dangerous race for their lives when Bill and Ariel decide to explore the ice caves of the swiss alps, only to run into a very hungry yeti.
    where everyone is happy -
    Everyone is indeed happy in this holiday special, where Bill, Ariel, and their suitemates wake up to holiday cheer and presents!
    i hate to tell you this -
    Ariel reminisces with her old makeout buddy JR Zerner, talking about homework and what's been going on with him lately. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones in the common room, and eventually Bill gets word...
    got ahold of my possessive mind -
    Bill's jealous streak is a mile wide by the time the Spring Carnival rolls around, and although he desperately wants to stay with Ariel, his brooding mood only puts distance between them. Each thinks the other wants to break up with them, and isn't quite sure how to talk about it.

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Feb 17 2016, 05:14 PM   Link Quote
Relevant characters: Charlie Cooper (the girl), James Findlay (the guy), Braeden Shaw (the party toast / sandwich bread)

WHAT'S GOOD? because it exists to torture all you shippers Braeden has a brilliant idea. The idea involves getting his two bestest friends in the world to meet each other. The catch? They know each other already, and every encounter thus far has been worse than the last.

Relevant threads: in chronological order
    the prayer of going nowhere -- COMPLETE! x 2 pg thread
    so, charlie and jamie pair up to do their potions homework together. jamie, who is supposedly good at potions, blows up his dizziness draught and gets... dizzy. charlie, who is awful at anything to do with word comprehension, is left to deal with this. secrets are revealed in basically the worst way.

    make the record skip and change its music -- COMPLETE! x 1 pg thread
    charlie takes up jamie's offer to be her homework buddy / help her not fail all her writing assignments since they basically share every single class together! EXCEPT, SOMETHING GOES TERRIBLY WRONG.

    one two three, drink -- ONGOING! warning for alcohol consumption
    braeden senses jamie's distress over the past few weeks in his life and takes him out to muggle london for drinks. things get kind of wild. more truths are revealed.

    mistaken setups? -- ONGOING!
    being the Great Friend that he is, braeden takes jamie's passing comment about meeting a nice girl to heart and sets up... a gathering at the leaky cauldron with none other than his very good friend charlie cooper. at the bright and early hour of noon o'clock. the night after the previous thread. jamie? he's hungover and in for the worst shock of his life.

    the melody on its forward course -- ONGOING!
    a few days later, jamie runs into charlie. kind of literally.

    grown ocean -- ONESHOT!
    post-quidditch match, jamie resolves to visit charlie in the hospital wing after she's seriously injured.

    all that copper glowing fine -- COMPLETE! x 1 pg thread
    the visit, some thoughts, some realizations ha hahahahahAHAHAHAa

    this love is turning into a shoujo manga -- ONGOING!
    charlie just learned to swim, jamie has no idea how to swim. absolutely nothing could go wrong amirite

i'm feeling a fault line, moving miles beneath my feet

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Mar 13 2016, 07:08 AM   Link Quote
Name of plot arc: The Quidditch Game, and What Happened After aka sev and jae are not gay
Relevant characters: Jae Kim, Severin Larsson, Jidam Bi, Charlie Cooper, Wolfgang Norwood, Althea Blackwood


On a dreary Saturday morning, messrs. Kim, Larsson, and the lovely miss Charlie Cooper were seen engaging in violence on the Quidditch Pitch. Repeated offenses against Kim and Larsson were made, each by the other, but after several fouls and a wild Bludger, Larsson decided to take out his uncontrollable thirst/anger on Cooper instead, resulting in an emergency trip to the Hospital Wing.


Following a hard-won Slytherin victory, Jidam Bi, revealed to have been watching the game from the stands, swore vengeance on Larsson for hurting his best friend. The two of them engaged in a dazzling display of Muggle dueling post-match, which was hastily broken up by Kim, who hauled his totally gay best friend off to the Hufflepuff dormitories to talk about feelings and get fixed up.

