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 Njord Vikernes - Novice, June 11th
Tine · 17 · 7th · Viridian Guild · Pureblood · 6'3
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Jun 11 2016, 12:32 PM   Link Quote
Rank Applying For: Beginner
Link to character workshop topic: (clickclick)

At least two of your recent role play topics:
  • Mellom bakkar og berg ut med havet feat. James Bernadotte
    -> Njord likes spending large amounts of time in the Forbidden Forest. He happens to fall in front of James' feet.
  • Are we just dreaming in the city that never sleeps? feat. Armin Adler
    -> Armin and Njord are friends, and Njord likes dragging Armin around. Here, they go fishing - vegan style, of course.
  • Hvem skal synge meg i daudsvevna
    -> I know this does not meet the requirements, and it is also an au, but I wanted to include this because I am way too comfortable writing Njord like this and was pretty proud of this starter, so have this for me to brag and for your entertainment.
Commentary: I am pretty sure this is the fasted ranking I ever did, given Njord is basically a product of too much heat featuring a park bench and me being bored to death during holidays. It took me only two days to figure him out and writing him feels very natural for me, so I want some feedback on my style and his voice so far. I also have very concrete plans for the future with him - quite literally, given the special request I plan to ask for - and therefore I really want to see if I can do this :3

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Lily · 13 · 3rd · GUILD · ·
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Jun 13 2016, 01:38 PM   Link Quote
wassup TINE it's LILY with your first review of the day!!! Before we begin, let's refresh ourselves with the requirements

at beginner
  • At least 4 posts by your character over 2 threads. Posts must be made within three months of the date of your application.
  • Have your character profile in the workshop with at least one revision of each section posted by you. (If you choose not to include an appearance section at sorting, you must include it when you post your workshop profile, and then provide a subsequent revision for this rank).
  • At the beginner rank, we are focused on building up your character. We will give you suggestions on how to expand your profiles and posts, particularly in regards to content, in order to gain as complete a picture of your character as possible. We're looking for a general grasp of grammar (punctuation, paragraphs, apostrophes, etc.) and spelling, and that you follow the rules by giving us at least five lines per post. Additionally, we'd like to see that you have made an effort to expand all areas of the profile (i.e. not just personality or not just history).

PRETTY SIMPLE RIGHT ...and of course you've got that all settled, so moving on, shall we take a brief look at your profile? OUO

So for this stage, there's not much I want to say. I love the imagery that you open up the profile with!! The nature themes that show up throughout Njord's entire profile is so lovely, I think you can do much more with it in each section! Specifically, try to think about framing the sections of the profile around a theme instead of fitting a theme to a profile, if that makes sense. FOR EXAMPLE, along this line, in your appearance, instead of structuring your sentences like "Njord has ___, like a ___" or "Njord is ____, like ____" bring the analogy to the forefront "Like a ____, Njord _____" ... it's a small change (and definitely don't do this for EVERY SENTENCE), but kind of a good psychological thing to play around with!!! Stuff like that will also vary up your syntax in general and make the flow smoother c:

With regards to personality, think about organization and structure!!! Think about what order best fits Njord as a whole -- try not to hit all the important things right off the bat and then leave the last few paragraphs as like, last-minute stragglers; you want to finish as strongly as possible, 'cause it's the last thing a reader will read!! For example, I'd move up the discussion about Njord's academic habits and think about what else you can connect between Njord and his namesake. Similarly, with the history, don't just give a timeline for the events of Njord's past. Instead of a line, picture it like an arrow: where is this all GOING? I love that both these sections allude to Njord, the god; again, I think you can make it more apparent what the connection is, maybe even explain the mythology a little more as the allusions get stronger.

Otherwise, wonderful job expanding. Let's move onto your threads now, since you're eager to continue and we'll be looking at threads more heavily for Novice.

So in general, I can say that I'm so into how you're appealing to all our senses in your threads and making such a great use of all the settings writing kinks huzzah ouo I'm going to echo what everyone always says in their reviews about proofreading... it never hurts to do more of it!! I think Njord is fine so far and you've been more than capable of matching post length, keeping him in character, etc., so nothing to worry about there!

