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 Elissa D’Este
Stellama · 26 · Transfiguration Prof. · 🌸 · Pureblood · 5'5
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Name: Elissa Alexandra D’Este
Age: 26
Bloodline: Pureblood

A witch, that is what she is. No, that’s not a joke, it’s not pointing out an obvious fact or a lazy explanation of the way Elissa D'Este looks. It’s just the truth. She’s one of those witches, you know? The ones even Muggles can tell are witches once looking at them – although they most likely just think they’re crazy or that Halloween came to early for them. Yes, she wears a black pointed hat. She has a few of them actually, some with a wide brim and some not, most of them of a soft velvet texture that always makes her smile in the faintest of ways when putting them on. To both match and contrast with these hats that most definitely makes her look much taller than what she actually is – just like her high heels do, the combination adding almost a foot in height to her otherwise unimpressive 5’5”– is usually a black dress; of modern cut and sharp lines, as if taken straight out of a Fall/Winter lookbook and put on her petite frame.

Some days she wears blouses, some days she wears leggings, or anything else from a large variety of outfits. But, generally speaking, all of her clothes tend to fall in darker shades, except of course for those pastel coloured coats of heavy wool that seem to contrast oh so well. With lips painted of a rich mulberry and ever-manicured nails that display wonderful French tips, it would be easy to assume that Elissa D'Este is all too superficial and vain, although her makeup can always be considered simple and natural at best (but we all know how much effort achieving a ‘natural’ look actually takes). In reality, while she does care about her appearance, Elissa is simply fond of what she’s comfortable with, a mentality proved by the way her hair is always cut at shoulder length and how, no matter the situation, she can always be found wearing high heels… They say she’s pretty good at running in them as well.

She was never quite ready.
But she was brave.
And the universe listened to brave.

Allow me to paint the scene for you…

A cold autumn morning, a classroom full of students, the sound of chatter and laughter filling the air as they await for the moment they’re told to be silent. In comes Professor D'Este. They can likely hear her before they even see her, her usual dark high heels singing a loud tap every single time they meet the cobblestone floors of the hallways. Tap… tap... tap, the sound comes all too intense and rhythmically, echoing through the walls of the old castle as she makes her way to her classroom. Every step is taken with confidence, with a powerful and almost militaristic stride that only seems fitting of someone who is decisive and knows exactly where she’s going. She does not rush, nor does she hurry, her manicured fingers laced behind her back as she finally steps into the classroom. Then there is silence, chatter dying down slowly but surely as she makes her way towards the front of the room, not a single stare spared for any of her students…

Behind her, with short and quick steps that seem all too quiet and muffled in comparison, walks a slender and overly large feline, its golden coat seeming to almost shine as it jumps onto the wooden desk that belongs to the professor. It takes her by surprise, and a quiet gasp leaves her mulberry painted lips, almost tripping over her own feet in a reaction that seems almost uncharacteristical for someone who walks with such confident steps. After all, as assertive as one may be, innate clumsiness never seems to be something that easily fades away – no matter how much one may wish for it. Still, it takes a mere second for composure to be regained, clearing her throat with a short cough as fingers make their way up to steady the black pointed hat atop of her head. And the cat? It licks one of its soft paws, seeming all too unaware of the short moment of chaos it caused as it stares at the students with those deep golden eyes that are filled with an almost wild and dangerous look. Oz, Professor D'Este’s familiar, a creature everyone knows is better not to upset...or to pet.

”Open your textbooks to page 373.” The command comes in a gentle tone, not even sparing time for a greeting; straight to business, that is who Professor D'Este is within her classroom’s walls. And so, that morning’s Transfiguration class begins to run the usual course: a long theoretical explanation given in the most calm of manners, followed by time for patiently answered questions, and finally a practical task to be performed. Quietly, she watches her students from the front of the room, her russet gaze following every single wand movement with a focus much alike that of a falcon or a hawk. ’Transfiguration demands decisive wand movements,’ she has always told them, ’be exact, be precise, or you will most certainly fail at your task’. There’s never any time for sugarcoating with Professor D'Este.

Still, the moment she sees someone doubt, the moment she sees them hesitate or seem unsure, she walks towards them with that same stride, her steps now as quiet as the movements of a ghost. With calm and patience, instructions are pronounced, taking the time to make sure every single person in that room understands the steps to take in order to succeed at the assigned task. After all, Transfiguration is not an art that is easy to master, and that is something the young professor is all too conscious about. And perhaps, such awareness is the reason why, once she sees someone succeed, the most content of smiles is charmed to her lips, clapping her small hands together a single time and announcing the points that are to be reward to this or that house – proud of her student’s achievements as if they had been performed by her own hand.

That is who Elissa D'Este is. Confidence, care, and forbearance seeming to be the attitudes that rule her life, even if the hidden truth is that neverending storms haunt her heart...

Character Background:

Experience is a brutal teacher,
but you learn, my god, do you learn.