Meanwhile, Larsson was found sulking in the Slytherin common room with miss Althea Blackwood, who was able to turn his mind to other matters. Following a short owl exchange, Larsson and Kim agreed to meet later that night, and hopefully resolve the tension that had built up all day.

IT WAS, HOWEVER, NOT TO BE! Word of the Quidditch brawl got out and, unfortunately, reached the ears of the new Caretaker, Mr. Wolfgang Norwood. Mr. Norwood, who only knew of the fight but not of the following meetings, subsequently devised a riveting punishment for the two boys: an open lesson in inter-house relations and cooperation, to be learned through the fine art of dancing.

The tension between Larsson and Kim continues! What happens next? Stay tuned to find out!
j-lu · 16 · 6th · · Muggleborn · 6'1
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Aug 18 2016, 10:59 PM   Link Quote
Name of plot arc: Stereotypical Asian Drama, airing every Thursday only on WGMC (Wurr gay meme channel)
Relevant characters: Sai Tangsuriyapaisan and Yuzuru Masamune ft. James Findlay
WHAT'S GOOD? uhm. points to title and dances the dance of the shrug people? real talk Yuzuru is instant love at first sight for Sai but Sai is too quiet and thinks Yuzu is playing a prank on him because he's too nice and ugh cries it's cute okay I promise.
Relevant threads: Okay so we're going to have to backtrack if you want to know why Yuzuru is so weird feeling about Jamie so let's explore what that is and how their friendship that was once broken is now starting to become a thing again.

Okay back to the drama-romance. Yuzuru is walking out of the bungalow he shares with Jamie and wants to clear his mind from the confusion. In stereotypical drama-style, he bumps into the love of his life and falls for him at first sight. Sai isn't too keen on the interaction and finally leaves after the awkwardness.

Skip a few days? Maybe? Who knows but Yuzuru can't get this kid out of his head and makes an attempt to search for him. What happens when it turns out Sai doesn't want to be found? Cue the stubborn Yuzuru writing owls to get to know him as much as he can.

What comes next? Stay tuned for next Thursday here only on WGMC


haīroguma #00 beater
BON QI QI · 15 · 5th · aegis · · 5'7
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Dec 4 2016, 03:55 PM   Link Quote
Name of plot arc: none of us wanted this
Relevant characters: aixi ni, florentin deschamps, and jisik sa
WHAT'S GOOD? what could possibly stop slytherin's most makeup obsessed couple? AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE. THAT'S WHAT. jisik sa as lil bitch #1. florentin deschamps as lil bitch #2. aixi ni as someone who literally doesn't deserve this.
Relevant threads:

{{total eclipse of the sun}}: ai and florentin's families spring a surprise engagement onto the both of them. neither knows what's going on. neither is pleased by the arrangement.

you stole my girlfriend, prepare to suffer: jisik finds out and the resulting owls are enough to give everyone involved a headache. a friendship is pretty much destroyed by their inability to get through to one another.

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Jun 4 2017, 04:13 PM   Link Quote
Name of plot arc: Fausts vs Nilssons
Relevant characters: Gretchen Kirke-Faust, Preben Nilsson, Sigurd Nilsson, Njord Vikernes, more to come
WHAT'S GOOD? The Fausts and the Nilssons have been feuding for generations, but never before have their children attended the same school. The atmosphere ranges from tense to downright hostile, and it might result in the kids digging too deep into each other's lives - and that of their families.
Relevant threads:
    Not a thread, but history on the feud can be found in the Fausts' portrait room.

    All can see what’s in the light, mysteries are better veiled in night - Gretchen Kirke-Faust & Njord Vikernes
    Njord is a kind-hearted soul who disapproves of the Nilsson's business, but of course Gretchen doesn't know that. The distrust will gradually make way for an odd, star-crossed alliance.

    You're still the same, whichever way you act the part - Gretchen Kirke-Faust & Preben Nilsson
    When Gretchen sees Preben surrounded by adoring fans in the Great Hall, she can’t help but comment on his family. Some awful things are said, and it fuels the hatred.