Re: style and voice, again, it seems fine to me, not much to nitpick? My suggestion would be to try and really make Njord's voice distinct from how you write your other characters. Think about what makes Njord Njord and not, for example, Sighild (who has a similar connection to nature and perhaps how she perceives it) -- the answer might be obvious to you, and if so, good! Have it come out in the tone of your posts, in how Njord feels about his surroundings, other people, etc... in what terms does he see the world? In what terms does he see himself? As much as you can discuss this in your profile, don't be afraid to have similar revelations and developments in your threads as well.

Hope this makes sense! I think you're off to a great start, and I'm excited to see where you would like to take Njord next, what kind of plots you've got planned for him. Nice and easy, huh? I will happily approve Njord for beginner -- good luck with your second review, Tine!


@Njord Vikernes

снʌяɩιε · 16 · 6th · · Cursed · 5'2"
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Jun 21 2016, 12:42 AM   Link Quote
HELLO TINE, IT'S ME, CHARLIE! I'm here as your second and final reviewer, so let's get started!

I'm going to be taking a look at your profile first so let's dive right in.

    Firstly I'm going to echo everything Lily said about structure. Those final paragraphs in every section can be the most important ones, because they are the closing thoughts that finish off what you're trying to say about the character. Her suggestion for moving the academics up is a thought I had myself as I was reading it, and I definitely think it's a good idea.

    It also seems like you're inching toward a more freeform format, so I feel it's important to say I was a little confused by the lyrics separating the sections in that...I didn't know they were lyrics, and I didn't know how they applied to Njord. Reading "caught in a fiery temper" and then reading about this peaceful vegan...it didn't seem like it reflected Njord, so I wasn't sure if it was meant to be about him or if he was caught in someone else's temper, etc. I was left wondering 'is this a song he is singing, or is being sung about him?' I felt similarly about all the lyrics, but I really like the aesthetic of splitting up the sections in this manner. Is there a way you could make what you're trying to get across more clear? I think you're on the right track for this, I just had a hard time as a reader getting into the headspace the lyrics were supposed to put me in.

    That aside, holy cow this profile is really something. The sentences have a lovely flow to them. It kind of felt like I was reading a poem, because there was a rhythm to it all that was very cohesive and nice. The imagery too is a joy to read, so A+ on your descriptions of Njord. I mean: "It would be too much to call his skin sun-kissed, yet there is a gentle glow that tells stories of past days spent in summer sunlight on usually pale skin." is JUST BEAUTIFUL! There are a few points where the rhythm was disrupted but they were few and far between, so I'm going to address some of those and give you something to think about for future revisions.

    With small steps he was trying to learn about the ways he could avoid animal cruelty, and so there he was - neither eating fish nor meat, and later on no products that come from animals at all.

    When you're using neither and nor, it will read much nicer if you switch the placement of neither before the first subject, because you are making a negative statement about two things at the same time. So you'll have something like: "eating neither fish nor meat," and then you continue on with the sentence.

    The other thing I want you to think about is using less words to say the same thing. In a few instances in this profile, there are some extra words that don't really need to be there, and occupy space rather than help get your thought across. For example, "and later on no products that come from animals at all" gets to be a little wordy. I'm not saying chop up all your sentences or anything, because you have a definite style developing for Njord (and it is beautiful) but extra words can throw off a reader and make sentences feel longer than they are. Something like this could be changed to "and later on, no animal products at all." It isn't necessarily incorrect to have the extra words, but spotting them and eliminating them is definitely something that will take your writing to the next level. The flow of your paragraph will remain uninterrupted by awkward phrasing, and altogether the sentence will read: With small steps he was trying to learn about the ways he could avoid animal cruelty, and so there he was - eating neither fish nor meat, and later on no animal products at all.

    Here's another example:

    The Vikernes watch over the breeding of rare creatures which are later on slaughtered to sell them and sold off in pieces

    In the above I've taken one of your sentences and tweaked it just a little so it's slightly less wordy, but reads the same way! I've eliminated four words because two could get the message across with the same style. I know I frequently fall into this trap where I throw in filler words I don't really need when I could just use a few, so it can definitely be a struggle to trim stuff down, but I think you're definitely at the level where you can start exploring your sentence structures in this way.

