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Erik Dwight
My heart's a graveyard baby, and to evil we make love
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Apr 2 2017, 06:32 AM   Link Quote

What is your relationship to each other?:
Erik: Oh I don’t know, I thought that was kinda obvious….
Quincy: Maybe we could make it more obvious. A little demonstration perhaps?
Erik: Quincy, not in front of the children….
Quincy: It’s not like it’s anything they haven’t seen before...
Erik: ...point. Well, obviously we are long lost siblings involved in a dramatic relationship as you can tell ;)

How did you meet and get together?
Erik: I can’t remember how exactly we met ‘cause there was obviously way too much alcohol...but I think we got together ‘cause gargoyles threw confetti at us. Are your memories better than mine?
Quincy: Didn’t you just suddenly appear in my life one day? Was that not how that happened? Right, the gargoyles... I still don’t know where they got that confetti.
Erik: Like a fucking wrecking ball, right. But it’s all they need to know, right? Gargoyles and confetti - we live wild lives...

Sum up the other in six words or less.
Erik: Most lickable boy in this school?
Quincy: Stole the words right out of my other things ;) Anyway, the word ‘cat’ comes to mind…’utter savage’... I’m going to need a moment here.

If you could give each other nicknames, what would they be?: Do you have actual nicknames for each other?
Erik: -breaks into snorts-
Quincy: Oh yeah...there are nicknames for sure.
Erik: But we can’t tell you those because they are private.
Quincy: Aw, do you not want them to hear? I’m sure they’ll think it’s cute.
Erik: Shhhhhhhh.
Quincy: Alright…kitten.
Erik: Fuck youuuuuuuu.
Quincy:Erik, not in front of the children.

What do you like best about the other?:
Erik: Look at him, what’s not to like? He gives great neck kisses if I can say so….
Quincy: Always knew you only wanted me for my kisses. And here I was going to talk about your wonderful personality. Maybe it's the accent...
Erik: Yes, the personality is also rather charming. Also he’s got a great sense of humour.

What do you like least about the other?:
Erik: Quincy’s brothers. They suck.
Quincy: They’re not so bad...well, one of them. At least not if you compare them to people like Severin.
Erik: So I got bad friends and you got bad relatives, guess we are even on that front.
Quincy: Oh, I don’t know, I still think your friends are worse.

What's your favorite thing to do with the other person?:
Erik: You just really want this interview to be r-rated, don’t you? Okay let me think of something….I just really like being very lazy or reading while being with Quincy because it’s just nice having someone to cuddle against, you know? Although pet shop visits are also great.
Quincy: The cuddles are definitely nice, specially if we consider what they usually lead to...
Erik: ...even better things.

Just what makes your “other half” so special?:
Erik: Being with Quincy doesn’t need any compromises. It’s just the way he accepts everything and doesn’t complain, no matter how fucked up things become.
Quincy: Why would I not accept thing? I want to be with you no matter what. Though in my case I guess I have to say it's that you make me happy. Not an easy thing to do, congrats.
Erik: People are going to read this and it’s cheesy as fuck, reputation successfully ruined.
Quincy: Do I look like I care?
Erik: Neither do I <3

In one word, sum up your relationship:
Erik: Scandalous.
Quincy: That’s a good one, I was going to go with ‘shameless’.

Anything you want to add?
Erik: Thanks for having us? I don’t know what people would love to hear.
Quincy: My offer for a demonstration still stands. But yeah, thank you, I guess.

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