    You're Much Better Looking When You're in Disguise - Gretchen Kirke-Faust & Sigurd Nilsson
    Gretchen and Sigurd are actually alike in a lot of ways, one of them is how socially inept they are when it really comes down to it. When a curse ruins the boat party on Bora Bora, they both want nothing more than to escape. Since the curse makes everyone unrecogniseable, they accidently team up.

    My Mind Was Flung Wide Open - Found That Demons Danced Inside - Gretchen Kirke-Faust & Sigurd Nilsson
    Previously, On The Feud: Gretchen and Preben got into an aggressive argument, and Gretchen got back at the teenage superstar by spiking his drink with Hate Potion, forcing him to show all his awful traits to everyone who adored him. His younger brother and Gretchen's classmate Sigurd is convinced the Faust was behind this, and decides to get back at her. As feuds go. Unfortunately, Sigurd isn't aware that he's an empath yet, and accidently hurts himself with the hex he aims at Gretchen.

    Bad Blood - Gretchen Kirke-Faust & Sigurd Nilsson, also features Florentin Deschamps and Lenny Plunkett
    Things are incredibly tense after the events in the bathroom. Gretchen knows Sigurd is an empath - and since feelings are kind of her Achilles heel, she really wants to stay clear of that. On the other hand, Sigurd knows she knows, and doesn't exactly want that information out publicly either. They've reached an impasse, an incredibly awkward impasse.

    The Shore is Close (OWL)
    And I would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you! - Gretchen Kirke-Faust & Njord Vikernes
    This demonstrates the alliance between Njord and Gretchen. Njord's family bought a real, actual mermaid to put her on display, and Njord's caring heart can't handle it, but he also can't actively go against his parents - at least not alone. Gretchen is more than willing to help, and they start their midnight quest to break into the Vikernes home and free this mermaid. Except, Njord neglects to mention that it's his home.

    Geen kwestie van lef, geen kwestie van moed (OWL) - Gretchen Kirke-Faust & Sigurd Nilsson

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user posted image
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Jun 4 2017, 04:37 PM   Link Quote
Name of plot arc: Smolstice
Relevant characters: Gretchen Kirke-Faust/Lenny Plunkett
Appearances by: Florentin Deschamps, Sigurd Nilsson
WHAT'S GOOD? you probably know more than they do
Relevant threads:
    Reservoir Puppies
    Gretchen only knows Lenny by reputation, which means that she'd rather not associate with the little shyster - but it just so happens that she needs someone to sneak her into the restricted section of the library so she has someone to throw under the bus in case they get caught. Turns out they get on each other's nerves way more than anticipated, mostly because they both hide behind a fake charming persona - and they're thus both perfectly aware of each other’s phoniness. This was a mistake.

    Eat Pray Murder
    Somehow their dislike for each other turned into some sort of weird competition, with both refusing to be the first to drop the act, and constantly trying to one-up each other with thinly-veiled insults. In this thread they ended up in the same bungalow in Bora Bora, so now they’re constantly stepping on each other’s toes. It gets childish pretty quickly.

    All's Fair in Love and... (DADA Summer 2016 class thread)
    SPEAKING OF CHILDISH. Lenny and Gretchen completely forget that they're in class and neglect their assignment in favour of attacking each other with water spells.

    Gordon Ramsay vs Julia Child
    Fall Term has arrived and Lenny continues to be a thorn in Gretchen's side. In this thread he purposely messes with Gretchen’s cauldron during Potions, causing the concoction to explode … all over them. And gluing them together. Like the plot of a 90s cartoon.
    (In case anyone wants to know, the thread title is a reference to this, because it kinda sounds like them xD)

    Bad Blood (Also featuring Sigurd Nilsson and Florentin Deschamps)
    During the winter holidays, the Hogwarts students are invited to spend Christmas at a charming chalet in Switzerland. Unfortunately, Gretchen has to spend it with her least favourite people: Sigurd Nilsson, Florentin Deschamps, and of course, as fate prescribes - Lenny Plunkett. Except, she really hates Sig & Flo, while Lenny... well, they surely started off on the wrong foot, but suddenly they have something in common - it's them versus Sig & Flo.

