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Posted by: The Pink Lady Jan 11 2016, 01:50 AM
    Hello there guest and/or newly registered member! Are you new to forum RP? Or maybe just new to this site? If so, please make use of this guide to help you settle in. Use this index to go directly to the information you wish to know about. All text listed below is a clickable link.
    This guide is meant to serve those who are new to the site, but primarily is a guide for those who are unfamiliar with forum RP. As such, some parts of this guide may be more in-depth than the average RPer may need (or wish) to read. If you are not new to the RPing world, feel free to glance over these topics, or else read the below summary of each topic in the index. If you are completely new to Roleplaying, or forum RP, I encourage you to read this guide. It is long, it may be repetitive, but it will hopefully help make the transition into forum RP easier.

    i. Age to join WR: This is just a segment detailing the course of action to take if you are UNDER the age of 13 and are trying to join this site. If it is not applicable to you, don’t worry about it.

    ii. Usernames – on site and in chat: Here, we talk about the format of usernames both on the site and in the chat. Simple answer – on the site, use First-name Last-name. In the chatbox, you can use whatever alias you wish to go by. Details on how to change your username for the site are written in that post, so view it if you need to change. Details on how to register for the chatbox are also written out, so if you can’t figure out how to do it on your own, please do read the post on it.

    iii. Avatars: Plainly put, we allow drawn images as long as you have the right to use them. Celebrities, models, etc are also allowed. The dimensions of your image must be 250 x 450. No nudity, gore, or other inappropriate images are allowed as avatars. Avatars can be disabled from board view – check out the post to learn how.

    iv. Word Counts, Resorts, & Writing: WR is a no word count site with the exception of word counts on sorting applications ONLY. You may request to be resorted to another House as long as you speak to the admin who sorted you, kindly.

    v. Write in THIRD PERSON and PAST TENSE. Misc. info on writing in pairs or groups is detailed.

    vi. Freshly sorted and ready to go!: Visit this post to find your next steps in integrating yourself onto the board after you’ve been sorted. General information here is brief, but informative on how to get your footing on the board. Things like claims, what they are, plot threads and plotting and what those entail, are described here. This summary has not been very useful because this segment isn’t long, and is more useful read than skimmed through. tongue.gif

Posted by: The Pink Lady Jan 11 2016, 01:50 AM
    Age restriction? – You may have noticed upon registering that you were prompted for your date of birth. WR is NOT an age restricted site. However, in accordance with our host, JCINK, we do want to be sure that if you’re under the age of 13, you are here with permission from your legal guardian. If this does not apply to you, skip ahead. If it does, please read the following segment carefully.

    The content on this site follows the 2-2-2 rating as described, however, the board itself is not, and should not, be a place filled with racy topics. The 2-2-2 rating is simply here as a limit -- it describes how far a writer can go in terms of mature language, sexual activities and violence, the latter two of which are fairly limited.

    All content that reaches the 2-2-2 limit will be appropriately marked with an R, as well as have a warning in red within the topics themselves to warn of what mature content is being written. For your own safety, please be aware of these mature topics. Keep an eye out for them, and avoid things as necessary to protect yourself from reading something you do not want to read.

    Above all else, be aware of what your guardian is OK with you viewing and writing. We DO NOT allow graphic images on the site ANYWHERE, but, the written word can be just as triggering as visual images, so please be wise in your decisions.

    If you were prompted to fill out what is called a COPPA request form, please download, fill it out, and send it to the administration (anyone with a heart symbol in front of their PINK or PURPLE name), and we will review the form and approve if finished correctly.

    (You will see a blue download button at the top right of that linked webpage. Please contact an administrator if you have any trouble downloading the form.)

      - Under 13? You need to permission to join this forum.
      - Fill out a COPPA request form with your legal guardian. Download form Send this form as an email attachment to an administrator.
      - Any troubles? Contact an admin. (Pink/Purple names with hearts.)
    Legal things aside, let’s move on to things that are likely more applicable to you below!

Posted by: The Pink Lady Jan 11 2016, 01:50 AM
    Usernames – On this site, we format our usernames as follows: First-name Last-name. If you joined with an internet alias, that’s okay! But, you will need to change it so that it follows the same format as everyone else.

      Changing your username:
      - Click on the link that says MY CONTROLS
      - To the left, under PERSONAL PROFILE, you’ll see CHANGE USERNAME. Click that.
      - Change your username in the form, click submit – and you’re done!
    In the cbox – feel free to use an internet alias, or whatever name you wish us to call you!

      Using the cbox:
      - There are some guidelines to using the chat box Please familiarize yourself with the rules there, but, in general, we simply ask you guys to be respectful to each other and to not bring any politics, arguments, or potentially triggering and graphic things, to the table of discussion. We all wanna have a good time here, maybe escape the world and all its woes, so let’s use it to joke and have a fun time!

      That aside, you can register your name by typing your alias where it says NAME, and clicking on the link to the bottom right that says PROFILE. Your alias will function as the OOC Name we know you by, so please take a look at the Member Directory to make sure you aren't using the same alias as anyone else! Things get confusing when people double up!

