It's summertime in Scotland; the weather has begun to clear, and the flowers are in full bloom! Now is a time for bonfires, stargazing and long nights spent with friends and family! Welcome to Wizarding Realm- an AU Harry Potter role play set in current day hogwarts!
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frequently asked questions

Hey hey hey! Welcome to WURR! If you're here, perhaps you're looking to see if this is the right HP forum for you! Or maybe you're new - or even a member who's been around awhile - but you realize you had a question and you wanted to see if someone had addressed it first. Well this is exactly where you need to be! Here we'll cover a variety of questions. If by the end of this post, you STILL haven't found what you're looking for, don't hesitate to PM a staffer! That's what we're here for! <3

Q. What's so special about Wizarding Realm? Why should I join this instead of some other?

A. Wizarding Realm has been around for going on 11 years at the time of writing this - first on InvisionFree and now on JCink - so clearly there is something special about this site. We pride ourselves on being welcoming to new members and accepting of writers of all levels. This is a place to have fun, to celebrate the awesomeness of the world that J.K. Rowling created, and to let your muse and creativity fly. Honestly... and this sounds incredibly cheesy, but it's true... if you give WURR a chance, it will become more than just a roleplaying site. It will become like... home.

WURR: Not just a forum - it's a way of life.

Q. What do you strange sort do here?

A. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well - we knit sweaters. This is a knitting society. Knit one, wurrl two. o_o Except I'm totally kidding - though I'm sure we have more than a few knitters around these parts. Wizarding Realm is an alternate universe Harry Potter roleplaying site. So... everyone here has created original characters that exist in present times and they're all students and teachers at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Basically... we're the lot that rebelled against the notion that our owls got lost on the way to our houses and we created our own place where we can be wizards and witches.

Q. I want to join! What's my first step?

A. Huzzah huzzah! So visit THIS LINK right here to review the guidelines for our sorting process. When you are ready to apply, find the sorting app HERE. Complete the application, giving as much insight and detail as possible to your character, and then post it as a new topic in the SORTING CEREMONY forum.

Q. Are canon characters allowed?

A. Nope. This is an alternate universe site set in present time... so Harry, Hermione, and Ron are definitely way too old to be meandering through the corridors of Hogwarts.

Q. What about Snape/Quirrel/Hermione/Dumbledore/____'s long lost niece/nephew/grandchild/son/daughter/fifth cousin twice removed who came down with a nasty case of spattergroit?

A. No - we are really just trying to stay away from canon. Here, we just pretend that Harry Potter and that crowd just didn't exist. Now... if you want to create a character that has a relation to an INCREDIBLY-SECONDARY-MAYBE-EVEN-TERTIARY-CHARACTER... PM a staffer first.

Q. Do I have to start as a first year?

A. Nope! You can put your character in any year you like!

Q. But wait - what if I make my character a seventh year? Do they graduate next year?

A. Most of our members keep their characters in the same year throughout. It does make for strange timelines, but it makes for easier plotting when you have many who prefer NOT to age their characters.

But every so often, a member will change up their plotting entirely and a second year will suddenly become a fourth year. It happens. No worry. Just make sure you update any lists and whatnot. We're very flexible in that regard. <3

Q. What if I want to be a professor?

A. That's cool, too! First, you'll want to check out the Teaching Guide to get an idea of what will be expected of you, as professors play a slightly different role on the board to students.

Next, you'll want to take a closer look at the second post in that topic to see what classes are available. If you would prefer to take up a Hogwarts Staff character -- in other words, a job that ISN'T teaching -- first message an Admin to see if a position is open to multiple people, IF it is currently taken already.

Finally, after you've created an account, if you are vying for a certain subject, message an admin saying so so we can reserve the spot for you while you work on your application. We are aware the application can be fairly long for some, so we want to be sure we give you ample time to complete the app to your own satisfaction without worry that your subject will be snatched up.

Q. Well, tomorrow it's my characters birthday, and I was wondering - do I have to start RPing with him or her as a 15 year old? Or does s/he stay the same age?

A. It's your call. A lot of players may celebrate the birthday, but always keep their characters at the same age. So... your call.

Q. Where is the avatar claim topic? I can't seem to find it.

A. You can find it HERE!

Q. Totally awesome/tubular/gnarly/rad/supermegafoxyawesomehot! I'm sorted! Now what can I do?

A. Go plot! Introduce yourself to other members! Explore the board! Sign your character up for classes! Sign up for Quidditch when it's in season! Thread to your heart's content! Maybe take a look at the ranking system if you're interested!?

Q. Where can I chat with other members?

A. We've got a cbox, along with an Out of Character forum where you're free to mess around. We've even got a handy dandy SPAM topic that is always fun.

Q. How do I earn house points?

A. Sign up for classes and answer questions correctly in class! Do your homework! Every term we have a thread to submit your posts for house points, too. All the threads have to have been started within that term though, so make sure to pay close attention to that. Also - sometimes prefects and/or staffers have various games and activities where members can garner house points, so always be on the look out!

You will always find the topic of the current term's submission thread HERE.

Q. You mentioned... A ranking system? I'm going to be RANKED? That's kind of scary.

A. Well, first and foremost - the ranking system is voluntary. So you don't HAVE to participate if you don't want to - though as you move up in the rankings, you do get to partake in some fun little things like extra PM storage and additional character types that you can create on the board.

But the ranking system is one thing incredibly special about WURR. We welcome all levels of writers to our site to have fun and play, but we also want to help members develop their writing skills (if they're interested). Our review team is made up primarily of staffers and members of the Advanced and Elite ranks - many of us studied/are studying English or literature and want to help our members in any way possible. In our rankings, we really try to help members develop their characters and their writing. This isn't school and we're not here to call you a bad writer or assign a letter grade to your posts. We just want to help. Give you some ideas, some things to consider... For extra information, check out our ranking forum: HERE!

Q. I've found/heard of something called 'The Clash.' What's the Clash? Sounds... I don't even know what it sounds like.

A. The Clash is a place for members to play their characters as adults. It is set 8 years in the future during the middle of a crazy... well, CLASH between two major factions. Fights. Violence. Secret missions. Insanity. It's all fun. You can find another FAQ specific to the Clash here.

If you end up liking what you hear, you can check out more information overall in the topics listed HERE!

Q. You have prefects? What's SMOOSH and GLOMP? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

A. Every term, the staff chooses a member from each house to serve as prefect. They are chosen because they are active and friendly, and just all around awesome.

SMOOSH and GLOMP are both parts of staff. New staffers are brought on at the GLOMP level and go through a trial period. If at the end of it all, they are active and interested in moving on, they are promoted to SMOOSH. These are our global mods on site. They are awesomesauce.

Q. Help! I am graphically-challenged! What do I do about avatars and sigs?

A. Don't fret! We have a handy dandy gallery here at WURR and many of our members will take requests. It's also perfect because they'll know all about our size restrictions and whatnot, so they're great people to ask! Check it out: HERE!

Q. This other member is being rude to me.

A. If something is getting out of hand, you can always talk to a staffer about it. That's what we're here for. Try talking to the person NICELY, but if things get crazy... that's why staff exists. It's cheesy - but everyone just needs to treat others how you'd want to be treated. The golden rule here is be respectful, so let's try to stick to that.

Q. Anything else?

A. Make sure you've read the Rules and Guidelines to this site. If that page and this don't answer your questions - feel free to ask a staffer or post in the Member Questions/Suggestions area - HERE!

Much love to everyone! <333

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