    Midnight Madness ('16-'17 Winter Prefect event, on page 2)
    As to be expected, Lenny and Gretchen are once again paired up - this time it's for the New Year's Eve curse, which requires them to kiss to break the spell. If you think that's going to be a disaster - you're right! Though mostly it's because Lenny ends up spilling his guts, leaving Gretchen baffled at the hurt she's caused him.

    We're back at the chalet! Yeah, we pretended they stayed there for way longer so the order of our threads would still make sense, shh. The hostiliy between Gretchen and Lenny has been mostly replaced by awkwardness by now. Now the question is whether they're going to talk stuff out or just shut each other out again.

    Dunk Tanks (The Spring 2017 prefect event, first 2 posts)
    Remembering their talk in the chalet, Lenny runs all the way to the Ravenclaw tower to alert Gretchen to the fact that Preben Nilsson is in a dunk tank. The two hobbits then try their hand at dunking Gretchen's arch-enemy, and Lenny actually succeeds.

    Let's talk about spaceships
    Lenny dragged Gretchen down to the carnival just to dunk Preben, but now that they're both there they might as well take a look around... right? To everybody's surprise, they actually end up having a good time.

    [R]Make up without a fight
    When the Hogwarts Express comes to a stop thanks to a fight between centaurs and trolls, Gretchen gets seriously injured, leaving it up to Lenny to get them out of harm's way and stop her bleeding. There's a lot of crying.

    All We Have Is Words (OWL)
    After the fateful train events, the two awkwardly write each other over the course of the summer.

    After Today
    As planned in their letters, Gretchen and Lenny meet up in Diagon Alley to buy school supplies for the new school year – though really they just want to see each other. Things are a bit awkward, but… also nice.

    Fundraiser (Summer 2017 Head Students event)
    Back at Hogwarts, Lenny, as Head Boy, organizes a Fundraiser which Gretchen briefly attends. She supports the charity and buys tickets for her friend Njord. She regrets attending, however. Even though she isn’t quite ready to admit her feelings for Lenny yet, they’re undeniably there, and she ends up heartbroken after hearing Lenny harp on his infatuation with Theodora Koenig.

    Sorry I'm not made of sugar
    Emotions run rampant as they try to talk about what's been grating them. Their own insecurities and low self-esteem are against them, and it seems to get worse before it gets better, but they finally manage to get some things out in the open.

    we must hold Tweek and Craig with the highest hONOUR!
    Gretchen and Lenny go to the winter market together, and have an interesting conversation, sharing things about themselves that they've never told anyone before.

    I love you (I know)
    In progress - Lenny and Gretchen try to navigate their way through the paintwand event.

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Jun 6 2017, 12:41 AM   Link Quote
i'ma just edit this as the arc continues

Name of plot arc: deadroses
Relevant characters: Yancy Velasquez, Judas Whittaker
appearances by/mentions of:
    Melinoe Pharro
WHAT'S GOOD? well if you like emotional rollercoasters, codependency, and two grimy kids doing grimy things , navigating their respective sketchy parentals, and eventually growing up and loving each other in a fulfilling, validating way, then following this ship will probably be for you. general warning for substance use and abusive parenting throughout
Relevant threads: this is as close to chronological as this is gonna get tbh
    diva: (n) female version of a hustlah, ongoing: Yancy is miserable while out on a date with Lin, proclaiming that she needs a distraction from the fact that she's probably never going to see her (ex?) boyfriend, Judas, ever again because of the circumstances that led to her being at Hogwarts. She flirts with the boy Lin procures, and they set up a thing when....

