It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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 New Friends are Golden, Britt finally comin in with the plotters
Britt · 16 · 5 · · PureBlood · 5'5
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May 11 2018, 01:33 AM   Link Quote
Hello, please bring your kiddos to meet my kiddos. <3
Wanna plot? Post here or PM me, alternatively find me on:
Skype: brittany_hall@outlook.com
Discord: Britt_#7936

Jade Thorton
Jade is every bit a stereotypical Slytherin, with just a touch fewer manipulative tendencies. She doesn’t have any wild or evil master plans that she must set into motion, but she’s ambitious and determined. Her family is wealthy, not wildly so, and is undeniably pureblood. Despite differing tendencies from her father’s relatives, neither she nor her parents are particularly blood-biased, but Jade can be judgmental over other things towards most people, but especially those not in her own house. She can smooth-talk her way out of, or into, most situations and has a knack for keeping face. Friends? Jade has never had any close friends, though she has met many people she considers acquaintances, and an even larger number that she considers stepping-stones. She isn’t afraid to pretend to be friendly with people if that means she can get something out of it, whether that’s something as small as a free drink at the cafe, or something as big as the answers to an upcoming test. The confidence Jade exudes is more of a facade than an actuality, and though she is quite prideful in some respects (her outfits are ALWAYS cute), she actually doesn’t consider herself to be in a higher position than anyone else. She just knows how to fake it. Her mother is her closest companion, seeing as her father is so often away on work. Jade has no siblings, so as a child, she spent most of her time learning things from her mother, such as painting, and a fondness for books, but most importantly baking. Jade loves to bake, which she takes no shame in, despite the fact that it is an odd contrast to the cold persona she presents. She finds that it always comes to benefit her though; everyone loves a good cupcake, and people seem to be more willing to do what she asks if they know she can make them sweets. The best way to person’s heart is through their stomach, after all, and Jade always gets what she wants.

Friends: Jade is not good at making friends. She comes off as snobby and aloof, and sometimes that’s purposeful, but sometimes it’s just because she strongly lacks the skills to connect with anyone. She needs someone to understand that nuance and be persistent in breaking down the barriers of her personality to see that she’s not really that bad. Well, if you can discount all of the using people for personal gain, and stuff. Fake friends? It comes with being a Slytherin. She can play the part of anyone’s best friend if she needs to, but actually trusting them? That’s a different story. Maybe Jade might accidentally get to close to someone she planned on ditching in the future? Maybe they planned on abandoning her? Who knows!

Enemies: Jade doesn’t go out of her way to create drama or make enemies, but with the way she acts, it’s bound to happen anyway. Did Jade do your character wrong in the past? Maybe she joked that their outfit looked cheap. Or did she pass the blame onto your character for something that was totally her fault, landing your character in detention? Oooh, the possibilities. Jade probably has lots of enemies lurking all over Hogwarts even though she didn’t purposefully create them.

Lovers: What’s a lover? Jade certainly doesn’t know. She’s absolutely inexperienced in that department, never having felt that sort of connection with anyone. She’s looked at a boy and thought, “Wow, he’s cute,” of course. Anything farther than that is totally unknown territory. She tends to get a bit flustered when anyone flirts with her, too. It’s one of the only things that can crack her stone-cold exterior. The thought of actually kissing somebody, someday, makes her more nervous than she’d like to admit.
16 - 5th year - Slytherin - Straight?
Everett Lange
•Friendly•Adventurous •Trouble-maker•
As a muggle-born wizard, Everett feels the sting of discrimination from the pureblood community on the daily. Nonetheless, he keeps a smile on his face and a positive outlook through it all. He’s one of the friendliest boys a person could meet, and is absolutely non-judgmental. If someone is nice to him, he’ll be nice in return. If someone is not so nice to him, well... Kill them with kindness, as they say. He can be a flirt, and he has a charming smile to match. He’s got somewhat of a competitive spirit and doesn’t back down from a challenge, but he’d much rather go with the flow and let life choose its own course. He’s a bit of a trouble-maker as well, though not purposefully. Things like exploring the forbidden forest, or sneaking out of the castle to go for a midnight swim are the sorts of things he’s known for, and also the things that earn him an afternoon in detention. He’s just got an interest in exploring, never being tied down, and that interest sometimes leads him into unsavory situations. Despite his outgoing, happy-go-lucky personality, he is prone to bottling up his emotions. He doesn’t like to be a negative influence in anyone’s life, seeing as how there is plenty of negativity in the world already, which is why he hides his negative feelings behind a mask of smiles. Hiding his emotions isn’t healthy though, and thus he sometimes gets into self-destructive moods during which he’ll skip class or be especially reckless. Being muggle-born, Everett can still be a touch naive regarding magical things. The thought of potentially adjusting to life in the wizarding world after Hogwarts is one of the only things that scares him a little. Yet, the anticipation of all the new adventures to come far outweighs the nervousness. This Gryffindor boy can’t imagine ever holding down a permanent job, or having any kind of sedentary lifestyle, instead looking forward to a lifetime full of traveling and new experiences.

Friends:Everett has all kinds of friends! He’ll be friends with anyone he comes across, but he might be a little bit of a bad influence. Bring to him your lonely characters who need a loyal and reliable dude to talk to. He’s chill, he’s fun, but he doesn’t give great advice. He’s more the kind of guy who cures sadness by suggesting “Let’s go jump off that tall rock into the great lake! I swear it’ll make you feel better!”

