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 [R]Morgan Mulloy
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Oct 1 2017, 06:52 AM   Link Quote
Name: Morgan Mulloy
Age: 17
Year: 6th
Bloodline: Half-blood
Do you have more than one character? If yes, did you get permission to make this one, and from which admin?: Yes, I got permission from Teej <3

Appearance: Will fill this in when it's time to rank!

Morgan both is a product of his upbringing, and testament to it. Some might say there are two sides to the boy’s personality- one likeable and creative, and the other inexplicably angry and unhinged. Most days, he sits somewhere comfortably in the middle- neither particularly bubbly, nor resentful (read: questionably homicidal).

There is no denying that Morgan has somewhat of an anger problem, having been in therapy for the large majority of his teenage years. He is prone to uncontrollable fits of anger, and has been known to lash out at his peers over the smallest of disputes. Although these fits have grown fewer and further between in recent years, a testament to his work in therapy, he still struggles to keep his anger under wraps at times. His main triggers have, and always will be: the death and incarceration of his father, the departure of his mother, and mistreatment of his siblings. Rather than dealing with his trauma in a healthy manner, he instead tends to throw whatever object is nearest to him at the time… or start a fight with a wall. Occasionally, with a person. However, after dealing with the consequences of punching humans on more occasions than he’d care to admit- he does tend to try take his anger out on inanimate objects. Which, all things considered, is an improvement… at least for him.

The other side of Morgan is far more pleasant than first. For, beneath all the anger and resentment, is a rather intelligent individual. Creative and incredibly sociable, he can be quite a hoot to be around. Although not particularly talkative, Morgan is an incredible listener- and an irreplaceable friend. He has always valued friendship above all else- especially considering that he’s never really had a stable relationship with his family.

At five years old, Morgan taught himself to play the guitar- and has been jumping between instruments ever since. Being musically inclined from a young age means that he has spent an incredible amount of time reading and writing music. When he is not studying, or socialising, he is either off listing to music (most likely punk rock… or something of the sorts), or playing his drum set. Not only is music his passion, but his life. And although he is not naturally talented like some musicians, his intellect makes it relatively easy for him to teach himself.

In addition to music, Morgan is also rather fond of art in general. After Hogwarts, he aspires to become a tattoo artist- and has even bought himself a tattoo gun to practice on other students while at school. He is not overly fond of the wizarding world in general, and has every intention of setting up a studio in muggle London once he has completed his traineeship. Were it not for the fact that he lives away from home, and is not yet of age, it is likely that he would have dropped out of Hogwarts some time ago. However, not wanting to be a burden on his older sister, he has decided to stay and complete his schooling. Which- considering his relatively high grades- is probably the best option regardless. After all, he can be rather indecisive at times… and is not so naive as to think he will hold one job for the rest of his life.

After watching his mother fall pray to alcoholism, Morgan has developed somewhat of an aversion to the stuff. Although he does not outright judge his friends and peers for drinking underage, he tends to avoid parties and social events where there is likely to be alcohol present. For, he has unfortunately seen the repercussions of alcohol abuse one too many times for his liking. The last thing he wants is to witness his friends fall pray to the same fate.

Character Background:
He could barely remember the moment that would come to define his entire life- but had told the story so many times over that, sometimes, he could almost trick himself into believing he could recall it. The memories that remained were mostly of his mother, screaming and sobbing as a the Aurors dragged her husband from her arms. He was a wanted man, a murderer. Or at least, that was what the papers said.

Morgan never had the opportunity to demand the truth from his father; he was but a babe when the Ministry stole him away, a few years shy of starting Hogwarts. His mother, attempting to shield her children from the atrocities of their father’s crime, had banned them from attending the trial- and as a result, Morgan was never able to say his goodbyes. In fact, he never heard from his father again. He died in Azkaban at the beginning of Morgan’s sixth year.

Before the fact, Morgan had considered his family to be relatively normal. Although, he would later come to find out that his father had been involved in lesser, petty crimes since he was a boy.
Archibald Mulloy met his wife Christine during their time at Hogwarts- with the pair both being sorted into Ravenclaw, one year apart from shy of other. Although the two of them did not get along during their formative years, they would meet again many years later, after Christine had already been married once and bore her first child, and fall in love.

By the time Morgan was born, his parents were already (nearly) of retirement age. Together they had raised Christine’s first child, Cara, and a son of their own. Morgan had been a mistake- and a costly one at that. Although his family would never admit it, he put a financial burden on the family that would ultimately lead to his father to a life of crime.

As old and tired as they were, Morgan’s parents were nothing short of devoted and doting. They loved their children with everything they had, and despite their money issues, never left them wanting for anything. No matter how tight things got- Morgan and his older siblings never once missed a meal… or a birthday… or a school trip.

It was not until sometime after his father’s arrest that things took a turn for the worse. Christine, shaken by the loss of her husband, began to lose sight of everything she had once held dear. Overcome by depression, she turned to alcohol and prescription painkillers- and began drowning her sorrows as opposed to overcoming them. Cara, being a few years older than her brothers, tried her hardest to care for her mother- but eventually, when things came to be too much, moved out of the family home.

Without Cara to act as a buffer, Morgan and his mother began to butt heads. Oftentimes, her addictions took precedence over her family… and it wasn’t long before her sons followed in their sisters footsteps. Morgan and his brother packed their things and left for London, moving in with their sister over winter break. Although they would visit their mother from time to time, for the most part, the siblings tended to keep their distance.

Sometime after her sons left home (and almost a year prior to her husband’s death) Christine met, and fell in love with, Evan Reiss- a banker from South Philadelphia. He and his daughter had recently relocated to Scotland; following the breakdown of his first marriage. Morgan was, at first, not overly fond of the man. He was from a long line of pureblood radicals, and simply did not understand his interest in his mother. But with time, he grew to tolerate the mans company- and began visiting his mother more regularly than before. For a time, he even considered moving back home. But, as it often did, fate seemed to get in the way.

After receiving the news of her husbands death, Christine once again fell into a pit of depression. And although Evan and his daughter served as some sort of a comfort, she seemed unwilling (or unable) get her act together. Stuck with grief, she packed her bags… and disappeared- leaving behind a fiancé, step-daughter, and three distraught children.

Three children who had already been through far too much.

In the space of three months, Morgan had lost both of his parents. One at the hand of the ministry, and the other to addiction and ill intentions. He could never quite decide which bothered him more.

The Sorting Hat is placed on your head. What are you thinking at that moment?: Everyone was staring- wondering where the murderers son would end up being sorted. He could feel their eyes on the back of his neck, hear their thoughts playing over and over again in his head. Surely, if he was anything like his father, the hat would put him in Slytherin.

But Morgan knew better than they did. His father wasn't a Slytherin at all. In fact, he'd been a ravenclaw, just like his mother.

Assumptions were a funny thing; they were rarely rooted in truth, and often ended up being entirely wrong. Morgan promised himself he would never judge anyone the way the way these children were judging him now- and simply sat up a little straighter.

((sort me wherever, just using this section for a little #characterdevelopment))

Special Request (available at Novice**) None just yet... I'd like to feel him out first!

OOC Name: Exh/Madie
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How did you find out about Wizarding Realm? Shine I think?

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