    {ever since we met, i only shoot up with your perfume}, complete: ... turns out Judas done got himself expelled as well! Their reunion is short and explosive. It comes to light that the reason why she didn't hear back from him is that his father intervened and also sent the Howler that burned her hands to hell and back. Much as she wants to stay with him in this moment, 1) they just fought and everything is fresh, and 2) she's p sure his dad will literally kill her if her finds out that she and Jude are together, by which we mean even in the same breathing space. She kisses him and flees.
what could possibly happen next~

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Jun 6 2017, 07:24 PM   Link Quote
Name of plot arc: say you won't let go
Relevant characters: Hensley Dowling, Louin Esco
WHAT'S GOOD? they've literally been the ship that's drifted apart and come back together every time hensley's ships have not worked out. lou doesn't know how to articulate without being a dumb boy. hensley feels everything from everyone and is learning to cope with that while juggling what she's always felt for him.
Relevant threads: ongoing arc, i'm just gonna update so yall can creep as we go along c:
    paradise lost, ongoing: louin and hensley have gone far too long without speaking to each other and are trying to remedy that. turns out, the need for the other's company has been a mutual thing, and they've got a lot of baggage to unceremoniously dump on each other. feelings are flying everywhere, but this is just the start c:


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user posted image user posted image
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Jun 6 2017, 09:15 PM   Link Quote
Name of plot arc: operation new project
Relevant characters: Ossia Bartolomeo, Adrienne Hawthorne
Relevant threads:
    staying put, ongoing - the day the train stood still (summer term 2017 event): the train has stopped. adrienne remains pretty chipper and naive. ossia is an eyerolling machine. blood and monsters and terror might be enough to make them be friends, but we'll see c:

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user posted image user posted image
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Jun 7 2017, 05:35 AM   Link Quote
Name of plot arc: Quik
Relevant characters: Erik Dwight, Quincy Elkins, additional appearances of JR Zerner, Kiljan Leander, Anais Elkins and Andre Elkins.
WHAT'S GOOD? There's sex, tears and a lot of restraint feelings when two broken boys fall into total codependency against their will.
Relevant threads: Or as I like to call it...A Quick Quik List
This is a world of dreams and reverie
And this is how it starts! Quincy’s and Erik’s friendship is based on encounters for sharing cigarettes and alcohol. But Erik isn’t supposed to drink any more. Instead, things get just a little more personal all of the sudden.

Venomous Kisses
After the kiss in the abandoned tower, Erik literally crashes into Quincy in a corridor. Things become awkward quickly before they decide to hang out - in their case, that means breaking into the prefect’s bathroom.

I like the sad eyes (bad guys)
The actual bathroom thread. Two boys, one hot tub filled with foam - can you blame them for getting way closer than they actually should?

Forgive me father, I am weak (and it's not forgiveness that I seek)
Their bathroom adventures lead them straight into Erik’s bed, where both of them go against their usual policies concerning one-night-stands. There’s a lot of cuddling before they get caught skipping classes.

How the hell did we end up like this
Erik and Quincy decide to go on a trip to Hogsmeade and find a magical pet shop. The sight of fluffy kneazle kittens gives them strangely domestic thoughts - and no, this is most certainly not a date.

If I had a heart I could love you
It’s Valentine’s Day! And thanks to confetti-throwing gargoyles, our two protagonists are forced to finally face the feelings they developed for each other - despite better knowledge, by the way. After snapping at each other, they agree to start dating. Quik is born.

Hug you hardcore
Our boys sneak out at night to find the frog choir of the school and do unsanitary things to be poor amphibians. Fortunately, a chest full of costume props gets in their way and a pair of cat ears ruins their nocturnal adventures.

Pray for courage to press down
Kiljan, Erik’s cousin, wants to share the great news of having kissed Valentine Madoux with Erik. Unfortunately, Erik is rather busy behaving indecently with his boyfriend, which ends in a small argument between the cousins.

You notice little carpet burns {my stomach drop and my guts churn}
When Erik and Quincy are together, alcohol and cigarettes are never far. But Erik isn’t allowed to drink - and JR, who’s strongly disliked by Quincy, interrupts their little drinking session and makes the boys talk to each other about the darker parts of their lives.