    You've done some lovely work proofing this profile, but there can never be too much! There were just a few instances but I noticed sometimes the tenses got a bit shifty:

    If there is any peaceful way of applying an eye for an eye, Njord would go for it immediately.

    His sculpted face that had lost all baby fat and slowly shapes into the face of a grown man is dominated by eyes with the colour of the leaves changing in autumn: specks of green on a background that is painted like dried soil, like the bark of a tree.

    ...the boy grew a soft spot for animals and all beings - and decided that there has to be a way to make up for the doings of his family.

    I've italicised the wonky areas that you might want to consider tweaking, either because the tenses are incompatible or the wording becomes muddled! Not a big deal, just keep an eye out for contradicting tenses on your next revision! Also can I just say that description of his eyes is so powerful and wonderful and I love love love it?? It's a great example of some of your beautiful Njord metaphors that just really stuck out to me.

    That's about all I have to say as far as structure and grammar are concerned so I'm going to move onto content...

    ...and not say much at all, because I think you've touched on all the major topics. I would like to see a little bit more of his personality come through! His independence is mentioned in the history and I think it's something that could be explored further in his personality. There are no glaring holes in what you have for his appearance and history, etc but I would like to see a little bit more of Njord in the history; his formative experiences/his relationship with his brother.

    Other than that, I really love this god motif you're working with, and I'd like to see more of that too! Think about how to incorporate something about godhood into Njord's appearance so that all three sections echo this same theme -- because it's awesome.

    Lily has already given you some awesome advice about how to distinguish Njord from other characters, so all I can say is definitely heed what she's said because I think it will help you out a lot. Looking at the structure of your posts, the first thing I personally spot is that the poetic way of talking about Njord is still there, which is a great accomplishment! I would like to caution you on some of the lengths of your sentences though:

    The leaves had been soft enough to stop him from getting seriously harmed, yet they were no four-poster bed, either, and he stretched his legs, picking single leaves from his jeans while he could feel there were leaves and twigs – and maybe even one bug or another – in the back of his shirt, tickling his skin underneath the white fabric.

    This is something that can easily be split into two sentences if you stop after "no four-poster bed, either." But structurewise, that's the only thing I can really advise!

    Speaking from experience I can say that Njord is a pleasure to read and write with. In the future, think about giving Njord some variation with who you're posting with (both IC and OOC) because writing with different people can help you find the voice of a new character. As far as bringing your posts up to the next level, I would love to see that god motif come into your posts and carry through multiple threads. It's a really intriguing angle and I think it suits Njord really well.
    IT'S THE END! WE MADE IT. In closing, I'd just like to say that I think your style and voice for Njord read very naturally to me as well. I think you're doing a good job maintaining his "poem" so to speak, and I think you're really on the right track with him. If you have any questions about my review, please don't hesitate to poke me on skype or send me a PM. I am happy to say that I APPROVE both you and @Njord Vikernes for BEGINNER! Congratulations, I look forward to seeing what you do with him.

