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Erik Dwight
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Mar 30 2017, 02:36 AM   Link Quote

What's it like to write him? Is he an easy character, or does he prove to be difficult?

Honestly, out of my characters, he’s the one I have the most fun writing! Martín is everything I’m not: he’s confident, loud, a total extrovert, flirtatious, and quite vain. But expressing his thoughts in my writing always comes almost naturally, though it’s a bit harder to write the volatile and irritable side of his personality that comes out with certain situations likely out of lack of practice.

A big part of why I love writing Martín are all those mythology metaphors that I use for him. I’ve always been really into Ancient History and Greco-Roman Mythology, so being able to explore the different aspects and interpretations of some myths though his personality and actions really entertains me, even if there’s a lot of research that I constantly do for it (totally worth it).

What are a few of his most significant relationships? For example; best friend? Best enemy?

Mars is really friendly and has met a lot of different people despite having recently transferred! Definitely those who matter the most to him are the ones with whom he had preexisting ties, like his cousins Theodore and Victoria (Specially Tori, she’s the moon of his life and he would do anything to make her happy). He has grown close to Florentin, partly because he seems to be the only person that understand why he misses Beauxbatons so much… also because boy is really pretty and Martín has a great time flirting and giving him kisses. He has needs, okay? Then there’s Adalie, who’s basically his best friend at Hogwarts and with whom he judges everyone around them.

Of course, there’s no forgetting Felicia, together they come up with crazy ideas to annoy both their families! And his friendship with Orion which is basically them both just being extremely flirtatious and competitive with each other… or that’s what it is for now -wink-. Did I mention he’s pretending to date these two at the same time? What can I say? Boy is terrible. If we’re talking enemies, I just have to mention Felton, though Mars would definitely not call him his enemy, more like that little yappy chihuahua who he has lots of fun annoying the hell out of. Like I said...terrible.

What is his best subject in school?

It’s most likely Charms (no, not because he’s charming), there’s this whole part of Martín’s personality that loves aesthetically pleasing and beautiful things, so spells of such sort are his favorite. He’s also pretty good at Ancient Mythology and Astronomy, because those are the things he developed an interest in as a kid, thanks to the influence of his father.

How does he occupy his free time during the day?

Mars loves the outdoors! Specially when days are warm and sunny. He spends most of his time outside, even if it’s just lounging around in the courtyard like a cat under the sun. Ironically enough, he hates mud and getting dirty, but he thinks it's better than being stuck inside the castle. Seeing him alone is probably rare, he always has someone to talk to, someone to flirt with, someone to kiss, or someone to just spend time with. Kid isn’t really a fan of loneliness, except when he’s exercising, which he does on the daily basis… consider it a form of venting negative emotions, yeah? Also, gotta keep that smokin’ hot body of his in shape, you know? (I did say he was vain)

What are three of his favorite things to do for fun?

As the social butterfly he is, he enjoys activities that involve people. He’s competitive, so he really likes playing spots, specially Quidditch and Soccer. He loves parties and he’s great at organizing them - which comes with a habit of getting drunk and doing stupid things that often end up with him getting injured. Mostly he just loves people...especially pretty people, flirting comes almost as a second nature, and making out is likely to be his favorite activity if you ask him.

What are three of his least favorite things to do in general?

Family meetings are at the top if the list here, he may love his cousins but he hates his grandparents and everything about the Marzán family. There's not much that Mars really dislikes, because he manages to find enjoyment in most things, though there are classes that annoy him. For example, herbology because it means getting his pretty hands dirty.

Does he own a pet? If so, what is it, and how would you describe his relationship with it?

Ha! No. Mars may like animals, think they are cute and even pet puppies, but he would never even consider having a pet. Firstly because his family would probably make him get rid of it (in the words of his grandfather: ‘would never allow filthy animals into their home’) and secondly because well...they are actually filthy. He cares too much about his appearance to allow himself to have dog/cat hair on his clothes or get them dirty. So, he thinks they are pretty, but from a distance and never for long time periods.

Favorite food?

For already mentioned reasons, he sticks to a very strict low carb diet, even though he really really loves fries and fast food. He does enjoy a good gazpacho though! He likes chocolate bars(Mars bars?) even though he’s not a big fan of sweets. Oh! And there are times when he really craves seafood because it reminds him of his summers at the beach, specially in a nice paella.... now I'm hungry.

Favorite movie?

For the sake of irony, Mars loves watching movies about organized crime whenever he has a chance to do so (mostly because he has fun comparing the protagonists to his grandfather). The Godfather is his favorite classic, but he also likes Guy Ritchie movies like Rocknrolla. Since he spent quite a few years of his childhood among muggles, he does have a fondness for some of the classic Disney movies: Lion King, Hercules, Mulan, etc.

Favorite book?

Mars really likes poetry! Specially Spanish poetry, I can totally see him reading something like García Lorca’s Gypsy Ballads, hell, he probably even memorized the words. I do want to say he enjoys political theory? Probably has a copy of Machiavelli’s The Prince, but I don’t see him as someone who would be into reading novels. Plays probably, specially comedies, Oscar Wilde comes to mind.

What's a cool thread Martín is/are currently involved in?

Can I link all of them? No? Aw!
Well my first pick is this one with Tori because they are adorable together and the family love be real <3
Then I just have to pick this AU with Flo because what's better than Mars actually being God Mars and having a pouty servant? Nothing, probably nothing.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about them?

-cough- He's divine

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