If I get a little prettier can I be your baby?
While building a blanket fort, Quik share more secrets they had kept back until this moment. There are blood oaths and lots of kisses.

Shall I weave flowers into your hair?
After Severin punched Quincy in the face, the tension between the lion and his boyfriend is rather strong. Talking about what happened ends with them sharing more secrets about their past - and love confessions.

Put your ray gun to my head
Andre, Quincy’s brother, transferred to Hogwarts as well. And Erik has a very potty mouth when it comes to protecting his boyfriend from mean siblings.

We live on front porches and swing life away
Quincy takes Erik home to introduce him to his family.

Opening Night Gala
Quincy and Erik go together to the Spring Carnival's opening night gala. Unfortunately, Quincy did not expect Erik to show up wearing a cat costume.

Before you go (Please don’t go) turn the big light off
After dueling Andre, Erik’s wand broke. He takes Quincy along to Diagon Alley where they meet the Swede’s grandfather. It is all rather awkward.

Let me under your skin
Erik and Quincy are back at Quincy’s home - this time without parental supervision. Quincy proves his boyfriend qualities by cooking for Erik.

The lights are flashing danger {you've turned into a stranger}
Follow the story of Quik 8 years into a future where they haven't seen each other for almost that long because Erik disappeared without even breaking up with Quincy. Too bad Erik ends up having to go to therapy, and guess who his therapist is.

Baby I'm a sociopath{sweet serial killer}
MAFIA AU. Quincy and Erik belong to two rivaling mafia families - and due to a row of unfortunate events, they end up together in a situation where they have to turn their backs to both their families. There are car races, gunshots and blood.

Nos morituri te salutamos
GLADIATOR AU. Erik is a gladiator, Quincy a slave. After Erik breaks down due to exhaustion, he is brought to the house of Quincy’s master - and to maintain his own and Quincy’s life, he has to win his next battles, too. But he uses the sum he wins to free Quincy - and off into the sunset they go.

Damn those city lights
GODS AU. All myths repeat themselves - and so does the Persephone story, too. Erik has been kidnapped by Quincy, the God of Darkness, and cannot leave the underworld. Of course other deities are involved, too, as it turned out that their king - Martín - promised Demeter’s son to Quincy.

Out of an entire kingdom he kneels only to me
GODS AU: Part 2. Secrets, divine weddings and much more.

Black hearted angels sunk me with kisses on my mouth
COLLEGE AU: Quik are roomies who dislike each other - or at least so they claim.

I think she likes girls
GENDERBENT AU. Erika and Quinny both enjoying partying a lot. But in that one night, Erika decides that Quinny had one drink too much - and wants to take her home.

Executors of divine will
This owl takes place before Quincy and Erik are off to Diagon Alley together. They chat about the broken wand and the carnival.
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Name of plot arc: Frutti Di Mare
Relevant characters: Martín Marzán , Florentin Deschamps, with the additional appearance of Honoré Deschamps, along with mentions of Sascha Klaus and Orion Austen.
WHAT'S GOOD? Once upon a time, two little boys met in a garden in Madrid. But time tore them apart during their shared days at Beauxbatons. Now, in the dull environment of Hogwarts, the two reunited - and discover that there are even more ways to love your friends. Ludus, non-committal and playful love. Accompany Florentin and Martín on their very aesthetic journey to revive the friendship they used to have as children.
Relevant threads:
Share your windward dreams
Approximately ten years ago, Martín and Florentin met for the first time in the Marzáns’ home in Madrid. Unfortunately, Martín thinks Florentin is a girl.

If it burns I'll keep fueling the same dream
During a rather dull party, Florentin and Mars meet again for the first time since Martín transferred to Hogwarts as well. But they leave to get themselves wine.

We will touch the divine through kissed catharsis
The Deschamps brothers accompany their parents to a business visit with the Marzáns.

We'll find beauty in the pleasures of the beast
After Professor Dubois’ DADA class, Flo and Mars have fun with their fairy wings.