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the oncoming storm | 05 CHARLIE COOPER
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Tine · 17 · 7th · Viridian Guild · Pureblood · 6'3
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Jul 17 2016, 07:45 AM   Link Quote
Rank Applying For: Novice
At least three of your recent role play topics:
  • All can see what's in the light, mysteries are better veiled in night feat. Gretchen Kirke-Faust
    -> Gretchen is very suspicious towards Njord because he is related to the Nilssons yet does not act like one of them. Her behaviour towards him makes him aggressively try to befriend her. Here, she catches him saving a bunch of baby hedgehogs in the Forbidden Forest.
  • One!, Two!, Three!, Four! feat Gretchen Kirke-Faust
    -> These are posts from the Ball Masqué thread and I wanted to include those because it shows once more the very complicated - and amusing - relationship between Njord and Gretchen, so this can be seen as a small arc together with the thread above.
  • Crazy like a fox feat. Wolfgang Norwood
    -> Njord likes rescuing injured animals. Unfortunately, Wolfie is after him this time. I like how this shows how Njord actually reacts to authority figures and how he has to face the consequences of his doings, even if he does not have bad intentions.
  • Badgers against gravity feat. James Manson
    -> I get the vibe that Njord is quite good with younger children, and here he offers James to play Quidditch with him after he almost got hit by the other’s stray quaffle.
  • These thorns on the stem are nearly tearing up my skin feat. Bjorne Kallim
    -> Following this owl, Bjorne and Njord - who know each other forever due to family business and shared childhood meetings - decide to go on an adventure together. Njord is slightly confused by the other boy’s hints.
Ability: Seer
Where will this ability apply? Both Hogwarts Era and Clash
From whom did your character inherit this ability from? On the Vikernes’ side of the family, seer tendencies can be tracked down to the very roots of their family. Among vikings at their time, seers were very valued, their signs being a staff and virginhood. The skill took leaps of one or two generation every now and then, and while most ancient Norse seers were female, it also appeared among the men of the Vikernes line. The last known one was Njord’s great-grandmother Ingvild, who died before seeing any of her great-grandsons.
Describe your character's skill in this ability: From a very young age on, Njord had been cursed with migraine attacks that showed no apparent medical reason. They came without any reason and order and often made the young boy faint, as strong and fierce as they were. These attacks were often accompanied by dreams that tied to future happenings and involved those he was close to, or people he had been in contact with. He has no control over the skill, and I intend to leave it like this, so it will always be more of a blessing than a curse for him. His prediction skills lie around 40 %, but when he speaks about what he saw, there is always the chance of changing fate.
Do your best to describe how this ability functions for your character: As stated above, the visions Njord has come with the side-effect of migraines and passing out, depending on the force of the vision and the accompanying pain. First, the vision will be mistaken for side-effects of the actual headaches, while it is the other way round. They hit him at random and mostly revolve around people he is close to or people he has spent large amounts of time with. He does not see strangers in his visions, unless they are tied to the people he actually knows. He cannot control them, yet over the years he will be able to focus enough to trigger them. Stress and discomfort increase the chances of visions hitting him.
How will this ability benefit your character? Or how do you plan to use this ability for development? Njord’s family is a very pragmatic, cold one - while Njord himself is a very sympathetic and compassionate boy. When he told his mother about the things he saw as a child, she used to say he was just hallucinating from the pain, while dulling his aches and dreams with potions she brewed. When he comes to notice that the visions he has are predictions of people’s fate, his family won’t be welcoming towards it, as they see it as a quirk to have instead of a gift. It is quite obvious his parents named him after the wrong God, as Njord was not known to have visions. I want him to struggle with the realisation that he can foresee the future for the people around him. He is a very social person and it will separate him from the people around him, because he does not want to see things happening - especially not when these are bad things- For his future as an adult, the seeing is supposed to become so unbearable he actually blinds himself to ease the pain, yet the visions are going to stay. It will be such a conflict for him to accept what he can do and to accept that distancing himself from people won’t solve the issue.
Anything Else? The idea of giving him the Seer skill actually came while writing an AU oneshot where he was - surprise - a viking seer, and I feel like it will be a good opportunity to come at terms with something he cannot change. Njord is very comfortable in his environment, yet the migraines have always been stressful for him. I like to see how he notices the reason behind them and also accept the fate of seeing other people’s fate in the end.

Commentary: Njord is actually the character I was most comfortable writing with since I got him about almost two months ago now. He is also the one I ranked the fastest, and I tried to include the advice I have been given by tying the God motif into his posts more and by varying the people he interacts with, as well as the situations. I would really love to have the Seer skill for him because it would mean such progress in his plotlines and would also allow me to make him enter clash and ruin his life.

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Aug 17 2016, 08:49 AM   Link Quote

is it a review you're looking for?

i mean, obviously it is, so.....

At Novice:

  • At least 9 posts by your character over 3 threads.
    Some variation in who you're posting with (ie. threads should not all be with the same character).

  • The beginnings of a long-term plot arc, or at least an idea of where you would like to see your character move towards.

  • A special request (if you'd like one) and your justification for the request. Make sure to highlight any changes you have made between Beginner and now.

  • At Novice, we are focused on consistency in character and writing. At this stage, we will take a break from your profile, and look solely at your character’s threads and plots, with a focus on your character as they have now had time to interact with others. Having had time to develop your character, you should be comfortable writing some common situations they find themselves in. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation should also be consistently correct at this stage, if not always perfect.

BOOM requirements. Looks like you got the dealio taking shape on this, so let's dive right in, shall we?


