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 It's in the syllabus, Plot with Elissa!
Stellama26Transfiguration Prof.馃尭Pureblood5'5
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Mar 21 2018, 01:18 AM   Link Quote
Professor D'ESTE
May your coffee be strong and your students be calm
Transfiguration Prof
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Once a Gryffindor student and actually quite the troublemaker. Elissa graduated from Hogwarts nine years ago, soon becoming a Hit Witch and marrying into the D'Este family via an arrangement.

Unless one knew her during her time as a student, it would be rather impossible to actually guess how much time someone like Elissa used to spend breaking rules and in detention. She just doesn't seem like the type, you know? As a professor, she's formal, serious, and almost militaristic in demeanor. She's one to demand respect, that her students take her class seriously, and she is intolerant of any kind of misbehaviours. (She'll even take points from Gryffindor if you give her a reason!)

But of course, that's all mostly a demeanor acquired thanks to her time as a Hit Witch, as the truth is Elissa is rather clumsy, almost awkward at times, and nervous that her students will never take her seriously as a professor. She really likes animals, specially cats, and you will often find her being followed around by her own Savannah cat "Oz" – who, honestly, is very likely to hiss and scratch (He's also a fan of chasing other small animals around -sob-).

Now, Elissa has been teaching at Hogwarts for almost two years now, so she's likely to know a lot of the students and staff. Despite the way she acts during class, out of it she's actually very approachable, except of course if one decides to ask her the reasons why she stopped being a Hit Witch and decided to become a professor... sensitive topic xD

What she needs/Possible plots

Honestly I didn't preplan much for Eli, so there's a lot of options on the table.

◆ Students she actually gets along with? She still has 1 TA spot available if you think you have a character who would want to be TA for Transfiguration.
◆ 1on1 Meets: If your character wants to discuss anything with a professor or with Gryffindor's Head of House, Elissa spends quite a lot of her time at her office drinking some nice espresso.
◆ Like I said, she's definitely very strict, so if you'd like for your student to get in trouble, have some points taken from their house and also end up in a horrible detention... that can be arranged xD
◆ Her cat is pretty but also not very friendly at all, so if you want to have Oz pick on your character or their pet and then see Eli frantically apologizing, that's an option!
◆ Any kind of adult intereactions in general, I love me some of those ❤
◆ Eli is currently widowed, so her romance plots are technically open but also not, it all depends on what you may have in mind.
◆ Honestly... Anything you may have in mind!

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Tine41Ancient Runes ProfessortbaPureblood6'3
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Mar 21 2018, 11:43 AM   Link Quote
@Elissa D'Este coming back here because you mentioned her in my plotter hehe, so I have three kids for you:
- Vidar! Vidar shares her awkward senses around students and he's like twice as old as her almost so let's be awkward and try to be good teachers together?
- Stan! Well you know he's an animagus of course so I thought maybe I can throw him at her for HELP bc he cannot randomly become a duck, that's embarrassing.
- Timmy! Please try eating Lucille, Oz. I need to make my child cry.

I was also thinking Marco was at Hogwarts during her time despite being three years younger, but they are closer in age than Vidar and her so maybe they Get Along Well?
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