With a life like that of Elissa D’Este, some will always be prone to blame her tragedies on the name that was given to her upon her birth. Some will say that her parents cursed her the day they decided to name her after a queen known for being forced to leave her homeland after her husband’s death by Pygmalion’s hand; a queen who even in her pain did build her own kingdom after her escape; and yet also a queen who even when blessed by Juno and Venus couldn’t handle her own suffering once her second love left her, taking her own life by her lover’s blade and by flame.

Needless to say, Elissa D’Este is no queen, nor is she the woman her younger self hoped to become someday.

Ever since she was a small child, her biggest wish was to escape: to run off to some far off place and become an adventurer... or a curse-breaker, or maybe a dragon slayer – someone who travelled the world and had a thousand tales to tell. Of course, as one would expect, this wasn’t exactly the plan her family had for her, as traditionally a pureblood girl from a family as wealthy as hers wasn’t supposed to spend her time running around in gardens, exploring dusty attics, or playing in the most unrefined of ways. Many times they attempted to correct her behaviour, and just as many times she rebelled. She did look the part, she wore the dresses, and could act polite and refined, but none of it changed Elissa’s desire to grow up to live adventures much alike those she would often read about.

When she was seven years old, Elissa met the boy she was supposed to grow to marry someday, and exactly twenty five minutes after meeting him… he was shoved into a puddle of mud. Was it an accident? No. Was it because she disliked him? Also no, but as Anthony D’Este would come to learn overtime, Elissa was never the kind of girl who approved of others making decisions about her life, and the moment she learned she had to marry this ‘boring’ older boy someday, she expressed her discontent in the best way she could find: shoving the boy down to the ground as they walked through the gardens of his house. Stubborn as she was, months were spent pretending she utterly disliked the boy just because he had been her parents’ choice. But truth be told, the more time Elissa spent around Anthony, the more intrigued she was by him, and by the time she was nine years old and he left to attend Hogwarts, she found herself looking forward to the holidays just for the sake of those weekends spent with him.

So, naturally, when her own time to attend the school came, she was prepared to demand the Sorting Hat placed her in Slytherin simply because that was the house he was in. And she most definitely wasn’t at all pleased when she didn’t have time to say a single word as she stepped forward to be sorted at the Great Hall, the Sorting Hat yelling a loud “Gryffindor” the very second it landed on her head. Of course, a scene happened then, yet despite how many times Elissa demanded a resorting, her demands weren’t meant. As it turned out – and as it would become utterly obvious to her over the years – no other house was a better fit for her. In her own opinion, looking back at those days, her time as a student at Hogwarts was great, although her parents would most certainly disagreed, as rule breaking and detentions given for multiple different reasons seemed to be a common theme for the lioness. As stated… Elissa really didn’t like it when others made decisions for her.

Yet, even if such was the case, the engagement was still a latent presence in her life by the time that she graduated, a proposal properly done that following summer and a ring also properly offered to her. Many feared she would deny it in an act of stubbornness, that she would yell at Anthony’s face and throw the ring away, but to their surprise, it fit perfectly around her finger and still remains there to this day. What did not surprise them, however, was her utter refusal to become a housewife or to have some boring job at a desk. No, sadly, she did not become a dragon-slayer, nor did she choose to be a cursebreaker, but instead she decided to utilize her skills for magic and dueling to their best extent, choosing to become a Hit Witch despite her parents’ concern. It wasn’t a job for someone of her status, anyone could become a Hit Wizard, they weren’t even required to pass a single NEWT or anything. But of course, she did not care, because this was the choice she had made, and for the 6 years that followed that choice, she was happy with her job.

Disaster came when she was twenty three years old. Because see.. When one is quite good at one’s job, and said job meant to enforcing magical law, one is bound to make a few enemies, specially when one’s husband is an Auror who sent more than a couple of dark wizards to the Azkaban cells where they belonged. And so, on a fateful spring night, as if Dido’s tale retold, everything was lost. No… she doesn’t remember exactly what happened, everything is quite a blur. She does remember the pain, the blood, the sound of Anthony’s voice calling for to run away, the hissing of her cat, and the loud whistling of a Sneakoscope before her own consciousness faded away. Three days later, she woke up in a hospital bed, but sadly… her husband wasn’t as lucky as her. From that day on, Elissa D’Este could never bring herself to work as a Hit Witch again, and although she attempted a chance of pace, to train new recruits, being at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement was a painful reminder of what had happened to her.

She became obsessed with revenge, and perhaps she still is in some ways, perhaps she is doing her best to try forget, to go back to happier, better times of her life, even if that means becoming a professor at the school that is so filled with memories of the man she had grown to love more than anything else. Eventually, perhaps her choice to jump from training recruits to becoming a professor was also just that… a choice. Her act of rebellion. Her stubborn refusal to let those who took everything from her decide what kind of life she would lead from that day.

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