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Erik Dwight

I'll be your breath if you can be mine.

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9-April 14
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Apr 5 2017, 02:25 AM   LINK Quote

Where are you from?: I’m from a small country called Belgium, the Flemish region to be exact!

How old are you?: Atm I’m 21, but I’ll turn 22 this summer.

What do you occupy your time with during the day?: I’m mostly busy with university work, sadly. But in between crying about papers and essays, I love to talk to friends on skype too. Mostly everything that doesn’t include going outside, basically.

What are three of your favorite things to do for fun?: My favourite activity is cosplay, even though that hobby mostly consists of tears as well. So making costumes, wearing them, and spending time with my friends at conventions is what I really enjoy doing on a regular basis. Idk if that counts as three things, but I’ll add drawing and writing in the mix as well x3.

Favorite book?: Oh god that’s a difficult one, especially because most books I’ve been reading lately are from a series. The first in the Gentleman Bastard series, the Lies of Locke Lamora is def up there amongst my favourites, but I also cannot not mention the Raven Cycle books either.

Favorite movie?: It’s a very close tie between The Road to El Dorado and Inglourious Basterds. I like a lot of things with the word bastard in it apparently. It’s obvious I don’t like rooting for the purest good guys.

How long have you been on WR?: This Summer I can officially say it’s been 6 years. Don’t regret a single second of it!

What are some of your favorite things about WR?: The people, definitely! Like even when I’m not Wurring, I’m still talking to some of you guys every day. I made some lovely friends here, it’s amazing. Also just….the characters? How other people’s kids can bring out the best in mine, or the worst. How you just plot for hours to create beautiful storylines and get ideas you wouldn’t get on your own. it’s that group effort of writing something together and sharing inspiration, instead of you just doing it for/all by yourself.

Anything else you'd like us to know about you?: uhh...I can do the Vulcan salute with my right hand, but not my left, even though I am left handed?

Now, let's talk about your characters awhile:
How many characters do you have?
I got nine, if you include Max as a character too c:

Do you want to have more? There are still two on my list of ones I really want. The future is a fickle thing, however, I might add a few more. Who knows. Although taking care of all the children is quite a task, so hopefully there won’t be too many new additions to the family.

What are some cool threads they are currently involved into? Okay so, Jinx and I have been threading this since last summer so it isn’t exactly new, but the chubs thread at Bora Bora,Do you remember summer? where they will have their first kiss is still my favourite thing ever. It isn’t exactly cool, more the sticky sweet variety of teenage love. We both put a lot of love and effort into that thread, and after all this time it’s still ongoing and my fav ok.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about them?: Tbh, I can talk about my kids and their planned arcs for aaaages. I get too excited, it’s unhealthy. I feel like I would end up writing entire essays about them if you just let me. So...I’ll pass for everyone’s wellbeing.

Where did your inspiration for Maximilian come from? I like characters that are just a tad eccentric, and that’s mostly something I also tend to associate with wandmakers. In my head it just sounds like a trade that needs someone who listens, and lets the wands talk while they put them all together. I just took that a step further and made a guy who thinks the wands talk to him. Oops.

What's your favourite part about wandmaking? Everything. But I do love just the effort of trying to put as much of a character’s personality into a wand consisting of just a few components. Wands, to me, feel like some sort of homage to other people’s kids, and just the process of matching woods and cores to create a perfect fit is what I love the most.

Do you already have a most memorable wand? Gretchen’s is by far my favourite! It was a challenge to make something that consisted of cores that couldn’t have been harvested illegally by the Nilssons, while also keeping it true to her character. It had to fit in all the right ways, and I’m so overjoyed Robin loves it to pieces!

Do you have a favourite wandcore or wood? I’m a nostalgic sucker when I say I love Hemlock the most when it comes to wood. I found Wurr through the wandguide when creating the perfect wand for my HP oc back then (Xavier, obviously) and hemlock just immediately fit. It was my first wandwood, and I adore how well it still matches even after all those years.

As far as cores go, Glumbumble honey is my unbeatable favourite. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, as it’s so specific. I am just dying to create a wand that is the exact opposite of character, only to make it match perfectly with that one core. Just the idea of it reversing all attributes of the other core is very exciting for some reason?

Tell us a fun fact about Maximilian! He has a habit of naming things to give them a bit of personality. You know, like naming a car sort of, but with everyday objects from kitchen appliances to the orchids on his windowsill. His favourite wands have names too! It’s why he is also interested in things that don’t need names but have them anyway, like the Notre Dame church bells for example.

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