So as I'm sure you've been told before you're generally quite strong in the post-matching department, and for the most part your expression is nice and clear. Not a huge number of typos (though of course further proofreading never hurts -- every now and then there'll be a weird word-swap), and you're taking care to respond to the hooks that your RP partners are putting out there in threads. This officially gets a Woo from me, so let's look at a couple other tweaks to consider in the mechanical department.

Every now and then in a post there are moments where your sentencing can jump between topics really quick, and it's something that a tune up on might improve the overall flow of your posts. Take this example from All Can See What's in the Light...

The young man tried not to care about it. All he wanted was the same respect he had for everyone else returned to him, and all he expected were decent manners from those he treated decently, too. That was very obviously not going to happen, but that did not stop him from being as polite and friendly as always around them. He did not beg for their friendship or acceptance – merely for a certain degree ofdecency. Yet tonight, he was not thinking about blood ties. His mission was another one, one of a lot more importance.

A lot of the post up to this point was discussing Njord's history; both his inquisitive nature as a child and the relationship (or lack of one) between himself and the Nilssons. It continues into the above paragraph, and then you quickly change tack with the final sentence. There's nothing wrong with the writing here, but when you're going to do one of these fast cuts to another subject or from thoughts on the past to the action of the present, try drawing that subject changing sentence to stand as a line all on its own. It improves the flow, and also adds more emphasis to what's about to happen all with a few quick strokes of the enter key!

As has been mentioned before you're doing a pretty good job of drawing in other senses, such as the sun "kissing [Njord's] left side" in These Thorns on the Stem... My only advice related in here would be keep it up! Every now and then it seems like as the dialogue and introspection comes in as a thread goes on, these extra senses are appealed to a little less. Not a big deal, but something to consider.


So a little bit of feedback you received on your last round of reviews pertained to making Njord stand out as a distinct entity. Looking at the references to your nature loving badger's history, and how they frame his affinity for the animals he saves is looking like a really solid way to take this further and have him stand out from the pack.

I've also liked seeing your occasional allusions to Njord the god-figure as well, and the contrast between the name and the young man who bears it. I'd say a good challenge going forward would be to try and weave even more of those godly references in while searching for the ultimate distinctly Njord voice. Perhaps even taking some of this into his dialogue? He comes across -- to me at least -- as very carefully spoken, but self-assured.


Bringing things back to those little snippets you've been giving us of Njord's history -- his strained relationship with the Nilssons and the Fausts, his being 'lost' in the woods etc are building a solid foundation for drawing out more of Njord's overall story. I particularly liked the reference made in Crazy Like a Fox, where you reflect on Njord's discomfort over the touch of his father's hands and the blood he imagined on them. Noice.

Heading into the future, you'll want these strings to start weaving more tightly together to create your arc. I can see the building blocks here, particularly with the careful way being felt between Njord and Gretchen. Perhaps thinking on ways to draw more people into things later down the track (off the top of my head...wider pureblood society members who might know what's up?) might be something to go with. Tying in your request as well, will of course be a good move. Speaking of which.


Okay so I see you mention that the seer thing initially stemmed from being titillated at at how an AU turned out, but the justification that you've placed here does look like it's been given some solid though on how the ability will apply to Njord and those around him, as well as the reactions gained from his family. Being given a glimpse into the family's behaviour towards Njord, given his unusually sweet nature compared to the rest of them, and the ability setting him apart even further, would be super neat to see.


Noot noot words hopefully all this junk was helpful I like Njord but defo keep refining this cuddly god's direction and thinking about his overall arc for the future. I approve you for Novice and also approve your special request.

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Aug 17 2016, 09:38 AM   Link Quote
HEYA TINE. Of course, you know me, and I'm so so so sorry for the long wait; Bolt’s already done the requirements, so let’s not waste any more time:


One thing that really sticks out to me with Njord is his realism and the realism of the situations you put him into, along with his reactions. It doesn’t feel like anything is too forced at all, as if to try to make him ooo edgy or anything. Even though most students won’t go out to the forbidden forest in their free time, it makes sense for Njord to do that, given his seemingly…does-what-he-does personality. His speech is also well-formed and doesn’t sound forced. I mean, English isn’t his first language, so, of course, there’s going to be a slight struggle there, but it is very nice and docile.

