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Mar 30 2017, 12:26 PM   Link Quote

What is the title of the thread? Does it hold any significance to the plot of the thread?
The title is "Spring Fever!". It's definitely significant, because it's basically an indication of the class is, but not in the way the subtitle, which calls it Class One: Shield Charm, does. ....Really, I just like puns, and I could not resist this one, because it was perfect for the chaos that Moreena was going to unleash. "Spring Fever" is basically the general theme of all the spells she casts that the class needs to defend against.

Where did the inspiration for this class come from?
I love doing "themed" classes that depend on the season, so I kept thinking of something to do with spring... and the phrase "spring fever" came to mind, which... somehow led to this. Haha. Also, Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream, which is courtesy of our very own Tine, (I never got to do the donkey ears though).

The mechanics came to me as a sort of successor to the Golem thread I did before (for those of you not here for that chaos, that was when Moreena controlled a stone golem that attacked students and which the students had to attack in turn until it was destroyed). Once again, Moreena is the attacker... But this time, the students can't attack at all, only defend.

Oh, the random effects are also something of a successor to the April Fool's class I did once, which was an "escape the room" scenario where touching random enchanted objects had the possibility of weird effects or turning into the key they needed to escape.

....This was probably a far more involved answer than you wanted to read, sorry!

Who is in this thread?
Everyone's favorite or not DADA professor, Morena Dubois, of course! And a smorgasbord of poor students that could not escape this class in time. There are a few too many of them to name, to be honest, but know that Moreena loves all of you for joining in the classes and being her guinea pigs!

What are some of the best quotes from this thread?


Martín may not have been the best at DADA, but the boy may have as well had a PhD in taking his shirt off because he was definitely a freaking expert. It's one of the things one learns after spending one too many summers days in the beach. And what better excuse than this to take his shirt off in the middle of class than that situation? None really, leaving the lion with no apprehension what so ever to grab the back of his top and pull it off slowly yet effortlessly (You please his audience.), quickly discarding the soaked piece of clothing to be left in all the gloriousness of his sweaty naked torso. He looked over at Emil, smirking. "Much better, don't you think?"

This paragraph of justification on why @Martín Marzán needed to take his shirt off, obviously. Poor jealous Orion needed to follow



"You're so right, Mars. This is much better," he said, adding a sweet tone to his wicked smile as he continued to look directly at Kil.

@Emil Madeline showing his lovely Slytherin side as well as his abs, yes.

And lastly:


His feet lifted a few inches from the ground in the process, and with a dull thud they landed back on the grass as soon as he stopped moving the wings. Carefully, Florentin reached out and ran slender fingers over the fine, silk-like material. As much as he wanted to say that he hated it, he did not . The colour and the material was rather flattering, and he wondered how long it would last. “Professor, when does the effect wear off again?” he raised his voice, gazing at Professor Dubois while trying hard to hide his excitement about this latest fashion detail in his attire.

@Florentin Deschamps taking a break from being his usual grouchy self this was also moments after being insulted about Moreena's concern, btw to genuinely his faerie wings like a little kid.

Do you have any favourite plot lines in this thread?

As my favorite quotes probably show, when all the boys just started stripping their shirts off after getting hit with the heat spell including one idiot who did it without getting hit! I loved the interaction cough, flirting between all the different characters, and also the fighting, though that one is mostly just with the class' resident party-pooper, Kiljan.

Did this event head in the direction intended, or was there a twist along the way?

Okay, I may or may not have totally intended for the heat spell to lead to stripping, and may or may not have thrown Orion in just to get it started before Mars beat him to it

....Erm, yes, so, some of it did go how I predicted, but it also grew a life of it's own pretty quickly. I loved the interaction between the different characters that really showcased just how different the individual reactions are.

Also, full disclosure, the final spell is supposed to be a "fall in love with the first person you see" spell.... but the thread kind of died because I got lazy and sucked into other things and haven't posted Moreena, I'm so sorry, which, after the "drunk" spell right before it was definitely supposed to make everything really crazy.

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