Enemies:Does Everett even have enemies? Who could hate him? Someone, somewhere probably does. Maybe he’s just too nice, it annoys your character, and they just really want to punch this kid. Knock Everett down a peg! See what happens.

Lovers:He’s a flirty guy. Boys, girls, nonbinary folks; he doesn’t have a preference. Everett can’t imagine himself with any sort of long-term relationship (he doesn’t care for the commitment), but maybe your character can change that! Or maybe your character just needs a cute, exciting fling. Everett is here to provide the romance. Perhaps, Everett has some scorned ex-lovers waiting to get their chance at revenge. Fleeting romances have to leave some broken hearts in their wake.
17 - 7th year - Gryffindor - Pansexual
J.C. (Joel) · 17 · 6 · · PureBlood · 5'6"
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May 11 2018, 11:41 AM   Link Quote
Jade & Daniel
I think we’ve briefly discussed these babies before, but perhaps I can properly suggest the two of them as sort of unlikely friends? They share a lot of personality similarities such as a facade of confidence, somewhat manipulative tendencies, and they both have a stepping-stone approach to interacting with other people﹘ someone like minded would garner a lot of respect from him. Dan’s a Ravie from a long (long) line of Slytherins who likes to keep his true personality rather hidden, and instead opts to be rather eccentric and flamboyant. He’s got huge respect for people who like to bend the rules to better suit their needs (even just a little) and has no patience for indecisive people. You have to know what you want with this kid, and I think that’s a trait they both share.
You can peep his plotter here, and his application here. My discord is Aquariatus#2432, but feel free to reply here or send me a pm to work things out further cool.gif
jarful · 17 · 7 · · Halfblood ·
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May 11 2018, 05:32 PM   Link Quote
hi there!

i’m jarful and would love to chuck Ebrahim at Everett just because they are not very alike. Rahi’s definitely relaxed in all sorts of ways and not very serious about most things, but he’s not extremely keen on throwing himself at people (classic fear of commitment/losing the people he cares about)—he’s sociable but mainly when it suits him or if someone strikes him as particularly interesting. they’re in the same year so i imagine they would have come across each other! for a Slytherin, he’s very open to muggleborns and muggles in general, his mother having been one and his dad having had a pretty strong maybe problematic fetish?? interest in the muggle world all his life. also, while his dad is a pureblood, Rahi didn’t grow up in an environment with much emphasis on that or magic in general. also enjoys midnight dips in the lake and has a rather go-with-the-flow or at least live-in-the-moment attitude so who knows, maybe they would even get along—we should think up something! added you on skype for ease of chatting
Ruthie · 15 · 5th · Viridian Guild · Muggleborn · 5'3
Slytherin Novice
Awards: 60

May 12 2018, 09:26 AM   Link Quote
brittttttt ever since you joined and made jade i've actually been waiting for you to make a plotter lmao I'M NOT A CREEPY WEIRDO I totally am

annnyyywhooo I actually have 2 fifth years i can throw at Jade, so here we goooo!

First schmuck this schmuck. While 99% of the population would consider Lenny to be a two-bit sleazy con-artist, he considers himself to be nothing but a humbled big shot CEO of his own enterprise... an enterprise that consists of only him and his two-bit sleazy schemes, but hey! It all depends on your perception. Lenny's greatest gift lies in his passion for pointless rhetoric and ability to speak like an auctioneer on methamphetamine.. which is nice.. bc he happens to suck at everything else. He's a 5'3" weasel and a coward, all wrapped in a crocodile smile, and phonier than a three sickle galleon. He kisses ass, degrades himself, but above all else, lies lies lies if it can make him a quick buck. Like any human bean he has a softer side too and her name is Gretchen but it rarely comes out unless your name is Gretchen.

I'm.. not fully sure how Jade and Lenny would interact with each other lmao xD but they do have certain similarities. They both wear a mask in public (his is much more skeazy tho) they both keep people at an arm's length, and they're both smooooooth talking mambo jambos. In the very least, they've been in Slytherin together for the past five years so yeah.. fake friends when you need something maybe?

And then I have Felton Ulysses Quigley the 49th... Esquire. The name alone says it all. Felton is a fifth year pureblood Hufflepuff who happens to be one of the rare blood purists of his house. He doesn't actually hate or even disregard those born of lesser blood, but instead pities them and wants to help them!! With advice!! And tutelage!! That nobody wants or asked for!! Pompous, condescending and passive aggressive only really scratch the surface. Screeching crybaby banshee p much nails it. In muggle terms, Felton is like a door-to-door mormon, full of pious judgment with a strong need to help others on his terms. That being said, he is actually deeply caring to those who are close to him (see: those who can stomach him for more than 50 seconds) and has a tendency to be a fusspot mother-hen type over them. He's a Puff for a reason xD

The fact that Jade is a pureblood means Felton wouldn't be such a haughty twat to her and would treat her with a level respect deserving of purebloods. Iiiiii have a sinking suspicion she might not like him tho lmao xD I think I read somewhere that she thinks being friends with Hufflepuffs is embarrassing, and Felton actually wears his Hufflepuff badge with pride. He originally wanted to be a Slytherin, but has accepted that the fates wanted him in Hufflepuff to make them.. better. Maybe it'd be like one of those situations when she only talks to him when no one else is around to witness it bc he's an embarrassingly pompous Puff, and only really to save face? But then Felton actually thinks they're friends bc he's kind of a nitwit that way? idk! Tell me what you think.

Also, I'ma' add you on Skype for possible further plotting and chats x33

@Jade Thorton


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ty evan for the adorable pixels! <333
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