However, regarding his speech, I do have a patch of advice. You don’t write much about his actual voice and how he speaks in posts. I have nothing against using ‘said’ and ‘asked’ for describing speech, but there should be a little more description to the way he delivers his words. Perhaps pull the environment he is in -- physically or metaphorically -- to help. I understand he is Norwegian, so talk about his accent a little more? Maybe some of his words come out mispronounced? And also talk about the emotion behind his voice, as it tends to read quite emotionless at the moment. Does his pitch or speed change when he gets inspired by the forest around him? Or does he speak distantly instead, his eyes too focused on the beauty around him to think about his words before they are said? It’s a small thing, I know, but it’d be nice to really hear his words, and his voice, instead of just knowing what he’s saying.

Overall, I don’t have any problems with Njord as a character, as he is realistic and sits well in the situations you give him -- which, by the way, the amount of different people you’ve threaded him with is something I love aadjsfkalfgl -- so I think you’re doing very good in terms of characterisation! You’re on the right track so far, and all I can say is to keep refining his voice even more.


Ok, the first thing that sticks out to me during your writing is, as I have mentioned in previous reviews, the structure. You talk a lot about Njord’s past in your writing, and it accumulates a good length to your posts, but sometimes it feels a bit...unnecessary to the situation? I can see how you link it to the situation, but I don’t think it’s adding to the quality of the writing, as sometimes it can read a little disjointed in the structure. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice the length of your posts for more tightened writing. As much as I like to see the depth of a character and long posts, that can still be done through the descriptions of their reactions and the world around them. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a good old flashback, but I’d avoid it during every post, and focus on the present.

Anddddd in terms of grammar and all that jazz, you’re doing great. A few typos here and there, but the sentence structure is generally well and doesn’t read awkwardly. Keep it uppppp.

I’m also gonna echo what Bolt suggested, as in using more god-related metaphors/imagery/similes/phrases as it is a lovely thing to see. My suggestion, however, is to maybe pull in his affinity for nature into this? It doesn’t have to be all negative, and perhaps give him the positivity of how he may not be the god of power, but he can be a god of nature. I don’t know, just a thought. c:

special request

I’M INTO THIS. And you justify it well. I’m gonna give you a small suggestion as to how you portray the migraines, however (as someone who gets them), as I don’t know how you plan to write them, but it’s rare for pain to be the first symptom. In fact, there're three symptoms and they usually come in turn of each other. Firstly, there’s a thing called an aura, which is where one side of the vision turns into zigzag shapes -- it’s kinda like when you rub your eyes for a little while and you keep them closed and everything starts swirling. After a little while, this fades away and into pain, which stays for about two hours (and at this time there can also be some light sensitivity -- but not for everyone) and peaks and falls, usually only affecting one specific spot. During this, it’s very hard to stay in an active environment. The pain eventually fades into nausea and dizziness, which is usually the part where, if the pain has been immense enough, people can fall asleep/pass out due to being worn out. I assume this would be the case for Njord, although, if the pain is extremely immense, he could black out at the point of pain, too. This sounds more like a biology lesson than anything omg, but just if you wanted to play with the way it works, or to save 100000000 years of research, then here it is. 8)


Hopefully there’s something useful in here! You probably already know what I’m going to say buuuuut: I approve you and Njord for novice and seer! Congrats on novice, Tine!!


@Njord Vikernes


The Notorious Nundu


Tine · 17 · 7th · Viridian Guild · Pureblood · 6'3
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Apr 19 2017, 10:50 AM   Link Quote

Rank Applying For: Intermediate
Link to character workshop topic:
At least four of your recent role play topics:
    Friends in Foreign Places
    In my Novice rank, the friendship of Njord and Gretchen Kirke-Faust had just started. It progressed in the meantime, to a point where he asks her to save a mermaid out of his family’s hands and puts his friendship with her before all blood ties to the Nilsson and Vikernes family. These threads show the development of their friendship, as well as the arc around the mermaid Nasha which has been captured by Njord’s father and brother.

