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 One Point Perspective, Ronan's Plotter
Sunny · 17 · 6th · n/a · Pureblood · 5'6"
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May 25 2018, 10:23 AM   Link Quote

I've been on a bender, back to that prophetic esplanade




Square peg, meet round hole.

Ronan was born into the Ivers family: a Pureblood family like many Pureblood families, keen on forcing their mountainous expectations onto their children. For Ronan, the pressure was multiplied by the fact of being his father’s only son, placing him first in line to inherit his father’s half of the family business. However, it was clear from an early age that Ronan was not cut out for the job.

He was awkward from the start, prone to strange habits and obsessions. He was liable to speak out of turn, monologue for ages on topics that nobody else cared about, misinterpret entire conversations, and inadvertently blurt out insults that he didn’t recognize as insults. Every interaction felt like a game of social whack-a-mole, a minefield of potential disasters that never got any easier to navigate.

His parents made things worse. For every blunder the boy made, there was a punishment, and for every punishment there was a creeping anxiety that lengthened like a shadow across the landscape of his confidence. The mounting apprehension that came to precede every social interaction only served to exacerbate the number of mistakes he made, perpetuating a downward spiral of mistakes, punishments, anxiety, and more mistakes.

Trapped in this spiral, haunted by his inability to fulfill his parents’ expectations, helpless to change, and hopeless to understand why he couldn’t just be normal, Ronan grew up frustrated. He grew up angry and insecure. He withdrew from others and developed a shell of defensiveness and skepticism that now manifests in his notorious attitude: Haughty, cynical, terrified of rejection, but starving for acceptance from anyone willing to give him the time of day. Ronan has his work cut out for him, and so does anyone who might want to call him/her/themself his friend.

Friends don’t come easy for Ronan. He wears his attitude as an armor against the world, and even if you can get through the walls of anger, fear, and cynicism, there is still the awkward, socially inept child at his core who will always be prone to miss the mark when it comes to the laws of social engagement.

However, if you have a patient ear and a kind heart and a willingness to ignore his frequent social faux pas, you might be treated to the other side of Ronan, the side that’s passionate, creative, brutally insightful and intelligent beyond all reason. He is especially passionate about muggle culture and technology, and will ramble for ages on the subject if prompted. But beware, once attached to someone, Ronan is likely to become clingy. He doesn’t have a strong grasp on things like personal boundaries, so you might end up regretting that one day you decided to be nice and sit with him at lunch.

But, if you’re one of those shrewder people, you might also find a measure of opportunity in befriending Ronan. His underlying craving for acceptance makes him vulnerable to manipulation. Despite all his intelligence, Ronan has never been good at reading people’s intentions, and he would struggle to distinguish his true friends from the fake ones.

And that brings us to the subject of enemies. I think it might be fun for Ro to have a few long-standing feuds with others at the school. It may be students, ghosts, professors, or any other member of the staff. Imagine that time he made a careless comment about your girlfriend’s bad hair day, or called your class boring right to your face. Now, imagine that he refused to apologize for it for six years, insisting that he was only being honest. Or, maybe you’ve never been personally victimized by Ronan’s attitude, and you simply find his oddities . . . odd.

It’s a hard world to be different in, and kids can be cruel. Maybe you don’t like his nervous tics, or the fact that he can’t sustain eye contact to save his life. Maybe you don’t like the way he dresses, or that he sometimes mutters to himself in the halls or during exams. Maybe it’s that he repeats himself too often, or that he repeats himself too often, or that he repeats himself too often, or that he repeats himself too often . . .

Whatever it is, you find him difficult. You don’t quite understand him, and in that misunderstanding you find discomfort, and in your discomfort you find it easier to tease him than to try and understand. After all, you’re a busy person with your own goals and interests, and this boy with all his quirks and eccentricities has an irritating habit of challenging all the boundaries of your tolerance. Maybe you harbor a few insecurities of your own, and it grates against the delicate fabric of your ego to see this square peg refuse to fit neatly into your round hole of expectations.

But, perhaps, that doesn’t sound like you at all. Maybe you’re the type of person who embraces challenging people head-on. Maybe you find his habits endearing, and maybe, just maybe, you think he’s kinda . . . cute.

Romantically, I don’t think Ronan has ever dated anyone before, not because he doesn’t want to, but because he’s never expected anyone to like him that way. I would love to see how a romantic plot would play out with him. He may be interested in experimenting with guys, or girls, or anyone who is nice to him and shows romantic intent. He is also a Pureblood and may end up on the market for an arranged marriage. There are a lot of potential avenues to explore here, and I’m very open to anything you might want to throw at me!

So, that’s what’s on the menu here, folks. I hope to have stoked some inspiration in a few of you, and I hope you’ll hit me up with your plot ideas below. If I do not have your contact information already, feel free to PM me with it, or include it in your reply to this post, or go ahead and add me on Skype at punkyandtheshortbus@gmail.com, or on Discord at SunnyBunches#2360! I look forward to plotting with all of you soon!

(Also, thank you Ani for helping me edit this ridiculous thing x.x)

Where I ponder all the questions but just manage to miss the mark

Leo Benjamin · 17 · 7 · · Muggleborn · 175 cm (5'7")
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May 25 2018, 09:41 PM   Link Quote
Heeello! How would Ronan like a (too) talkative Muggleborn friend, who really craves acceptance from the wizard world and is ready to befriend all the good people and even all the castle's owl's?
It would be a long term plot, I think, since Ronan isn't that easy to befriend, but me and Brandon here are totally up to it.

Plot ideas include (not in chronological order):
  • Playing football together
  • Sitting (perhaps a bit drinking from Brandon's part) and chatting the night away
  • Discussing the muggle word and the wizarding world
  • Far into the future, Brandon would get very upset with how Ronan's parents treat him
  • And more!

My discord is LeoSorrel#5501, just so you don't get confused if I add you! Cheerios!

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(30th of May, 2018)

OOC: Leo Benjamin / I fall off the face of the earth a lot.
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