      - You’ll be prompted for a password in a popup (make sure popups are enabled!). Input a password, submit, and you’re all set to go!

Posted by: The Pink Lady Jan 11 2016, 01:51 AM
    Avatars? – If you’re new to forum RP, you might not be familiar with avatars. Simply put, an avatar is the image you see when a person posts. (My image is to the left of this text).

      What is okay as an avatar?
        - On WR, we do allow drawn images to be used as avatars. All we ask is that it is within your right to use the image (plagiarism/theft is grounds for a permanent ban!) and that it is NOT graphic in any sexual or violent manner.
        - Also, please be sure the dimensions of the image are 250 x 450. (width x height)
      Why use an avatar?
        - Well, while it is true that we are here to write, write, write, sometimes a little visual can help with picturing what a character looks like. Give it a try! It doesn’t hinder the writing at all and, if it really bugs you to see images to the left of every post, you can disable avatars from your view in your board settings.
          o To do this, go to MY CONTROLS
          o Find BOARD SETTINGS at the very bottom of your options.
          o Locate where it says “Do you wish to view members avatars when reading topics?” – select No and update your settings.

      Faces, faces! SO MANY FACES
        - Do you need help trying to find someone (a celebrity, a model, etc) that fits your image for your character? Feel free to ask for help in the chat!

Posted by: The Pink Lady Jan 11 2016, 01:51 AM
    Sorting application? – WR is a forum that uses an application form to accept new members/accounts.

      What is a sorting form?
      - It’s your character’s profile! In other words, your character’s biography
      You can find that form – and other important topics regarding sorting –

    Word count?/Accepted writing? – The ONLY area where we require a specific word count is in all sorting applications. This is because we actually do sort characters based on things like personality and background – just like the Sorting Hat! So, in order to place your student(s) in the House they belong in, we need as much information as possible to help us decide.

      B-b-but I want…
      - Never fear! We DO have a part in the sorting application where you can HINT at the House you want for your character, so you need not write your stereotypical Gryffinclawpufferin. However, do be aware that your character may not be sorted where you want if the admin acting as your Sorting Hat honestly, truly doesn’t see your character in that house. This is not a bad thing!
        • It has happened many times before – your character is sorted elsewhere but as you play him/her, you see new developments that just work out for you in the end!
        • Also, if you have a serious issue with your sorting, the admin team will not force you to keep the House we decided for your character

      - Steps for a resort:
        • Contact the admin that sorted you
        • Kindly and respectfully ask that you be resorted to be in the House you desired
        • And your part is done! An admin will take care of the rest, as well as respond to your message to let you know what will happen.

        ----> Disclaimer: While this is often an easy and quick process as shown, please don’t become upset if the admin that sorted you declines the request to resort.

        This disclaimer here isn’t to suggest that we would decline a resort – we just want to be sure that you, as well as us, are aware that we might decline for reasons that you have every right to inquire about. At the end of the day, talk with the admin who sorted you. If the above doesn’t work out – a very unlikely occurrence based on the past records – an understanding can hopefully be met.

      How do we write everywhere else?
      - As stated, there is no word count for Role-playing posts. However, we are not a RAPID FIRE site. SO:
        o Please write at least 5, “good” and complete sentences per RP post you do.

      What constitutes a “good” sentence?
        - Grammar is fairly correct; you have SOME detail in your writing
        - Ex. Of what is not okay:
          o Mary ran. Mary stopped by the lake. Mary sat down. Mary took out a book. Mary started reading.
        - Ex. Of what is okay:
          o Mary had gone for a run after class. When finished, she decided to walk around the grounds. She wandered for a little while, but eventually stopped at the lake. She sat down in a comfortable spot near a tree. Mary then pulled out her favorite book to read.
        - The second example isn’t a novel by any means, but it gives your writing partner a little more to work with.

Posted by: The Pink Lady Jan 11 2016, 01:51 AM
    More about forum RP -- In this style of RP, you will often pair off with another member to write out a scenario or encounter. You can do one-on-one roleplays, or join a larger group to write something a little more in-depth and bigger.
      • In one-on-one roleplays, you will be working in what is called a thread (or topic) specifically labeled by yourself, or your writing partner, to be for your character and theirs.

      How do I write with a partner?
        - Firstly, you DO NOT do what is called GODMODDING. What this means is that you do not write that your partner’s character has moved, said, or done anything that you have decided yourself.

        If you talk with your writing partner and ASK for permission to say their character is located somewhere specific, or has said or done something specific, you may write these actions in, but do remember to note at the top of your post that you were explicitly allowed to write what you’ve written.