La cerveza y el tequila y tu boca con la mia
A rainy day and Hogwarts and two boys who don’t care about their schoolwork which is quickly dropped for kisses.

Suerte de tener labios sinceros para besarte con mas ganas
Or as I call it, The Marie Antoinette Reenactment: In the room of requirement, Flo and Mars play dress up while being surrounded by mirrors.

Opening Night Gala
Costumes and enchanted locations? Seeing les monsieurs Marzán and Deschamps there is a safe bet - although them dancing for sure is more of a surprise.

Does myth and mystery lie where the unicorns go?
To cater our aesthetics, Mars and Flo get on the carousel at the carnival together. But soon the joy is interrupted because Martín really shouldn’t have eaten churros.

Les memoires blessees
Florentin lost his panties, guess who has them.

But friendship is the breathing rose
Florentin takes Martín home - and the rose from their first meeting is back, too.

Cendrillon encore une fois
Casual flirting soon spirals down to touching more sensitive topics - for example Martín’s potential crush on Orion Austen.

Cum divis volentibus quodque bene eveniat
GODS AU. Florentin is a temple servants and supposed to be sacrificed to the God Mars - but the deity has other plants with the pretty boy.

This air is getting so thin
GODS AU, starring Florentin as Leda and Martín as Zeus. Delany as Hera kidnaps Martín’s precious swan with the intention to kill him.

All my stripper friends
STRIPPER AU. Mars and Flo work as dancers in a strip club - out of different motifs. Due to both their performances, their boss wants them to dance together. Florentin is anything but pleased.

god - captain / chaser
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These cute pixel and avatars were made by the most wonderful Evan ♡
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Name of plot arc:
Relevant characters: Erik Dwight, JR Zerner, with appearances from Quincy Elkins and mentions of Andre Elkins, Finlay Storm
WHAT'S GOOD? These boys desperately needed a friend and they found one when they weren't looking.
Relevant threads:AU Threads: We threw JR and Erik into a story line of being in Vikings times. Erik is a seer and JR is a leader of a different tribe. What happens when Erik finds an injured warrior of the opposing tribe on his lands hurt, you might ask?
    huginn ok muninn fljúga hverjan dag, more vikings - Erik saves JR's life, who just happens to be the opposing tribe's leader.

    jupt or djupet hjerte slår - The morning after Erik saves another tribe's leader, he goes to get a horse and they go to JR's village, where they find that JR's wife has taken poisonous herbs.

    We must go WEST Five years have passed since we last saw them and the seer has hidden himself away on the boat that JR has going west.


Slammer - Beater

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Jun 26 2017, 08:35 AM   Link Quote
Name of plot arc: When Life Give You Lemons... Break Down and Cry

Relevant characters: Brandy Sage featuring appearances from Brydon Wilkins, Constantijn Huizinga, Carsten Sorkin as well as the lovely NPCs Matilda Jenkins and Gary Ruby. A thread with JR Zerner is planned for the future

WHAT'S GOOD? Brandy and her nanny have always been close, ever after the womann was fired. The Ravenclaw had taken her on as a sort of replacement for her own, crappy mother. When the woman falls in love with a gentleman from America, she decides to move to his home with him. Brandy does not take the news well and watches as her life and relationships start to break down.

Relevant threads:

ONGOING: Care are for the Weak - Brandy goes out for a night of fun and drinking with Brydon Wilkins. Everything seems well, but there she does have a touch of concern upon not receiving one of her regular letters from Matilda.

ONE SHOT: the walls come tumbling up - Brandy gets together with Matilda to catch up over some drinks. All things seem well until the woman breaks the news to the Ravenclaw girl. Remember that missing letter? Probably because she was busy wit Gary. Brandy doesn't take the news well and ends the visit with a 'fuck you'.

ON GOING: not all sinners aren't saints - Brandy gets a letter from Matilda some time after their poor visit at the Hog's Head. She's starting to come to terms with the fact that it wasn't some big joke but she still doesn't quite know how to deal with it. So she gets drunk in the broom closet, burns the letter and decides that the best thing to do is not care.