    And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you! feat. Gretchen Kirke-Faust (complete)
    → Njord asks Gretchen for her help in a dangerous mission: a pureblood family keeps a mediterranean mermaid locked in their basement. She agrees, but the Norwegian failed to tell her that this is his family’s home…

    Haglhrið slær høgg i aks feat. Gretchen Kirke-Faust & Liam Andrews
    → After hiding Nasha the mermaid in the Black Lake, Njord and Gretchen take care of her and make sure she stays a secret. But it seems like Nasha made friends on her own. This group thread is important because Njord is usually the more trusting one between him and Gretchen - this time, he is doubtful about Liam’s intentions because he puts Nasha’s safety before his own.

    Hugs, ta ikkje meir enn du orkar å bere feat. Sindre Nilsson (complete)
    → Although Sindre is no longer a canon character, I wanted to include this thread as he catches his cousin interacting with the mermaid, and I enjoyed the opportunity of playing out how actual members of Njord’s family react to his doings that go against everything they have been taught.

    Trust your heart if the seas catch fire feat. Gretchen Kirke-Faust
    → I put this thread on the end of this arc as it is not only detached from the mermaid arc, yet also leads to the second arc Njord has: his friendship with Archibald. Gretchen and the badger complete their homework together before they start discussing some deeper topics they wouldn’t have opened up about before.

    Nicotine and Chamomile
    As if Njord does not already break every single rule and custom in his family, he has befriended Archibald Munn once the snake transferred from Durmstrang. After a while, the friends realise that eventually, they do feel more for each other than just friendship - and so it happens they are each other’s first kiss…

    Read me the last rites feat. Archibald Munn (complete)
    → What started with casual surprise backrubs soon develops into a serious talk and a crying Njord as he confesses the fact that he is a seer to his best friend Archie.

    Together we can fake our own deaths here feat. Archibald Munn (complete)
    → Sooner than expected, Njord can return the favour of comforting his best friend, as Archie comes to him after a panic attack concerning his engagement.

    If I was a fool and you a thief feat. Archibald Munn (complete)
    → After the Fundraiser event where Archie “won” Njord, the two meet at the secluded pool. Both are unaware that Archibald’s cousin spiked his tea he shares so generously with his friend, and soon they end up closer to each other than they had initially planned.

    All is Fair in Love and War
    Eight years after the current happenings, Njord works in the Department of Mysteries and has given his loyalty to the Viridian Guild. But he starts doubting his decision - mainly because his visions had led him to finding a child and adopting it.

    I'd sacrifice this world to hold you - Oneshot-
    → Njord has an odd vision and decides to follow it. He finds a baby beside a trash can and decides to keep it.

    Bæ bæ lille lam feat. Serenity Gong
    → New babies need a checkup, and as Serenity is part of the Viridian Guild, Njord approaches her - she is surprised to see him with a baby.

    Syng den song som i fordums liv avla feat. Archibald Munn (complete)
    → Even before Archibald had gotten married to Victoria Isley, Njord and him had been dating. But their loves needs to be kept in the dark - not only because of their reputations, but also because they fight on opposite sides in this war. In this thread, Njord introduces his daughter to Archie.

    Daisy~Dreamers feat. Sigurd Nilsson
    → Little Synnøve ate a daisy - and as most young parents, Njord is prone to panic. Yet another visit at St. Mungo’s takes a sudden, unexpected turn as his cousin Sigurd attempts to blackmail Viridian Guild information out of him by threatening his baby.

    Veit ek, at ek hekk vindga meiði á feat. Archibald Munn
    → Gretchen gave Njord the mission of retrieving information concerning AEGIS from Archibald - with a little help of Veritaserum. But he cannot bring himself to even try and trick his boyfriend.

    These threads are not linked to any arcs in particular, but have pieces and parts of everything in them. It also shows a wider variety of whom I have been plotting with.

    No need for the eyes to see feat. Sunwoo Seo (complete)
    → Still unaware of his talent of being a seer, a nightmare troubles Njord and wakes him up. Sunwoo comes to his help - but unfortunately, the vision had been about Sunwoo getting hurt.

    Gudar gråtande, ulvar ulande feat. Lenny Plunkett
    → Njord is on a mission to save an abandoned fawn in the Forbidden Forest - but it happens that a half-frozen Lenny falls in front of his feet instead.

[/LIST]Commentary: wouldn't you like to know

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