        - Write your responses to them in the THIRD PERSON and PAST TENSE

        - Make a small attempt to give your partner as much info as possible in what your character is doing or saying. Be creative! Not just in what you make your character do but in how you write them doing things, thinking things, or speaking.
          • Again, we are a NO WORD COUNT site, so you do not need to write a certain number of words in your replies. What many members here do is try to match word counts of each other – in other words, if their partner wrote a little over 200 words, they will also try to write a little over or under 200 words.
            o THS IS NOT REQUIRED. Cannot stress that enough. This is just what the average writer here ATTEMPTS – though is not always successful. ;3 In the end, don’t worry. Have fun. Enjoy the writing here and grace US with your fabulous ideas and writing, too.
      • In GROUP roleplays – AKA, topics where more than one other person is writing with you – the above things are still applicable. BUT also:
        - Unless you guys WANT to have a posting order, you do not need to worry about one
          • Before doing a group thread, try to figure out if you all want a posting order or not. This helps minimize confusion when people want to reply to the topic but aren’t sure if they should.
            • To be clear: a posting order is just the order in which everyone will respond. So, for example…
              • Lucy replies first, Erika replies second, and Tim replies third. Repeat this order until end of topic.

    - If you require more information on forum RP, or just wish to learn a little more on roleplaying in general, please check out our Roleplaying 101 topic

Posted by: The Pink Lady Jan 11 2016, 01:51 AM
    Freshly sorted! Now what? – Hoorah! You did it! You have that pretty color to your name now and are able to post on the forums. But, now what? Well…

        - Go to The Essentials forum to complete your claims. Claims include what year your character is in, what subject they teach if you have a professor, what faceclaim (playby) you are using if applicable, and some other miscellaneous things that are fun.

      Introduce yourself!
        - You were linked to this forum in your acceptance message on your sorting, but you maybe skimmed over it. :P Or the link isn’t working for some reason. In any case, seriously. Post an introduction thread! You don’t need to be highly revealing or anything – just a quick hello, I am __ is just fine. Of course, if you want to tell us a bit more about you, do feel free to! We all love Harry Potter at least, but you may find others who share different interests with you, or who are from the same place as you, or maybe even others who are pursuing the same career if you’re still a student.

        Regardless – say hello to us! We will, in turn, say hello back. And often, offer a bit of info on ourselves and our characters to you. <3

      Plotting? Eh??
        - So there’s this crazy thing called plotting that… is not all that scary or complicated. Promise.
          - “Plotting” is when you talk to another member about what you want to write about. This can be you chatting about:
            • Relationships you want – friends, enemies, frenemies, long lost siblings, old flings, first loves, future wifey / hubby – whatever!
            • Scenarios or End goals you wish to achieve – Basically, this is what you want to write about, be it something that will span a lot of threads and RPing, or something is done within one topic.

        - What’s an effective way to plot?
          • Well, posting a plotting topic in the plotting forum is a good start. Within your plotting topic (sometimes referred to as plotter), it’s a good idea to give us a brief summary of your character. State likes/dislikes, hobbies, and any other information you think is important for us to know. Talk about the relationships you’re after, and if you have ideas for certain scenarios or end goals, include them!
          • While doing the plotter thing is a good first step, nothing beats direct contact with members. Some ways to get to this point…
            - Visit OTHER people’s plotters and see what they want. Maybe you’ll find your character can fit in a certain role perfectly, or with some tweaks!

            - Personal Message people who show interest in your character, or who you have an interest in writing with. (Done with the PM feature on the forum.)

            From there, if you guys wish to use another service to stay in contact and chat – ie, an instant messenger – then feel free to exchange information.
              • Remember: You ARE NOT required to share your personal information with anyone. Your email, your instant messenger accounts, Facebook, twitter, whatever – those are yours to have and yours to decide if you want to share. Just because someone gives you their info for one of the many services out there, it does not mean you need to do the same. If you want to stick with the forum’s method of messaging people (Personal Messages), you have every right to. This is just simple internet safety at play – no one will chastise you for looking out for yourself.

      Open threads
        - An open thread is an RP topic that you want anyone to be able to reply to. Visit topic to do an RP callout to give a little more info on your open thread.
        - The slightly unsavory fact is that open threads can be difficult to reply to, even if it is a beautiful piece of writing. Some people need clear direction and planning before they can RP, while others are better at winging it. If you have an open thread that isn’t being replied to – firstly, please don’t feel bad or that it is your fault. It isn’t, for the aforementioned reasons. Secondly, message people! Plot with them! And sneakily inform them that you have an open thread that may possibly work to lead into whatever you’re planning with them and their character. ; )

      Anything else?
        - Be friendly. Be kind. Be good. Have fun. If you’re discouraged because the board is SO BIG and you see a lot of characters, or a lot of strangers, just remember that it is natural to feel nervous about being in a new place. We were ALL there before – you are not alone! Communicating online comes with its own hurdles to jump, but like with offline interaction, you can only settle into a new environment through a little bit of patience, and a little bit of effort. Don’t be afraid to talk with us, chime in on a conversation in the chatbox, or participate elsewhere on the board. Join events if they’re up. Join classes if they’re open. And, if all else fails, find a staff member who you feel most comfortable around to talk through things. Staffers are around to manage the board, as well as to be your immediate friends and guides on the forum. Use us as your aides – we love to help, above all else, so never worry about messaging us!

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