ON GOING: when i met you in the summer - Having fully taken on the decision not to care, she has started life as usual again when she meets Carsten. She will be making it her job to corrupt the poor kid in order to distract herself from her problems.

ONE SHOT: things better left unsaid - Matilda coaxes a very unwilling Brandy into meeting with her again, and brings Garry along. Half hoping that she had been planning to change her mind, the eagle was incredibly disappointed to see this was not the case. In her disappointment and grief, she explodes and says some hurtful things to her old friend before storming off.

ON GOING: do a barrel roll Thoroughly upset about how things and feeling guilty about tearing the girls' relationship apart, Gary extends an invitation to Brandy to talk somethings through with her. She is, of course, determined not to go until a friend talks her off the hypothetical ledge and convinces her to go and be civil.


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thanks to evan for pretty pictures and pixels
[ perpetual language warning ]
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st. brandy #420 beater
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Name of plot arc: I Want You Forever {Even When We're Not Together}
Relevant characters: Ossia Bartolomeo, Boniface Dinehart
    extensive mentions of or appearances by: Anathema Aristi
WHAT'S GOOD? Bo and Ossia are heirs of two magical mafia families who have done business quite closely for a long, long time. Ossia has been in love with Bo since they were children, and the feeling is mutual, but things... things are messy when there are empires to consider.
Relevant threads: chronological order, to be updated as things happen c:

promise (i'll be the cure) - prior to her transfer and sorting in slytherin, ossia had a comfortable little reign of terror at beauxbatons that was cut short when a spurned suitor made an attempt on her. the resulting injuries made her mother throw a fit and agree to send her to hogwarts, though this will put her near boniface. ossia is delighted to see her childhood sweetheart, but knows that he -shockingly- has a partner for once. in this thread we see the beginning seeds of ossia's warring with her persistent love for bo, as well as her feelings toward anathema, and glimpses of the power that she actually wields over the dinehart boy. (ongoing, tentatively finished)

now tell me: how did all my dreams turn to nightmares? - renata bartolomeo never wanted her youngest daughter to follow in her husband's footsteps. in fact, she didn't want alessio to continue the bartolomeo family's criminal activities at all. she sends her daughter a letter informing her that the youngest -ossia's brother, desiderio- will be taking her place at important family functions -a big no-no, as ossia is to become donna one day, and should be at all of these functions-. the reason being? renata is renewing the focus on finding her a husband before ossia graduates. the problem with this? ossia will only ever love boniface; anyone less than the dinehart heir is below her, but bo's heart is taken, so she's content to be alone and rule solo. bo finds out that her mother is trying to force her out of the business and into an arrangement. angst follows. (ongoing)

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Name of plot arc: Reckless Behavior
Relevant characters: Amita Amirmoez, Landry Gaspard
    appearances by: Daniela Romero, tba
WHAT'S GOOD? Amita knows she's a trainwreck and doesn't want to love Landry and is really aggressive about it! Landry is stupid and persistent! Friends on all sides add to the shenanigans that eventually become a really intense ship! pic ship of the pink and red ranger from saban's power rangers
Relevant threads: chronological order, updated as posted!
    turnin' off the real life, The Lake - aka lyx gets a jason aldean song stuck in their head for forever. landry and amita's first meeting at the first bonfire of the summer. she's drunk, and he's not, and words are exchanged, and kisses are exchanged, and amita has made a HUGE mistake because now this boy is terribly attracted to her and she can't make him go away. (fin)

    some people call it art, C.A.M.P. - ft daniela romero - also another lake thread, because I love lake threads. amita and dani go to the lake at C.A.M.P. and amita spills the beans about landry... only to have him walk up and be super charming to her friend when she had hopes he might just be awful. alas. (unfinished)

    trapped in the waves, [drowning in you], Corridors - ongoing!

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trapped and I cannot fly, And you don't own me
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